Top 10 Worst Kinds of Weather


The Top Ten

1 Hurricane

I agree I don't have hurricane here, but I have heard of lots of bad stuff happening when they hit and lots of deaths - flaggy0666

2 Tornado

This weather not fun and all the damage it does, I would be kinda scared if my town was under a tornado warning - flaggy0666

My house got destroyed by one.

Oh no oh no

3 Tsunami

My friends name is Suna Mimi after sunami I feel bad for her

4 Thunderstom
5 Fire Tornado

I never heard of a fire Tornado - flaggy0666

Lol never heard of one - B0S5J4M3S

6 Hail

Yeah if it is golf ball sized during a severe thunderstorm or Tornado - flaggy0666

7 Tropical Cyclone
8 Snow

Only sucks when it snows too much, or too early or late, like if it snows in late April or may, or in late September and during early October, right now there too much snow in my town, normal amount of snow is good, and can be fun to have snow sometimes - flaggy0666

Winter is boring and cold. I like when I can go outside with warm weather and green grass to make a music video. - lovefrombadlands

9 Blizzard
10 Freezing Rain

This weather sucks makes the roads icy - flaggy0666

The Contenders

11 Rain

Rain can sometimes sucks, it can be nice to have rain sometimes and to go outside in it, and sometimes during thunderstorms - flaggy0666

12 Sunny

I actaully dislike when the sky is pale blue. It's more beautiful when raining - SpectralOwl

13 Windy

This can sometimes suck in winter when it really cold and summer when it gets too windy to go outside - flaggy0666

Ugly wind mindy lol money is mean

14 Ice Storm

My town don't have this, I heard of ice storm happening and making it very icy that you can't even drive - flaggy0666

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