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41 Hypocritical Teachers

First off, I am a 15 year old boy (Just saying).My Spanish teacher, she once punished me for simply folding a piece of paper into my book and had a 10 minutes rant at me screaming at the top of her lungs. But when a girl who is the smartest in the class and is a perfectionist forgot to do her assessment, the teacher let her off and said "We all forget things at times".

42 Lazy Teachers
43 Teachers That Don't Let You Dance

Why the hell would you dance in class anyway - Ihateschool

44 Teachers Who Bore You to Death

Just watch Ferris Beuller's day off. The economics teacher is so boring. Anyone? Anyone? - railfan99

Are you teaching me or singing a lullaby? I don't care 'yawn' just let me sleep 'yawn'

45 Teachers Who Are Never Absent

I can't believe how bad students are bad nowadays. This for me, is a good thing.

Why don't you get the flu or something, are you captain america?

46 Teachers Who Take the Bully's Side
47 Teachers Who Talk About Things Off the Subject
48 Teachers With ADHD

Hey! I have a friend who I think has ADHD and he/she is an awesome friend!

1. I'm a 12 year old & I have ADHD! So why you hating on people with ADHD its not like they can say bibbity bobbity boo and POOF! ADHD is gone

I also have ADHD

49 Substitute Teachers

Subs are (most of the time) even meaner then teachers!

Subs are worst than teachers.

50 Sleepy Teachers
51 Teachers Who Give You a Lot of Guff
52 Childish Teachers
53 Nosy Teachers
54 Teachers Who Hate Children for No Reason!

I had a teacher that made me want to ask her this. If you do not want to teach than don't teach!

Yeah, like, what have I done? Why do you hate me so much?

I had 5 mean Teachers did not like me. - Bikerninja1997

55 Teachers Who Have Sharp Eyesight

You can't do anything in there class! So boring!

56 Teachers Who Are Always Screaming

Mrs. Boyer Screams at me and made me cry and the other students cry. - Bikerninja1997

I know,right? Their voice practically makes me deaf!

57 Teachers Who Just Sit and Let the Children Do Everything.

They are so irritating! They are sent to teach us, not to sit bossily and reapply their nail polish!

58 Teacher Who Dictate the Work Fast and Furiously

I am a human, not your Google voice typing app, you idiot!

59 Teachers Who Never Give Full Marks

Every time we write an essay out of fifteen I get below ten. And our teacher doesn't know English. I wonder how she got her job.

My every answer is correct! Why have you given me 15 out of 20!

Depending on situation.

60 Patriotic Teachers
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