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21 Teachers Who Teach You Things That Won't Help You In the Future

Math. that's all I need to say. - SanicHeghog123

Religion - Ihateschool

Art teacher.

English - Ihateschool

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22 Teachers Who Take Class Too Seriously

My summer school teacher.

23 Teachers Who Treat a Certain Student Better Than Everyone Else

OH. MY. GOD. My career teacher would treat a girl in my class better than anyone else in the entire school. She'd let her go on her phone, talk to other students, you name it. Would she let me do that? HELL NO! - railfan99

English, but I don't find my teacher mean, because I'm the cetain student. I sounded so selfish them, I'm not selfish, and I actually feel sorry for the rest of my class.

Professor snape? Anyone?

Fifth grade Environmental studies teacher

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24 Teachers Who Don't Believe You

Miss Dunham sometimes won't believes students story - Bikerninja1997

25 Teachers Who Mess Up Your Grades

These are awful. Once when I got a test from my most hated class back, it turned out I got a D.

Then, I realised I put exactly what was on the answer key for a few questions but the teacher marked them wrong, so I just acted confused over why I didn't get the marks. She looked at the tests again and it turned out everyone's grades were wrong - in the end she bumped them all up, so I got a B and our overall grades (that were sent out to parents shortly after) were unharmed!

To think everyone could have got in trouble at home thanks to her incompetence (assuming she didn't do it on purpose! ) still makes me shudder to this day. - Entranced98

26 Boring Teachers

I had a 3rd grade teacher named Mrs. Gloway. She was very annoying and foolish. I became angry when I saw her at Shop-Rite. - gurinski

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27 Male Teachers

My fourth grade science teacher was and is loved by everyone. He is a male. Sixth grade math teacher was male and funny.

Seriously, you can't stereotype them all based on just a few creeps out there. All the male teachers I've had in college have been excellent and everybody respects them. - Entranced98

Well, some are nice, like one I had named Sam, but others are just horrible and give you detention for just about no reason. Like Mr.S.

I had one Mean Male Teacher named Kenneth Day. - Bikerninja1997

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28 Fat Teachers

This doesn't affect their teaching so why should it matter? - Entranced98

Seventh grade religion

29 Teachers That Are Off Topic All the Time

Yes this is so true! My science teacher in 6th grade was supposed to teach and instead just talked about how AWESOME her family is and how hard-working they all are. She also complimented herself and talked about how smart she was!

What? But this is SO FUN! - Aquaturtle

I don't mind this one, personally I usually draw while they go off on birdwalks

Mrs. Lucas

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30 Teachers Who Prefer One Gender
31 Teachers Who Think Everything's a Cuss Word

I said crap before in class and my teacher will kill you if you say A SWEAR word like why. Once there was this boy in my class he said a swear word and he was straight to the principal's office

Our math teacher has a jar that you put R1 in if you speak setswana or swear but when she speaks Afrikaans its okay.

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32 Teachers With No Sense of Humor

When they have a class they never make jokes. When they do it is so bad, but the teacher forces you to laugh or else they will make it so hard for you to get a good grade. If you make a joke they will get so mad at you, and if you laugh at a joke some one else made then you will be yelled at for being happy.

They are so unfunny and don't know when to spice up life! I hate those teachers.

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33 Teachers Who Keep You After the Bell Rings

Yeah, I mean what's the point of having a bell if it didn't mean anything.

34 Teachers Who Take the Whole Class to Go Over Homework
35 Teachers Who Give Loads of Homework

You think we are robots! No, we are just harmless little children.

36 Teachers who lose your work and blame you saying you didn't do it.
37 Teachers Who Never Shut Up About Their Life

One teacher I had kept talking about when she worked in a gherkin factory. UGH GET ON WITH THE LESSON.

Geography teacher. This lady never shuts up about her kids in England.

For someone who hates school, sometimes I actually like this.

38 Teachers Who Snap at You
39 Teachers Who Wear Short Clothes
40 Lazy Teachers
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