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1 Seungeri

Seungri is the only one who should be here! - Iamcool

After all those scandals, he has done BigBang and YG so wrong. He doesn't deserve affection from others if he's pimping girls to promote his clubs and businesses. His group mates are releasing from the army soon this week and the months to come this year and this is how they are gonna face society from now on? through his dumbass decisions? Y'all better start respecting women and their bodies before you can idolize this jerk.

He has done a lot to deserve to be hated


2 Suzy

Suzy is a selfish prick. Her group was at the edge of disbanding and she did not care one bit. Her fans are gonna get angry at me for saying this but ITS BASICALLY HER FAULT MISS A DISBANDED. She never cared for Miss A. - hiddenlotus10

She’s a selfish bitch. She didn’t care when group her disbanded. I don’t understand how people’s can defend when she part of the reason why Miss A disbanded. She’s tries too hard to be cute and its just cringey.

3 Kyuhyun

I’m sorry but how is Kyuhyun number one? He hasn’t done anything to make him the worst idol please take him off. - hiddenlotus10

4 Tzuyu (TWICE) Tzuyu (TWICE)

Seriously, Tzuyu is amazing. Please... do not judge her or anyone else in twice. Remember Tzuyu's age. She was only 16 when they debuted, it would have been extremely terrifying and nerve wrecking. Tzuyu does not try to be cute, she IS cute. If you are jealous of Tzuyu, please do not take it out on her. Tzuyu is an amazing person, and almost everyone in Asia supports her. Tzuyu is the princess and goddess of Taiwan. She is the reason why I want to learn korean, and dance. She was the reason I got into kpop, so please don't judge her.

Boring personality..

Whoever put my baby on the list, prepare to get throat punched. - vVKimTaehyungVv

Queen of acting,go change career to actor

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5 Hyuna

She thinks she's sexy or something like that but she's not :/ CL IS BETTER!

She's a b1tch

Don’t mind when I said hymns I meant Hyuna - RapQueen_Shayla

I do have to agree. Hymns didn’t lay with the kpop group she was in and then wanna hang out with a random boy from a different boy band and get drunk and high. Who knows where she’s at now I wish she would just do right instead of wrong - RapQueen_Shayla

6 Jennie Kim (Blackpink) Jennie Kim (Blackpink)

I don't get why people hate Jennie like that, she is awesome and talented! - Bangtan_Girl

I still like Jennie, but she needs to work harder and YG needs to give other members a chance to shine. I'm also really worried about her mental health; she says she wants to die and not have contact with anyone. She seems to be improving, though. - RoseWeasley

I like her, but she just needs to TRY. And TRYING means putting EFFORT into dancing. She couldn't even get her arms over her head.

Lazy, arrogant and rude. DEFINITELY does not deserve the attention she gets.

7 Tiffany

I always get bad vibes from her.

She is a bitch completely hate her

This obnoxious monster the second SNSD member whom I hate the most. She's the monster, rude, idiot, obnoxious, annoying little bitch, unpolite and attention seeker.

She's so rude and unpolite to her sunbae either outside of Sment or in SMent self. She's doesn't add "Ssi" or "Sunbae" to her seniors such as Xia Junsu and it's really unpolite yeah yeah I know she's born in America. But Jessica is way better than this disgusting monster. Stephanie from CSJH The Grace who's born from San Diego is more polite than this monster.

She's insulting so many senior idols such as calling Shinhwa Hyesung's voice like a goat, It's really rude and abusively insulting. She's also mocking Junjin Shinhwa dancing skills.

She's also insulting Sistar Soyou's vocal by calling her vocal is 98% is a blowing wind.

She's putting Japanese Rising Sun flag on her snapchat during South Korea Independent day, she's really an idiot. Way more idiot than Homer Simpson.

But after her ...more

8 Jackson wang

Just a prick inni

He didn’t means any of the things he says but many things he say come out inappropriate and a bit rude. It’s probably communicating problems. But after all he is a good boy.


9 Amber lau

Nope amber is talented what

Just being a tomboy cannot bring u fame and moreover doesn't even raps nicely

10 Jungkook Jungkook Jeon Jung kook was born in Busan, September 1 1997. His nationality is South Korean. HIs favorite number is 1. He is known as a South Korean idol singer, singer-songwriter, dancer, composer and producer. JK Favorite color is Red, Black, and White. He think express color of Hip Hop is Black and Red. ...read more.

I swear there is something very wrong here! How the hell is he even on this list? He is the nicest, most polite, well-mannered and honest person you will ever know. Met him 5 years ago and we rarely contact but when we do it's clear he is still the same loveable person he was 5 years ago. Hope everyone and the world treats him well with all the love and respect he deserves. I hope his and BTS go much further and so proud of their success. Don't vote jungkook as one of the worst kpop idols when you don't know him well. He has literally nothing bad about him

Just because he is the center and gets spotlight doesn't means he is bad, if you really call yourself army and hate any member then you are not a true army, jungkook is flawless to me. Not only jk all the members of BTS are the best - Bangtan_Girl

Why the hell of Kookie on the list. He is very nice, sweet and adorable. He can dance and sing amazingly. - ChelseaPurnell

I don't like BTS that much, but Jungkook doesn't seem like a bad person at all. - RoseWeasley


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? Hwasa

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11 Nancy Momoland

I heard that momoland is disrespectful so that's obvious for them to be in this list - Bangtan_Girl

She mocked people with bulimia and didn't apologize. - RoseWeasley

I just don't like her, OK?

