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61 Yorkshire English

Words seem to dissapear up there. - ozzydog12

2much slang not used around the world

62 Nepali

Most beautiful language in the world.

Very Sweet and respecting language!

Who wrote this? Nepali is such a nice language. doesn't deserve to be on a list like this smh

63 Sinhala

Great sounding language and very sophisticated

Sinhala language is the best language in the world

Sinhala is the best in the world

The best language in the world

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64 Kannada

They have only one thing to defend themselves, "Bangalore " and yes it is a cosmopolitan city.. Wide ethnic groups live here but that doesn't mean they are tolerant, they are racists.. They don't show in front of you but behind your back..they want others to leave their place...

Kannada's alphabet looks really awesome, and the words flow really well. I'm glad that it's as low on the list as it is. - Arkadios200

Kannada is the most easiest language among all south Indian Language, No teachers require for learn Kannada..

What the hell is this Kannada?

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65 Norwegian

It is a hard language but in compared to living in Norway. Norway is a beautiful place with their own culture focused more on Vikings and stuff like that.

Ja vi elsker dette landet
I love that country and especialy the king

66 Lithuanian

Best one, I'm glad that I know this language. Very smart language, there is no swear words. If Lithuanian language is not your mother language you can't learn it perfect.

You can not learn it perfectly, even if it is your mother language :) Really nice language. I suggest everybody to take more attention on it

Though most Lithuanians themselves have a really horrible dialect, which makes Lithuanian sound like Russian, Lithuanian is a very nice and archaic language. The only problem with it is that it is hard to learn because of the archaic grammar.

The most beautiful language in the world.

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67 Ulster Scots

Ulster Scots is a dialectic mix of English and Scots (which itself has Gaelic derivations). If English were proper German, Ulster Scots would be Bavarian. Not a bad sounding language, quite sing-songy.

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68 Marathi

Marathi has 100 swear words which is again joined or splitter to form 300 swear words

The world great language

It is the most beautiful language in the world. More words than English to express your feelings and emotion. It's the richest language in terms of words.
- Jai Maharashtra

The language that reflects supreme Maratha dominance.
Jai Shivaji Jai Bhavani

69 Armenian

I love Armenian language, it's one of the most ancient in the world.

Beautiful language. Sounds very similar to Russian.

Very rude and strange language - fuadmondeo

Armenian sounds like another Indian language

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70 Khmer

Useless and not very attractive. Might as well put the effort you would have put into learning Khmer, into learning Thai.

Khmer sounds like Thai... It's annoying to hear... I even can't love a song in Khmer

Khmer people are nice and smile everywhere in their country but no interest to learn another language beside EN, FR, CN

71 Slovak

This is beautiful language. YOU! YOU TWO! TAKE BACK WHAT YOU SAID! YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT SLOVAK LANGUAGE! (stupid people, they don't know, what they are doing)

Worst language ever

Between czech, without the singing and super terrible accent in any other attempted language - and polish, without the "shshshshshsh"

Most dusgusting language in the world. Slovaks did the impossible: they stole czech language and made it even more annoying and ugly.

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72 Azerbaijani

Stupid, uninteresting & ugly!

Sounds too Turkish

Very nice to listen :D like a poem language, always fluent and nice version of other Turk ethnics languages. Oldest language since fire worshiper time in Azerbaijani region.

So ugly

73 Burmese

When I hear this language I thought What the hell what is language this language make me Headace and most annoying like a flying and dumbass

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74 Pashto

It is difficult language but complete grammar when you learn it you will love it

Spoken in Afghanistan

The language spoken near the Khyber pass. Beautiful language, beautiful place, beautiful and hospitable people. Shame about the things they've had to endure.

Good and beautiful language

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75 Macedonian

Macedonian is a dialect of Bulgarian.

Macedonian? You serious? Go read some ancient Macedonian script and if you see similarities between your slavo-Bulgarian language and the ancient Macedonian language (ancient greek dialect) ill give you 10000 euros.

Seriously guys what ancient Macedonian was a Northwestern Ancient Greek dialect
This sounds like Bulgarian donkey thing... I love ancient Greece and these guys don't believe in global history what, they are like my gransmom told me alexander the great told me I'm his son

No, Bulgaria is a dialect of Macedonia - Reaper380

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76 Rioplatense Spanish

Spanish is the best language

77 Somalian

Sounds awesome and easy to learn.

So true I'm not from Somalia but since I had some great friends from Somalia I loved to listen the language when they speak it sounds amazing and good for the ears

Sounds like gorilla speech

Everything is longer Soomaaliya, meethaaliy, haamburgeeriyse etc.

Crazy language, yes we are wannabe Arabs lool

78 Kurdish

The most elegant and beautiful language ever.

Kurdish is hard to learning but it is an attentive language

I think this language is very good

Disharmonic language, has no melody or nice sound. arabic is more melodic.

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79 Esperanto

I have never heard it, but since it is mainly based on Romance languages, which sound musical, I postulate that this language also sounds musical.

Also, "Esparanto" means "one who hopes" in this language. The language is called Esperanto because the person who created it signed it "Doctor Esperanto". So now, everyone mistakenly calls the language "one who hopes".

Esperanto is a little ugly, but it has simplified grammar with no exceptions (although some phrases have double meaning), and is a great tool for learning other romance, germanic, or slavic languages! It is a great second language. If you want to be a polyglot, learn this language as a gateway.

Esperanto is just a dialect of Klingon.

80 Scots Language

Scots is not actually an English rip-off. It's divergent from Gaelic, then heavily influenced by English and other Germanic languages. Can be harsh. Can also be very ethereal, like many of the Giodelic dialects. Depends on the speaker and the dialect.

The area and the dialect of these languages can make all the difference. Think an educated, gentle female speaker of North Ulster Gaelic and a farmer from somewhere in Munster grunting out syllables.

Spoken mainly in central Scotland in the highlands, It literally is just an English rip-off. It sounds like a scottish pirate!

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