Top 10 Worst King of The Hill Episode Endings

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1 Life: A Loser's Manuel

The biggest problem with this episodes ending is Luan never confronts her father for what he is and everyone treats her like a child and not tell her that he's going away for good. - egnomac

2 Death Picks Cotton

The episode centers on Cotton on his death bed and rather than inform Bobby and giving him one last chance to say goodbye to his grandfather they have him stay with Lucky and Luanne not even telling him that Cotton is dying until its over, and even worst they have Cotton treating Hank like crap till the very end then dies, no funeral is held he just dies and also Peggy lies to Hank telling him his father was proud of him. - egnomac

Believe it or not, there’s a description to creating an episode and making them work, and King of the Hill is no exception to that rule. But this is one of the worst ways you could do it. The whole reason that Hank sees a man in the hospital and being nonsensical at best. The plot and sound mixing are both terrible, and they only make what’s supposed to be disturbing come across as pathetic. The description can only be tangentially connected to those of the rest of the show, mainly because they barely even make it at all. There was great potential for another side of Cotton to be shown, but this episode doesn’t even TRY. If you want to see an episode with a good story, check out “A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Clown”.

3 Uh-Oh! Canada

I really hated this episode and it ends on a very sour note, after Hank and the others sacrifice their kegenator to help bail out Gordon the Canadian father who he and Hank got into it resulting in them going to jail out, and after Gordon and the family leave the episode decides to make them look ungrateful by giving one last comment about how Canada making Hank and the others feel unappreciated for their sacrifice. - egnomac

4 A Rover Runs Through It

The Hills finally make to Montana where not only is it revealed that Peggy has a bad relationship with her mother but her family is going to lose their property due to back taxes and celebrities moving in, Peggy helps save the ranch but gets no thanks from her mother from saving their property. - egnomac

5 Church Hopping

The Hills are ticked off because some new people are sitting in "their" seats and decide to leave their church for another in the end they return but still wanting to keep their self respect they blackmail the reverend by telling everyone how good the mega church is if she doesn't give them their seat. - egnomac

6 Death and Taxes
7 Bobby Goes Nuts

Bobby ends up taking a women's self defense course since the boxing course is all full and Bobby learns about kicking people in the groin and starts abusing his new technique Hank displeased with Bobby winning his fights by hitting below the belt seeing as its fighting unfair while ignoring the fact that there's no such thing as fighting fair in a real fight against bullies he tries to teach him to box and after hitting Bobby several times Bobby gets furious and kicks Hank in the groin, after grounding him for kicking him in the groin Bobby challenges Hank while he's still recovering Peggy steps in tries to teach him a lesson when Bobby tries to kick her his method fails and Peggy takes him down easily as she forces him to surrender humiliating him in front of everyone, as Bobby is left humiliated Hank cockingly tells Bobby he'll think twice before taking on his old man as Bobby points out that mom fought his battle and Hank replies it's not fun when somebody doesn't fight fair. - egnomac


8 Bill Gathers Moss

The biggest problem with the episode and the ending is Hank, who at first demands to have final say in who Bill's new roommate is going to be which is Principal Moss and of course the two don't get along and disaster happens then Hank agrees to help Bill out but only if Bill agrees that he never make decisions on his own even though it was Hanks fault for putting Bill in this whole mess to begin with and now tells Bill he shouldn't be allowed to make decisions on his own. - egnomac

9 An Officer and a Gentle Boy

The entire episode makes no sense especially the ending where Cotton takes over the military school and tries to break Bobby but is unable to break him which is hard to buy into since the show has shown how out of shape Bobby is who thinks Gym is a torture for him and yet Military School is a breeze for him and yet we never see him do any actual physical activities that would normally be expected in a military school, if Cotton really wanted to break Bobby make him do push ups or run laps or anything that involves physical activity. - egnomac

10 Husky Bobby

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11 Hank's Choice
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