English is very inconsistent and verbose. Virtually all of our most common verbs are irregular, and not just a little bit irregular like in say Spanish were the irregular form at least resembles the infinitive and a typical conjugation pattern. Like a lot irregular. To Be conjugates as "am, are, is, was, were" or To Go conjugates as "go, went." What?! The rest that aren't often require ludicrous amounts of helping words for a phrase or sentence to have any meaning. For instance, why do you need two verbs to ask a question? "Do you have" as opposed to say Spanish where you would just say "Tienes." 'To Do' doesn't even have any meaning related to the actually inquiry.

And the spelling and orthography. Spelling is just a mess everywhere. There isn't clear division between sounds of letters - C can be S, S can be Z, Z can be J, I can be E, E can be A, A can be O, every vowel can be you (schwa sound), and Q and X are completely useless as they ...more

The most confusing language ever, with innumerable synonyms and contradictory rules. Native speakers can't speak it correctly. British English has the highest level of complexity and the most extensive vocabulary. American English is very distant second, with ever-deteriorating and increasingly ignorant dialects. American English will soon devolve into nothing but grunts and swear words.

Why are there so many English dialects on this list? Why not take them off and just leave this one? The list is for LANGUAGES, not dialects. Anyway, English makes no sense to anyone unless they've learnt it at a very young age. American English is very rude, AAVE is is pretty much for people who don't know how to speak any other dialect properly, and pretty much all other dialects are stupid for at least one unique reason.

Poor, many words are missing that exist in most other European languages. Using English every day builds frustration in a foreign speaker... It is hard to express what you want to say without it sounding terribly plain and simplified.

The most basic language, the shortest and commonly people who speaks this language don't want to understand other languages, they insult others but not looking into themselves first - ronluna

Honestly, despite it's inconsistencies, and massive flaws as a language, I feel, English is pretty influential in the world, and it's the way the world communicates in conformity. - ProPanda

It's undoubtedly the language spoken by most colonizers and I hate the fact that everyone mocks my first language, Indonesian language, to be unpleasant-sounding by using this overrated international language.

Who actually thinks English is a bad language? If you do, get an education and read a book. It's probably because your knowledge of the language is unsophisticated.

Even though English is my native language, I still think it's a lame excuse of a language, especially when you look at words with -ough- in them, because you have to memorize which way out of several to pronounce that string of letters, and the only way to know which pronunciation to use for a particular word is just to memorize the word.

Foreign influences from Romance, Hellenic and other languages have greatly ruined English. It has also caused English to be overly simplified over the years. Due to English featuring less grammar rules than say, French or German, this has caused many native speakers to find learning languages harder.

It's so empty with no emotional feel unlike the Latin based languages which sound very romantic even when spoken by an uneducated person.

If English is the worst language, shouldn't this comment section be full of Other languages instead of English? Irony though...

The one who said Japanese is the worst is the worst living creature in the world. This one is the worst - ronluna

"Only U.K. English sounds good! " - All of the arrogant brits - olliv

Yes, I'm a native English speaker... English sucks. We have the worst spelling and pronunciation systems, if you could call them "systems". Like bough, ought, and though! "ough" sounds completely different in all of them! Why!? Even Russian is easier than that! - Arkadios200

English might be the language with the worst spelling since there simply are no rules. For example, how is "-ough" pronounced? Pardon? You cannot give an unambiguous answer? Exactly!
The opposite in grammar: Not even cases are present, making you need thousands of prepositions. It is plain annoying.

Americans only use English for profanity - ronluna

A power of expression equal only to the barking of the dogs

Hands down for American English. - SilentKiller1996

Worst language to read or write.

People speaking in English uses profanity a lot - ronluna

Ladies and Gentlemen, the language of no law. Silent e's? H's that make no sense? I personally believe this language sounds like there's something in your mouth, but, hey, that's me. - DogsUnleashed

English spelling and grammar makes no sense but that's what makes it unique and beautiful.
We're writing in English now, which really says something about how extensive and dominant English is as a worldwide, uniting language. I (a native English speaker) can write this and know that it could be understood by people from all over the world who've learned English.

My dislike of English comes primarily from a good percentage of dialects "schwa-ing" most of its vowels. The amount of consonants also bothers me to no extant, especially when they form clusters. Come on, look at the word "strength." Depending on your dialect, that has five different consonant sounds to pronounce. That's a one syllable word. Sure other languages are also consonant heavy, but seriously, at least they have a moderate tendency to keep their vowels in check. And its​ irregularities are irritating beyond belief. The only credit I can give the language is that most of those irregularities come from it having such a unique history. But unique does not necessarily mean good. As a native American English speaker, I really do despise almost everything about the tongue. The fact that I'm saying so in English is probably a testament to how both useful and irritating it is. It likes cadence and sounds bland and boring compared to other languages.

It's certainly unique ...more

It depens on the speaker. Their literature can be fascinating and beautiful... BUT, as a Spanish speaker, I find it ridiculous how there are many silent letters on words or how a letters sounds different in two words: Ex. The 'e' in energy and the 'e' in email sound totally different, or the 'i' in 'high' and the 'i' in hilarious sound totally different. Because I have English speaking family, I've been able to learn but a lot of people here struggle with English.