Worst Language in the World

When you hear someone speaking an odd foreign language in the street you feel like laughing, but which is the worst and most useless language in the world.

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41 Russian

Russians are great people so you have to like their language. It fits the Russian personality very well. Its tough yet it can also be pretty. Its complicated like a Russian.

Many literature masterpieces are written in Russian. It's a complicated language (with all those 6 cases, different endings and genders) but it's mot as hard as those crazy Asian languages. I love Russian language!

Guttural and gruff difficult language. But they have so much sadness and brutality in their culture I am sure it can express a deep sense of sadness.

Russian is neither complicated nor pretty as the idiot below tries to assert. It is hideous and never pretty and Russians are te simplest country bumpkins I ever met in my life. The women all "need a man" to feel secure they are ross under the hair and 2 hours of makeup to cover their ugly man features big noses etc. and dress like prostitutes. They drink and fist fight Very simple minded unintelligent and ignorant of this fact. They would LOVE to be complicated, sadly they are not. This language should be first on the worst list. But Russian are so stupid ever watch "world's dumbest criminals"? 85% of them are Russian.

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42 Portuguese

Beautiful, full of richness, soul, and character compared to Spanish. No better language for poetry than European Portuguese, and no better language for music than the sexy Brazilian Portuguese. There is no better romance language to know today than Portuguese. It is spoken officially all over the world! Brazil has the 5th strongest economy in the world! Lots of people are now learning it as a 2nd language and rightly so.

This language is so Beautiful, and have so many different accents! I love it

This language irritates me a lot by way how it sounds.
It is something as any old man without teeth eats a soup and speaks together...
Too much soft words, lot of "sh.. ", "ny.. ", "jy" and so on. Spanish is on similar base but sounds normal.

Ugly language

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43 Welsh

I can only assume that this idea of annoying languages has been started by an English speaking person. No other human being would do this. Although English is not annoying as a language, the majority of English people, due to their ignorance, are extremely annoying.

I live in Wales my god! This language is awful then someone speaks this language in sounds like somebody chork and spitting at the same time and the poor children in school to speak this rubbish no wonder why the English taught us will English of course.

Not pleasant to the ear.

Gwgywygnhnwygwyrwig - average welsh word

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44 Gaelic

This language is died yet you are forced to learn it for no important reason. Literally no one speaks this (there are tiny minorities in north donegal and west Galway), yet in order to uptake important jobs such as primary school teaching, being a guard (police officer), being a lawyer and becoming a politician you are expected to be near fluent. Outrageous.

Ugly, useless language that is forced on children by a state and government with a misplaced inferiority complex and sense of nationalism.

It's outrageous how what is spelt is not how it sounds. Who invented Gaelic spelling?

People complaining about the Irish language here although 'Gaelic' is Scottish. Why, just why? I love the Irish language, but I might just be biased.. SlΓ‘n. - LemonComputer

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45 Georgian

Georgian is one of the unique and ancient with its written language. In the World exists only 14 written language and one of them is Georgian while in the world exists over 200 countries. Even more, Georgia has 3 type of alphabet. Beautiful language or not for you it is up to you, taste differ but it is unique for sure and no similarities with Turkish or Russian languages.

I do not find Georgian ugly or beautiful, it is definitely very unique and their writing is beautiful

The script is beautiful and language sounds great

It's completely different from Russian or Turkish, Maybe Some words are similar, yes, because we are neighbor, But I Think it's is natural... but Structure is completely different... yes it is unique type, There is three Kartvelian ralative Languages - Georgian, Svan, and Megrelian. This last two are just spoken Language..
კαƒ"αƒ - αƒ˜αƒšαƒ˜ αƒ‘αƒ£αƒ αƒ•αƒ˜αƒšαƒ"αƒ‘αƒ˜αƒ - ბაαƒ₯არრ- ვαƒ"αƒšαƒαƒ"αƒαƒœ!

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46 Afrikaans

Afrikaans actually has a strong history in South Africa and lets just say that it was the bad guy in the story. There were lots of protests about Afrikaans must fall in parliament because people were forced to learn it. And one school started a protest on the road near by and Afrikaans soldiers made a wall and open fired killing children like Hector Peterson.

It's Dutch, but in South African. It's like the American English of British English. In all serious ness, I don't believe it deserves to exist. - Arkadios200

Ugliest sounding language ever. A mishmash like badly played clarinets and tubas. I'd rather listen to someone vomiting.

Stupid language invente ignorant gits

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47 Kazakh

The ugliest language I have ever heard. they speak as if they are spitting at your face some features are similar to turkish but it is an ugly language though

Anything associated with Turkic languages has got to be ugly sounding

I love kazakh! so unique, I love the people, the language, etc. its pretty hard though. can't pronounce anything ): even with knowing russian

48 Basque

First, it's not a latin language, it's a language isolate. And it's toughest grammar makes it very hard to learn. Very terrible.

It's a language isolate.

Worst latin language. Sounds like a Spanish/French hybrid, with an awkward accent

49 Czech

It's really hard I think, because they have a lot of rules... And also I am from Czech Republic.

Thank you, guys, I am living in the Czech republic and I still I had to learn that I actually don't understand other Czechs from you. You can always learn new things, I guess?

Highly influenced with ugly German pronunciation makes it sound sissy-like. Grammar was never standardized so Czechs have a hard time understanding each other.

