Worst Kinds of YouTubers

NOTE: This is not Worst YouTubers. It's the worst kinds.

The Top Ten

1 Little kids that have accounts

My cousin falls into this category

Especially the jake paulers. - DarkBoi-X

Okay, first off, you have to be 13 to have an account, and second, why do these kids even need them? They don't even make videos! - Drawbox

The most common quote by the common child on a youtube comments section, sometimes the creature types in multiple I's "i", because he pushed the "i" button. - DapperPickle

2 Trolls
3 Haters
4 People who have accounts but don't post videos

These people are all over the place. - DarkBoi-X

This is what my channel consists of, because I don't know where to start with my channel. - TheYoshiPyro64

Remove this - Hummingbirdf

Don't yell at me, but sometimes all those kinds of youtubers want to do is comment and not make videos. - PancakePoyoPoyo

Yeah, I wish YouTube allowed us to comment without making accounts. - Drawbox

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5 Whiny bratty kids

*Cough* Lil Tay *Cough* - DarkBoi-X

6 People who comment first

These are really annoying. - Drawbox

These accounts and people should go in the trash because it's not funny. :| - Katildalover93

7 People who are mean to people (cyberbullies)
8 People who get call people stupid because someone misspelled

I agree like chill out - ParkerFang

9 Game Theory Fans

When FNaF is not enough you have game theory to give you more! - PancakePoyoPoyo

Game theory can go to hell - Randomator

10 Child Abusers

The Contenders

11 Critics

Even Caddicarus and Nathaniel Bandy? What's wrong with reviewing things? - TheYoshiPyro64

12 Minecraft Let's Players

Terraria lets players are better - Hummingbirdf

We get it you hate minecraft stop shoving your opinion down our throat - HaloFanboy

13 Fake Pranks or "Social Experiments"
14 Bullies
15 Plush YouTubers

Like that cringy fnaf plush jumpscares video that I acidentially clicked on?

some 5 year old - PancakePoyoPoyo

16 Goanimate Users
17 Fortnite Let's Players
18 Leafy Clones
19 Commentators
20 The 1000 Subscribers with No Videos Channels

These people are so annoying and they are all over the place.How can you gave 1000 subscribers with no videos. - DarkBoi-X

21 The Ones that Constantly Clickbait
22 Bad Parents
23 Clickbaiters
24 People that destroy VHS tapes

Ooh I hate these types of users they deserve a punishment more than guillotine or death row

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