Ha ha, except there are thousands of Chinese dialects and at least 2 major kinds of "Chinese" which are Mandarin and Cantonese, so which one you think is the worst? I think Cantonese sounds more harsh than Mandarin. - Kenneth

How stupid is it, because the content itself using English. If there is a similar website in China, the Worst Language can be English.

Probably, the main reason I find Chinese language so annoying is that their sound are connected strongly to the bad manners of certain groups of Chinese people in my country. I have seen a lot of Chinese students speaking super loudly in a school cafeteria and start arguing in public spaces as if there are no other people around, but above all, the worst was how they spoke while their mouth full of food accompanied by a constant chewing sound.
Whenever I hear Chinese people speaking Chinese language, it makes me recall those disagreeable memories, which make me awfully annoyed. This feelings make me so perplexed at the same time because I have several good Chinese friends and ancient Chinese literary class was my favorite when I was in high school (ancient Chinese is still a required course and very popular in Japanese high school).
If their is any Chinese reading this, I want to apologize beforehand that my comment may sound a bit offensive.

Yeah, I'm chinese. Those are CHina peeps (i'm from Malaysia). they're pretty rude... - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Chinese language sounds like a baby trying speak but still can't so whatever language comes out in the baby's mouth that sounds like Chinese language

My goshhh there's too many letters! If you even want to be considered average you gotta learn like 9000 characters! NO! Who came up with this? What an inconvenient system! To know how to read Chinese, you need to differentiate between tiny lines, and even a single difference makes a difference! Not to mention, some characters have different readings, and some of them have so many lines/strokes...! I hear you'd need to know 3000 characters to read a dang newspaper. If I tried to learn this, it'd give me a stroke, and I'd die of a heart because of how long it'd take to learn this, along with all the tones. There are also different dialects, which make things more terrible, along with the whole traditional/non traditional shebang. Who cares? Pick one! What a mess. It's hard to understand any Chinese language when they're speaking so fast and with those tones and pitches. I bet that's why they have Chinese subtitles in their movies... for the people who can recognize characters better ...more

Well I would say that Mandarin is an EXTREMELY hard language to learn when you are just getting started if you speak English, with all the strokes and tones and REALLY awkward sounds, but once you get the hang of it all, it's actually not all that bad. It can even be quite fun learning new vocabulary. Also one particular character can be used in multiple different words (if you are learning Chinese you know what I mean), which is unique, despite the chi chong gong

Maybe some Chinese people will find this offensive, but I don't. I'm Chinese but I speak fluent English and French. I just gotta say Chinese is way too complicated. One symbol per word? NOPE. And for a simple word like "me" ("moi" in French) is like 10 strokes. Plus you have to do them in a specific order. And the language sounds like a 2-year old girl arguing about who's turn it is to play with a doll. Seriously. Watch a Chinese movie. Wow.

If it wasn't meant to be made, then why is it one of the older languages? Also, your languages probably sound terrible to someone else's ears, somewhere, as well. It's not that bad.

I am for good spoken Mandarin and written Chinese. As a Chinese I am proud to be one. My daughter is taking both higher Chinese and standard Chinese in school in Singapore where not many are able to cope with this second language. We are considered lucky to be able to cope well with it.

No offense, but Mandarin is the worst language in the world. It is a language which a lot of Chinese speak so harshly and so communist.

By the way, don't listen to Kenneth's comment, Cantonese is the best language to learn.

Coming from an English speaker, this just sounds impossible to speak. Also, to the comment saying "Everyone in China are going to be offended by this! " I have one thing to say. Some languages sound better to the human ear than others. Also, I think you may be a Chinese speaker, so I wouldn't have voted on it if I were you.

Every time I hear it I have to hold back from laughing. Especially the ones who are so loud, as if they're talking to someone standing next to them like he is across the street. It often sounds like they're cussing them out, especially when you hear some words that sound almost like curse words.

Not only those syllables sound ugly if repeated over and over again in one sentence (yes, I am talking about that chong chong thing), but those tones don't make it better either. If you constantly raised and lowered your voice while speaking you would sound nothing less than retarded

It just sounds so horrible to the ear! There was a large language school survey here trying to promote the Chinese language and wondering why they had only a small number of students... The results were clear. People just don't like it!

Yet the same survey revealed the Chinese language students there to study thought the European languages' to be much nicer than their own!... So work that one out! - Gilliguts

I went to a Chinese dance producation the other day, and there was a Mandarin translator. It was bearable, but a huge issue with the Chinese language is that it's really not something that can be translated into English. It's more funny than anything, and I was trying not to laugh at the translation screen the whole time. - SearchingForSunsets

They would probably be saying the exact same thing about English - Brightstar47

Being a Chinese, after reading all the comments I have to say that although Chinese really sounds annoying, but except the accent Chinese can't be that a bad language.

Definitely Chinese. The Chinese language is just so repulsive. It's not that it's hard to learn, the intonations and pitches and even characters are fairly easy to learn. I can actually speak Chinese, unlike some other people who can't and therefore don't deserve to judge the language. If I said Chinese is a bad language because it's hard to speak, that would mean that I'm a loser who didn't have the determination to learn Chinese and gave up but I'm not saying that. I'm saying Chinese is the world's worst language because it sounds plain awful. All of its dialects {especially the Shanghai dialect} sound horrible, there are no dialects that sound good at all. I also find the Chinese culture highly repulsive and sometime outright barbaric! The Chinese have awful manners. If you don't believe me, why don't you check out a story about what Chinese tourists did to Disneyland in Taiwan. It's a good story, trust me.

Just too difficult to learn. Sure Millions of people speak it but do they actually love it after learning another language.

The fact that illiteracy is so high proves that Chinese, the written form, is a terrible language.
Chinese is a tonal language which is also not a good idea. But the really difficult thing for the Chinese language is that China is ruled by a communist dictatorship and the communist have held the culture back from advancing in much the same way the previous imperial rulers did. The rulers of China have been afraid of progress since the time of the consolidation of the three kingdoms period.

You got to remember all the letters and there are no shortcuts! How to write them is like torture. Not saying it is bad but it is just hard to understand unlike Spanish which we can guess some words. - Kaotoo

When chinese people are speaking, everybody 's irritated by the noise

It's not that bad. I am from Hong Kong and I am not proud of Mainland China tourists, bug the language itself is not that bad when you understand it.

Chinese language gives me a headache

Once I was at school and I was talking to my friend and then all of a sudden a Chinese girl came up to me and she was speaking Chinese with me! I felt like smacking her so hard ( I'm not Chinese)

It sounds like a baby with potato in the mouth

I am Chinese and you are all wrong its not bad