Like it

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50 Latvian

Terrible, just terrible language. Its hard and the rules are even harder because there are a lot of exceptions and stuff so the rules apply only to few sentences.

Difficult but very beautiful and interesting language

Because "Latvian 10 year old boy" the grammar is even worse than how you speak English

An absolutely fascinating language. I love it!

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51 Jamaican Patois

Not even a proper language

Really funny dialect, entertains me

52 British English

I can't stand those choppy accents and yes I agree that they are way too lazy to say the end of the word

Always reminds me of Harry Potter haha love it!

The English sound so lazy when they speak. They cannot pronounce 'r' properly, yet they have all sorts of extra letters in their spelling? When I see dolor, I say dolor. When I see dolour, I want to say do-LOUR. Likewise for color. P.S. Squash is the name of the fruit; marrow is inside your bones.

British people swallow words... They can't speak English! American is much more understanabe.

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53 Māori

It is only spoken in New Zealand and even then it is spoken hardly ever it is not used for anything well barley anything only street names or whatever no point to learn it at all because nothing on internet written in maori or YouTube etc... main language is English and anyone who would learn this is wasting a lot of time when you can learn something like Russian Spanish portugese Italian greek etc... where you can actually use it for internet etc

Yes true.. but it's a modern logical language (it has been modernised and updated regularly unlike English! ) with clear rules and is very easy to read pronounce and speak once you do learn it... just nobody to talk with

54 Croatian

Bloody hell, I hadn't realized they troll whole languages! As a linguist, I really am disgusted by this abomination. Geez, when I hear people speak it, it sounds like animals snorting to each other.
I'm all for replacing it with Homeric Greek.

Croatian: great for euthanasia, not good for much else. Too many hours spent listening to Croatian will render one a vegetable. TROLL

Croatian language doesn't exist they just stole the Serbian language and changed it to sound stupid.

This language... I used to speak it. Now, I can barely do so.

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55 Telugu

Telugu can be called as Italian of the east. It sounds near to Sanskrit and most easy language for South Indians. If we exclude matter about script, even North Indians which have fluency in Sanskrit and Hindi can understand Telugu in sounding and they can understand most of it other than any south Indian language. Outside India, after Hindi and Tamil., Telugu is the 3rd most spoken language by Indians all around the world.

Sweetest language

Italian of the east is a joke. Highly irritating; and if heard for elongated periods causes permanent damage to ears.

Telugu is the ugliest language ever. Tamil is the best. Tamil is sem mozhi da...

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56 Bengali

Bengali language is full of emotion.. !

How dare you to even bring bengali in this list? No language is better than bengali

Arabic is better than all languages because our holy book is written in it

There are some useless letters in this language. For example the two "Ns". Same pronunciation but two letters. Also the soft T. And more importantly, they changed the spelling of many words recently. Why didn't they do it from the beginning? Plus the grammar is very difficult. - zxm

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57 Chechen

What the hell is Chechen

58 Japanese

Japanese is regarded to be one of the most mellifluous sounding languages in the world. The words flow easily, the intonation is gentle, and it sounds beautiful overall. It's definitely not one of those languages with harsh sounding pronunciation and loud, choppy words. I agree that Japanese is pretty useless to learn if you don't live in Japan or aren't doing business with a Japanese company- but that doesn't make the language itself bad.

By the way: To someone below who said that if you're black, you'll face a lot of racism- it's the same for any foreigner. If you're not Japanese, you're not one of them. There are racists, of course, but for the most part they will regard foreigners with a cautious fascination, but that's not intended to be a bad thing at all. It can come off as rude or xenophobic, but remember that Japan was isolated for thousands of years. It's a very much homogenous culture and can not be compared to America, which is a melting pot of cultures.

Being a Chinese, I have to say there are many things in Japanese language come from Chinese, but IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT A COPY OF Chinese. There are many elements in a language about the culture of who says it, and east Asian culture though similar to each other, still many difference to go. Those slight differences can be easily felt by someone who lives here, but hardly for someone from Europe or somewhere else. So, don't speak on it a "copy" anymore if you haven't really got into the society please?

Most of these comments are either irrelevant or about girls who try to sound "cute" in Japanese, not the actual language. In case you haven't noticed, people of all cultures try to act obnoxiously cute- and many Japanese people are annoyed by these fake girls as well. And thank you to the poster below- anyone who thinks this is Chinese is completely wrong. The kanji characters are derived from China, but many are different or used in different ways. As for the language itself, Japanese is completely different from Chinese- which you would know, if you were halfway educated.

It doesn't sound as great as people say it does. It's complicated and not too gentle. I don't get the appeal. I get the feeling that mosy people are defending it because they're weeaboos.

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59 Sanskrit

A beautiful language that is the ancestor of the majority of Indian languages. It makes you appreciate how much ancient Hindu and budhist priests worked to give it a educated flavor to an already lovely language.

Worst languages

Absolutely! Original and highly pleasant to speak and listen. It's depth in vocabulary and no-nonsense characters explains the beauty of this ancient language. People do their Ph.ds on this language with high amount of interest and love. There's a saying many words in English have been derived from Sanskrit ( Mathru - Mother, Pithru - Father and so on...), plus it has given birth and influenced many of the indian languages spoken widely today

60 Yorkshire English

Words seem to dissapear up there. - ozzydog12

2much slang not used around the world

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