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1 Not Making Planet Robobot a Series

Making it a series would be a mistake. Maybe a sequel, but a series? No, and probably never. Just let Kirby be Kirby and inhale copy abilities. He doesn't need his mech all the time, even if it was cool. - Blueberrycheerios

2 An Air Ride Sequel

Why not? That's all I have to say for this. - Blueberrycheerios

3 Remakes of Air Ride

Why do you hate Air ride? Just to have an unpopular opinion? - Blueberrycheerios

4 New, More Realistic/Less Cartoonish Enemies
5 The Complete Removal of Dedede

Why would you

6 Keeping Green Greens in the Games

This is a classic Kirby stage. They don't remove Green Hill zone from sonic, why remove Kirby's iconic beginning level? That's stupid! Not everyone playing the newest Kirby game is a "pro" and they deserve an easy start. Remember, Kirby is for KIDS. I may not be a child myself, but I can at least understand that Kirby is aimed at kids and always will be. That's why true final bosses and arenas exist. So the older fans can have a challenge. It starts out with Green Greens and ends with the true final boss to satisfy everyone. - Blueberrycheerios

7 Making Another 8-bit Kirby Game

Those flagship Kirby games had the best graphics, what the hell dude? For real, the flagship games had really good sprite art, ESPECIALLY in amazing mirror with the backgrounds. Maybe a few more 8-but games wouldn't hurt. - Blueberrycheerios

8 Kirby: Planet Robobot 2: Revenge of the HWC
9 A Robobot Anime
10 Dedede Merchandise

Nah man King Dedede is the greatest. Not having merchandise of this "SUPAH STAR WARRIOR" would OBVIOUSLY lower the series sales. He's just too amazing to not have merchandise. He's clearly the only reason why the series is even selling anyways! - Blueberrycheerios

King dedede is cool if you don't like him then you're missing the point of Kirby he loves everyone and thinks that they're all his friends even dedede so this list sucks

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11 Making Robobot a Series
12 Whispy Woods Merchandise

Who doesn't like Whispy Woods(besides the fact that he's easy to beat)? Kirby is a kids game and Whispy Woods is a simplistic introduction to boss fights. I don't see any merchandise of him anyways, so why beat a dead horse? - Blueberrycheerios

13 A Magolor Movie About His Sisters and Family

Magolor has a family and sisters? Well, I could see him having relatives, but what? A movie? This is some bad fanfiction level stuff right here. - Blueberrycheerios

Blueberrycheerios is rights and whoever made this list is a dumbass

Lmao what

14 Official Planet Robobot Books
15 Kirby's Adventure Merchandise

What, did you see that "Kirb" meme and decide, "Kirby's adventure has crappy merchandise! "? You don't seem to understand the humor that other find in it I guess. - Blueberrycheerios

16 K-Rated Kirby Games

Lmao you're not a real Kirby fan if you want some edgy Robobot sequel with blood and gore. T-rated? M-RATED? That's dead up stupid. Kirby ain't about that crap. - Blueberrycheerios

What more do you want?! T rated games? If you want blood and pain then quit Kirby! Make a T rated fanfiction but dude when you ask for a T rated Kirby game you know that you will NEVER GET IT.

17 The Complete Removal of Whispy Woods
18 Canceling Kirby Air Ride
19 Rereleases of Old Kirby Games

Why not though? The old Kirby games were great, just look at Super Star! It was good enough for an awesome remake, so why not rerelease them? Why not make them playable on newer consoles? Why is someone so opposed to this? - Blueberrycheerios

20 M/T Rated Kirby Games
21 Not Having Ability Hats in Kirby's Dreamland 3
22 Not Having Most Kirby Characters in the Anime
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1. New, More Realistic/Less Cartoonish Enemies
2. The Complete Removal of Dedede
3. Kirby: Planet Robobot 2: Revenge of the HWC
1. Not Making Planet Robobot a Series
2. An Air Ride Sequel
3. Remakes of Air Ride


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