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81 Bo V 4 Comments
82 Laotian

I think it is Thai language but their accent to similar to northern in Thailand
Of course, it is totally vulgar language when you hear Lao people talking to each other.

I don't like this is language so much It's annoying to hear and sound like Khmer I hate to learning This language And Worst with dirty country they are too many Whore

83 Manx Manx

Lol what kinda name is manx lol dumb language haha

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84 Slovene
85 Tigrinya

Fun language spoken in Eritrea and Ethiopia. It's mix of every language!

Uses to much sound from the throat, 4 different ones in number of consonants. Natives speak way to fast.

This is such a beautiful language

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86 Dzongkha
87 Fulani
88 Hausa

Beautiful, just beautiful language... How can you vote it? I respect your opinion, either way.

It's a Nigerian language.. I think every language has it's share of beauty

89 Tibetan
90 Oriya
91 Kashmiri

Very tough language which has very less speakers arround 10 million not more then and it is derived from persion sanskrit urdu hindi and arabic

92 Inuktitut

More like Canadian Chinese!

It's crazy!

Here is a sentence: I’ll have to go to the airport. Here is a word in Inuktitut:(qangatasuukkuvimmuuriaqalaaqtunga) They both mean the same thing. Must I say more?

93 Belarusian

OH NO NO NO NO! Belarusian is stupid! I hate Belarusian. Sounds like dumbass president.

It sounds a bit better than Russian in my opinion. And also, judging a language by it's president? - MelonMan

94 Akan
95 Mongolian

A really harsh language, it evolved in a harsh environment by even harsher circumstances!

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96 Uzbek

One of the most beautiful sounding language mixture of turkish and Persian makes it a unique language

97 Filipino

Sounds like a pack of hyenas over a kill. Extremely irritating to hear.

So, what's the different with Tagalog? - EmilyEgberts

Worst lanaguage ever, specially in cruise ships

Hey uh foreigners haven't you learned that cooties is actually from the malan word kutu and actually English is really horrible because it has very very insulting words and Tagalog might seem like someone being attacked by a pack of laughingly hyenas but is actually beautiful if you understand it **** you Americans plus I am Filipino and how insulting is this well very insulting

98 Turkmen

The most stupid in the world. No other words.

Really harsh sounding and ugly

99 Gujarati

This language is so entertaining, Gujaratis are full of Gossip, so backward minded.

Gujratis Are Full Of fun and so is their language. Most Sweet People in this World.

100 Estonian
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