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41 Perfect Illusion

I hate this song

42 Sinner's Prayer
43 Telephone

What are you talking about born this way and applause shouldn't be on this list, neither should Alejandro poker face paparazzi or just dance this is the worst song everything else is good

44 Paparazzi

This song is so whiny. She is upset at first because she isn't famous enough, but now she is complaining about th paparazzi.

45 The Lady Is Tramp
46 Bad Kids
47 Bloody Mary

This isn't her worst. One of her best. - 906389

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48 Fashion of His Love
49 Do What U Want

This could've been good if it wasn't for the talentless hack R. Kelly. - WonkeyDude98

50 Donatella
51 Til It Happens To You

Too slow and I think dianne warren needs to stop

52 Joanne

Too repetitive on the chorus and she needs to stop with the lame guitar instrumental

53 Dancin' in Circles
54 John Wayne
55 Diamond Heart
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