Top 10 Worst Korn Songs

While Korn has a few good songs they have a few bad songs as well. Some range from mediocre to just downright horrendous. If I missed a particular bad one add it.

The Top Ten

1 Low Rider Low Rider

This song is great though. - BlueTelegraph

2 Fear Is a Place to Live Fear Is a Place to Live

I would definitely expect better from Korn.

3 Bleeding Out Bleeding Out

Just... ugh horrible.

4 Hating

What does this song do here?! Jonathan Davis has perhaps the best vocal performance in this song, especially in the breakdown. Gives me chills

Why is this at 4? Hating is awesome and its really underrated.

Completely horrible to sit through...

I actually like most of the songs in this list ;-; - wrests

5 Get Up!
6 Jingle Balls
7 Illuminati

Overall just garbage from beginning to end.

8 Chaos Lives in Everything

Dubstep and Korn do not mix well...

9 Burn the Obedient
10 Hushabye

The Contenders

11 Cameltosis

Oh come on, this is a great song. - StormTrooper3455

12 The Game is Over
13 Narcissistic Cannibal
14 All in the Family
15 Kill Mercy Within
16 Porno Creep

This song is solid. - BlueTelegraph

17 Prey for Me

I hate a lot of songs from the Paradignm Shift and The Path of Totality this one is no exception.

18 Bitch We Got a Problem

I still can't stand this song.

19 10 or a 2-Way

What? This was the best song on the album behind coming undone and twisted transistor!

I love this song! Why is it here?

This is actually a good song!

20 Let's Go
21 My Wall
22 Paranoid and Aroused

Horrible just HORRIBLE.

23 Lullaby for a Sadist

Yeah... quite self explantory.

I love this song! - awesomedp900

24 Love & Meth

I personally think this is song is terrible...

25 What We Do

I love this song! - awesomedp900

26 Never Never
27 Kiss
28 No Place to Hide

This song is good. - BlueTelegraph

Ok... Why? - awesomedp900

29 Lead the Parade

It could be the soundtrack of my worst nightmare! Bloody hell..

30 When You're Not There When You're Not There
31 Way Too Far
32 Mass Hysteria

I love this song! - awesomedp900

33 It's All Wrong
34 Punishment Time
35 Spike in My Veins

I love this song! - awesomedp900

36 Pop a Pill

I love this song! - awesomedp900

37 Daddy

This song makes me feel depressed,i hate it.

I agree it is kinda like kim I don't hate this song but don't love it either just meh

Eh I disagree I actually like this song despite how dark and disturbing it is it's kind of like Kim by Eminem I know it's messed up but I like it anyway.

38 Wake Up

It's just repeatedly "WAKE THE %@#$ UP! "

39 Children of the Korn

This has the N and the P word. Jonathan Davis never wanted this.

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Top Remixes

1. Get Up!
2. Fear Is a Place to Live
3. Chaos Lives in Everything
1. Low Rider
2. Jingle Balls
3. Cameltosis


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