Worst Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the greatest video games of all time! If should defintly buy it if you have a Nintendo Switch! It's such a fun game. But keep in mind. No game is perfect, every game has its flaws and problems. Here are the worst Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey.

Also, SPOILERS, obviously.

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1 Dark Side Dark Side

The reward you get for collecting 250 moons is insulting. Oh yay I have to fight each of the rabbits for fourth and fifth times. Oh yay some of the Yoshi challenges are trash. Oh yay redoing missions except with out your cap (yay for artificial difficulty). Oh yay redoing missions period. Dark side sucks.

Mostly recycled old stuff with added gimmicks that just makes it annoying. - Treacle

This is pretty much the only Kingdom I didn't like in the game! I just think this is too hard and bad! This kingdom pretty much took inspiration from the Story Mode in Mario Party: Island Tour, you have to beat bosses in floors in a tower. This tower has the Broodals, who happens to be my favourite bosses in the game. But there are no checkpoints! I can't tell you how many times I've struggled with Topper and Rango, and at the top, you fight MechaBroode! With like two life points only! It's too hard! And the secret moons aren't any better! Way to hard! Darker Side is way better! - darthvadern

If you throw your hat on one of the stems outside of the entrance of the first boss fight, you get one of those hearts that gives you 6 lives. - MegaSoulhero

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2 Cap Kingdom Cap Kingdom

I think it's a great Kingdom. It's just not as good as the other ones, it feels too small. But it's still a great Kingdom! It's the first Kingdom you'll come too! You fight Tooper here and you transform into a frog to climb a top hat tower! The soundtrack is also jsut amazing, it reminds me of a russian cartoon movie for some reason. It's honsetly a great kingdom! - darthvadern

3 Cloud Kingdom Cloud Kingdom

Just bland as bland can be.

There is like nothing to do - Aidanisawesome

It was visually impressive. What a shame it was used for a boss fight, and pretty much NOTHING else. - Treacle

Welcome to the smallest kingdom in the game! But I actually really like this Kingdom. It's the kingdom where you fight Bowser for the first time! I have to say the Bowser battle was amazing! It was so funny grabbing his hat and punching him in the balls! - darthvadern

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4 Ruined Kingdom Ruined Kingdom

It is a ruined concept that should of been saved for odddesy 2 as the metro kingdom sized hypefest - Legolego

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I found this kingdom to be out of place in a Mario game. The boss battle; Lord of Lightning, happens to be one of the most popular boses in the game. I'll admit it was creative and one of the best in the game. But it felt to much like a Zelda boss. The athpmosphere was beautuful in the kingdom. It just didn't do it for me. I will admit it's at least ok though. The boss battle makes me like a bit though. - darthvadern

5 Snow Kingdom Snow Kingdom

Screw this kingdom and everything about it!

I'm sure many of you will be angry at me for putting Bowser's Kingdom higher than Snow Kingdom, don't worry, it was hard for me to choose where it would be. It has the same problems as Lake Kingdom, the only boss here is Rango, the broodal. But let me tell you something. The town is in the UNDERGROUND! It looks gorgeous! The soundtrack in the town is among my favourite soundtracks in the game! The race where you jump and jump is really addicting and creative. It's basicilly an amazing kingdom. - darthvadern

6 Seaside Kingdom Seaside Kingdom

Out of the two water kingdoms in the game. I'm sure many will agree Seaside is the weaker. Though I thought it was still a great kingdom. I just thought it was too big with too many islands. The boss battle was just rude! You kill an octopus who didn't do anything to Mario and then Mario just kills him! Way too unfair! And also, that stupid volleyball contest! It's pretty much imposible to win it! But the athmosphere in this kingdom was pretty awesomne! The sunset is beatiful and it's honestly a great kingdom still! - darthvadern


7 Darker Side Darker Side

Darker Side serves as the final level in Super Mario Odyssey, it's like The Perfect Run or Champion Road from previous games, the final and hardest level in the game. This is a really fun kingdom, I haven't beaten it yet sadly. It's so hard. But it is really fun. A fun kingdom overall. - darthvadern

It took me two days to beat this level - MegaSoulhero

I beat this at least THREE times because of the Glydon skip. Also, got a life up heart and answered the final quiz just saying.

8 Mushroom Kingdom Mushroom Kingdom

Ugh, I can already feel the SM64 fans raging at me. Hold on! Before you hate me. Let me say why this is low. I think it's a great Kingdom! But seriously, people have it number #1 or #2 on their lists? People who thinks it's the greatest kingdom in the game are nostalgia blinded! Look! It's a great kingdom and all. But half of the moons are lazy jobs like returning six sheeps to a farmer, re-battling boss battles, talking to Toads or just... It's overrated, though great! Also, why are does the Power Moons have to look like Stars? It even says you got a moon. It's overrated! But it's still a great kingdom! - darthvadern

9 Moon Kingdom Moon Kingdom
10 Luncheon Kingdom Luncheon Kingdom

The Contenders

11 Lake Kingdom Lake Kingdom

I didn't want to have to here, but I needed ten items so I had to put this here. This kingdom is gorgeous! One of the most beautiful Kingdoms in the game! Just look at all the impressive details! The cool NPC's! It sadly though only has ONE boss, and it's a Broodal, Rango. I've just noticed in the kingdoms where Rango is fought, he is the only boss in that kingdom. That's my biggest problem with this Kingdom, there's only ONE boss, who is a mid-boss. But aside from that this kingdom is gorgeous! - darthvadern

So boring

I this it’s just a dome - Legolego

12 Lost Kingdom

What? This is in my opinion one of the best in the game, the soundtrack is so chilling and I love the nature. - darthvadern

There is no image of the kingdom itself here but it is VERY average. The instant death and a bird stealing your hat and that chase soundtrack? Nah but Glydon, normal soundtrack and Koopa freerunning? Yes!

13 Bowser's Kingdom Bowser's Kingdom

It's a creative take on Bowser's castle, but the music reminds me too much of pirates for some reason. - Treacle

It was very hard to put this on the list, this is pherhaps the most creative Bowser's Castle out of all we've seen in the Mario franchise. It's japanese themed! Awesomne, it also has one of my favourite captures on the game, Pokio! A bird which you can use to climb up walls! It's sad he's only in this Kingdom. Also, I liked the twist at the end of the Kingdom, I'm sure many of you know what I mean. - darthvadern

14 Wooded Kingdom Wooded Kingdom

The soundtrack alone makes this one of the best kingdoms in the game! - darthvadern

15 Metro Kingdom Metro Kingdom

Why is this even on the list - Aidanisawesome

I wanted to add all kingdoms so other can vote IF they dislike it, I personally love this kingdom - darthvadern

Other than the awful jump-rope challenge, everything else was spectacular! - darthvadern

16 Sand Kingdom Sand Kingdom

This was close to being my favourite, the only reason Cascade is my favorite is because it was more beautiful and had more fun power moons. - darthvadern

It’s too big and contains too much nothing. It’s a chore to navigate.

17 Cascade Kingdom Cascade Kingdom

I would say out of the mainstream kingdoms, this could be one of the weakest. sure, the cloud kingdom and the ruined kingdom are definitely the worst, maybe even dark side, but I feel like this kingdom had too much potential and it was only hyped because of the dinosaur

This is the best! Amazing soundtrack and power moons, and the views are so good! - darthvadern

Too small

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