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1 Again Again

In my opinion, this song is the one that doesn't fit well with The Fame album, the lyrics are not so fantastic, and it isn't catchy at all. It's not bad, but It's the worst Gaga song...

This piano ballad is a snooze... Just try to get through it. Speechless should be on your playlist instead

Since I loved applause, I don't know why I will like this song.

I'm sorry Can you Please forgive Me.

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2 Brown Eyes

Copying Madonna like always

3 Teeth

I can't believe Born This Way is at the top of this list! You guys, just because you're all sad that Lady Gaga was influenced by Madonna (all artists have to have some influence) doesn't mean that it automatically makes that song bad... I listened to Express Yourself and it sounds nothing like Born This Way. Good music is music that sounds nice, copied or not.

It's about time someone agrees that Born this way sounds nothing like Express yourself. - 906389

I am a all time fan of the mother monster, but I don't have to like all her songs. I mean what does teeth have to do with love. The song sent me some mixed messages. It had a country kind of song don't no why but every time I hear this song I wanna throw something at the wall. Not in a goos way.

This song is really bad

Stupid song. Does not fit in with the other songs on The Fame Monster. Very pathetic. A usless attempt on her part. The girl is aleready more popular than Madonna. She can't get any more popular than she already is. I am a little monster and I hate the song.

4 Jewels N' Drugs

Each song is an experiment. Most times, Gaga's experiments are an success. This is not one of the successful experiments. I love Gaga, but this is not her. Granted, it has grown on me, but still.

It just isn't for me, sorry. I can't believe born this way is on the top of the list! What the hell people. I all of her songs but this one was the worst.

Uh, this isn't my favorite but it's funny to listen to if you hear how everything sounds. Seems like an alien invasion to me!

Lady Gaga's one of my favorite artists, but I don't think this fits her style...

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5 Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)

Chaotic crap. Usually love Gaga, but I just can't listen to this song.

Isn't that the same picture they use for "You and I? "

6 Bad Romance

This is her best song. Why is this on here? This is her best selling single for a REASON.

I love her other songs but this one is better tan all of them! Boo :(

Blah! Why in the world is it at 1st position in the best song list?!

I agreed..it shouldn't be in worst song list.for me,G.U.Y.is the worst song and should be in worst song list and the video totally sucks and worst dance.

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7 Disco Heaven

I like most of her songs. This was one I can understand getting left off the album. It is a fast song, and sort of "dance" in a disco style, but it seems to lack the energy and excitement of most of her uptempo songs. It almost sounds like it wasn't finished and the production value was lacking.

I've never really liked this song.

I never liked this song..

Reminded me too much of Madonna to be honest

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8 Summerboy

This Song Is Good Why Is This In Here -_-

It's a good song but it's too simple maybe . Oh, by the way, Madonna's songs were too much autotuned than Gaga's song, so, nothing sounds like Madonna

Sounds so much like Madonna

9 Alejandro

I listen to a lot of gaga. and I NEVER liked this song

Complete garbage

10 Aura

I love Lady Gaga, but this dong is terrible!

In my opinion best song of ARTPOP

This song is bad

Horrifying song like a witch sanv it - NA009

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11 Government Hooker

This is the best Gaga song ever! This should not be on the list

12 Shake Your Kitty
13 Boys Boys Boys

Only song by lady gaga I hate

If you hate it don't heard it! W

14 Born This Way

I found born this way on of the best songs she wrote and I kinda understand why the song was #1 for a long period of time. Maybe you like her or maybe you don't but I don't care, but I have something to tell to all the haters : That WOMAN HAVE A BEAUTIFUL VOICE and if you don't believe you should all go listen to her new song Cheek To Cheek and you would be surprised.

This song shouldn't be on this list its just a simple expression of how you should be yourself no matter what anybody says so I love it.

Do you know why she has a "beautiful" voice? She auto tunes it. All the noise is made with computers. Lady gaga sucks!

Why do people say this "woman" has talent. All she does is copy other artists, especially Madonna. I Madonna never existed Lady Gaga would never exist. All her songs are terrible, but I'm just gonna vote for Born This Way because of the copyright and the terrible music video. - lukestheman4

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15 Hair


16 Heavy Metal Lover

If this song was made by Ke$ha, it would be ok. But it disappoints me is that some artistic, creative, pop, even piano artist made something like that. This is not for Gaga, sure, but song as song is not that bad. - KpopAllOverTheWorld

This and Bad Romance shouldn't be on this list. - 906389

I find this song is such a rip off of Madonna?

Worst song on born this <way

17 Electric Chapel

This song is just so annoying and doesn't fit in with the other songs on the album… why is bad romance 2? It's her best song and is just amazing!

18 Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Just A Bit To Much, No Catchy Feel To It. It's a good song, just that I feel it's a bit to much

19 Blueberry Kisses

Good song that's final

20 Applause

Why is this song on this list it is so catchy and fun to dance and sing along to

How can this be on the worst song list this song is awesome

This song is so idiotic. Just look at those lyrics, now a days music labels let any wannabe sing. What happened to good music like we could listen in the 80s, 90s and the late 2000 - born2bubble

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