I hate her

12 Lisa (Black Pink) Lisa (Black Pink)

There might be better rapper than Lisa, there might be better dancer than Lisa but no one can do it like Lisa, the way she acts with full swagness makes everyone fall in love with her, no wonder why she is called the royal maknae - Bangtan_Girl

Her voice hurts my ear drums

How dare you put my baby in this list. She is beautiful the way she is. If you can do better than her, then maybe you can say something, but I'm sure you're not. If you can prove that you are better, please try again. Do not insult blackpink. They all worked very very hard to become what they are now, and if you guys can not take that, then you have no respect at all. Lisa went to Korea when she was very young, without knowing any korean. Think of how scared she would have been before. Do not dare talk down anyone from blackpink. Look at any videos of Lisa dancing and singing, you will realize it. Every single blackpink song is amazing, and if you are a blackpink fan, you would have seen lisa on idol room. She was amazing. She copied both red flavor by red velvet and what is love by twice exactly just after watching it once. Lisa is really extroardinary and beautiful the way she is. All blackpink members are. I am not saying this just because I'm a blink. I really don't think you ...more

She seems so fake

13 IU

Sorry but I don't like her - Bangtan_Girl

I just think she's fake

I'm not like her in the first place. She's made Eunhyuk's image ugly with her stupid drama. ELF despise her it because she made Eunhyuk feel guilty. She's disgusting, and she's dating a guy who much older than her, just what the heck she is.

No wonder I'm feel ilfeel, dissapoint and not interested with Scarlet Ryeo it because of this hypocrite old guy lover. - Salsabilacassie98

14 CL

I gotta agree CL from 2NE1 she didn’t last with her group... so I’m particular it was her fault that she let her group went to waste for no dan reason - RapQueen_Shayla

15 Rap Monster (BTS) Rap Monster (BTS)

He is such a great leader, why is he here...? - ItsAShipDad

I do not understand why namjoon is on this list he is the most sweet, humble polite and genuine idol in the kpop industry he shouldn't be on this list :/

This guy is really super arrogant. He think that he's the best yet the swaggest rapper in kpop history? He think that he's much better than GD? Just what the heck! He even can't control his brutal yet idiot fans. What a shame excuse as a leader. - Salsabilacassie98

16 Nolan (BTS)

Who the heck is that!? - Bangtan_Girl

Who the hell is Nolan from BTS?! Did BTS invite another member from another kpop group? - RapQueen_Shayla

Who the heck is Nolan?! - RoseWeasley

17 Taeyeon

An arrogant racist dumbass who thinks she owns the world

She is all plastic surgery too

Her racist ass doesn’t deserve to be an idol


18 Seungri (Bigbang)
19 Taehyung V (BTS) Taehyung V (BTS)

He is perfect OK

The ugliest


20 Bobby (iKON)

He is rude

21 Nayeon (Twice) Nayeon (Twice)

She's annoying. - Salsabilacassie98

A stupid, smelly woman who only thinks oc herself. She really needs to die painfully. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

22 JooE JooE
23 Sohye
24 Baekhyun Exo

Baekhyun isn't funny,he has fake personality

25 Suho Suho Kim Jun-myeon was born on May 22, 1991. Known professionally as Suho, he is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member and the leader of the South Korean boy group EXO and its sub-unit group called EXO-K.

He has a nasty voice

26 Steven (Got7)

Ugh, the worst member of Got7 by far.

Who tf is steven? I'm an ahgase so.. Just what?

27 Mia (Blackpink)

Ummm... who is Mia from BLACKPINK? Is she a new member of BLACKPINK? - RapQueen_Shayla

Mia? I only know Jisoo, Jennie, Rose', and Lisa. Who tf is Mia? - RoseWeasley

28 Irene (Red Velvet)

She is a great bitch

29 Momo (Twice) Momo (Twice)

Arrogant, less talented than bts' v

Why compare two great idols who are completely on different level!? - Bangtan_Girl

30 Doyoung (NCT)

Ugly and without talent

31 Minho (Shinee)

He literally contributes nothing to the group besides rapping a few lines once in a while, and that’s if he even gets any lines to begin with. He can't rap anyways, Key is slightly better then him. He’s a great visual don't get me wrong, but Jonghyun, Taemin, Onew and Key basically carry him. No hate, just stating my opinion. But anyways, #SHINeeWorld

32 Dahyun (Twice) Dahyun (Twice)

Can not rap properly, is ugly why she is in the group even?

33 Yeri (Red Velvet) Yeri (Red Velvet)

She has no talent and has no respect for her unnies.

34 Daniel (Wanna One)

I don't like him personality and voice.

He just have visual. talentless. I just feel he is a bad boy.

35 Lee Know (Stray Kids)

What?!? I love Lee Know, he may act childish at times but he is such a sweetheart.

He's immature

36 Choi Yeonjun

He has a fake personality and he can't rap at all

37 G-Dragon

He looks like criminal. - southkorean

38 Sana (Twice) Sana (Twice)

Yea nobody likes Sana and nayeon has rabbit ass teeth nobody like her 🤢

39 Dawon (Sf9)

He thinks to be god

40 Xiao (Up10tion)
41 Qingyi (DBL)


42 Sojin - Girl's Day
43 Yeonjun TXT

I hate this voice and his personality

44 Rocky (Astro)

He is really stupid

45 Dahee (Glam)

What do you think that was wrong of Dahee? Like what did she do? - RapQueen_Shayla

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