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101 Javanese
102 Alemannic
103 Prakrit
104 Hawaiian

What( Why as W) does a state of America need their personalized language that is basically one word for every word, you're basically say aloha for everything! Really, it's stupid!

Hawaiin is beautiful! And for the other commentor complaining, Hawaii is an island that was colonised by America. It is a polynesian language with very little English influence.

105 Ukrainian

I actually know some Ukrainian. It's incredibly close to Russian, and it sounds just as good. I do like Ukrainian. - Arkadios200

WHAT! This language is so beautiful.

A butchered ugly sounding version of Russian

What? It is the best language? I have never come across Ukrainian and it doesn't make sense. Not many of people actually know about. I don't know what is going on to this webwhich things doesn't make sense at all😠

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106 Kimbundu
107 Orcish

AKA "Black Speech" in Tolkien's Middle Earth.

108 Flemish

Just Belgian people trying to talk Dutch with a ridiculous accent.

109 Icelandic

You really gotta question your native language when it's only spoken on a small island in the middle of the North Sea. No, I'm not a native speaker, but that's my opinion. - Arkadios200

Icelandic is rather impractical and difficult to speak. Nearly everyone speaks English there, anyway. But Iceland kicks ass.

110 Omanpeko

Omanpeko is most beautiful language sounds like canary singing

111 Quechua V 1 Comment
112 Taa

Too complicated for anyone but a native speaker to learn. - Arkadios200

113 Kurmish
114 Dhivehi

I guess Dhivehi is good, I mean it's natural

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