Worst Last Names

The Top Ten Worst Last Names

1 Bieber

It just reminds me of Justin and his annoying squeaky meerkat voice which apparently every girl dreamed about in 2010

Yuck this reminds me of Justin Bieber to much and I think he sings like a little girl.

Barbie voice and looks.

Worst of the worst.

2 Hitler

That is a horrendous last name to have.

He was a mean and abusive person to the Jewish - Midnight_Dream

I feel sorry for all the Germans out there who possibly still have this name. Kinda a shame Hitler didn't die wile he was a kid

He did nothing rong

3 Hooker

Laugh out loud imagine if you met someone called Virginia HOOKER

Seriously who would want a last name that means you sleep with people for money.

My sister married a man with this last name.

This was my sub teachers last name! (in college)

4 Brown

This made me laugh, my last name is FORTH worst, right above Bonner and Seaman, really appreciate it.

Not as good as white

Not white enough

It's not a bad last name

5 Zdzinski

How the hell do you even pronounce that?

I like vowels in my words... More than one... Thank god I am not polish... How the hell do people speak like that... My grandparents are from Poland, not me and I thank god their last name is not that bad.

This is an awesome name! I wish I had a name like that! It sounds like zucchini or bikini.

How the hell is this pronounced?

6 Przbyszewski

I feel like someone must have fell asleep on their computer. No offence, but someone in my class at school has a complicated last name. It is a Russian last name. When I first saw her last name, I was like, "How on Earth do you pronounce this?!" What I'm saying is that it looked a lot like a randomly typed up gibberish last name like Przbyszewski. I don't want to cyberbully, but the last name felt more like gkjanfkjakjfasfkjansdf-ova, to some non-Russian people. What I mean to say is that some people mispronounce her last name unintentionally and sometimes they have to ask her because it looks unusual to them.

I think whoever typed this literally just smashed their head on their keyboard... - TheDachshundAmongUs

Umm...I'm still kinda wondering if either this is an actual last name or if someone randomly typed this while closing their eyes...

Maybe a cat stepped on the computer

7 Seaman

You guys do realize that people can't decide what their last name is, so it's not the parents fault.

I know a very popular guy in my school with that last name it's pronounced exactly like semen I feel bad for that kid it makes my first name seamus ( Shay - Miss ) look good

I know a girl with this last name and it is awful. Her last name is the same thing as a fluid that transports STDs

Why would you name a kid after something that transports STDS

8 Bonner

My last name is Bonner, Alex Bonner and I go to birmingham covington school in birmingham Michigan

I don't love the name but I don't dislike it. At first I thought it said boner

Jim Bonner from politics

This also can mean a erect penis.

9 Kaisin

My least favorite. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo


10 Kardashian

The Kardashians are a group of retarded women who got famous because they gave up their asses. If you are trying to be like them I suggest holding a fork in your hand and sticking it in an electrical socket. No really please do it. But yes they suck

The Kardashians suck to be honest

I hate them

Kardashian Hate Train sucks lol - Luckys

The Contenders

11 Minogue
12 Baker

That is not a bad last name.

That's my last name

How is this so bad

That isn't that bad

13 Crapper

Imagine getting an award with this name...
"This next award is for Mr... Daniel Crapper? " -Kittybleue

Oh wow, I imagine that it's worse for children or adults who don't swear. Someone just says, 'Oh, crap! ' and then someone with that last name must think they were talking to them. I feel sorry for anyone with immature friends who giggle hysterically whenever their friend's last name is said.

Crapper is a dumb last name because it sounds like your taking a crap

There is actually a person who has this, Thomas Crapper the inventor of toilets

14 Niggemeyer

It sounds like a bad word

Do I need to explain this, a simple spelling mistake and BOOM you're last name sucks

I'm not comfortable do I have to say anything?

Racist last name

15 Trump

I wouldn't mind, since I'd be rich LOL

I would absolutely hate to share a name with the worst leader and best dictator ever to walk the Earth.

I actually thought this surname was a joke first time I saw if.

It does not mean douche in German. What an idiot.

16 Emilianowicz

Polish! -there's This One Kid-Chad who I think has MPD(MULTI-PERSONALITY DISORDER) fights w/himself and argues w/ himself all the time, it's weird. Chad, Chaz, Fraz, And Spaz! Valerie E-DEEP FIRES HER HAIR DYES IT RED, Fat, Camel Teeth, Hippo/Camel. Jeff-Pepperoni Man-Loves To Spend Time In The Bathroom- loves pukey army colored clothing! Chad's a nerd!

Again...a cat might of stepped on the computer

I see what they did! Emily-is-an-noz-witch!
See, I did it mommy!

See what I mean, my last name is at least BROWN!

It would make sense if your first name is Emilia and your last name is Nowicz, but together? Man.

17 Woodcock

Wouldn't be nice to stick around with that kind of name

Personally, I am very proud to be a part of the Woodcock clan. My married name is Jump.

Would be nice if it sounded more like PEACOCK!

The only thing wrong with it is that it has the word cock in it

18 Gutteridge

It sounds a lot like got her itch. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

19 Dick

My Aunt taught a kid named Richard Dick. Bet he didn't go by Rich or Dick.

I knew this kid and his mom's name was Anita dick... say that a couple of times... (ah knee ta)

Wow... Sounds like penis.

Pretty bad name to have at the best of times, but if this is your last name just think that it could always be worse: unless your first name is Iona - Porcupine

Hands up that's me ( Rachel Dick) Horrible name, can't wait until I get married!

20 Stilinski

Like Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf? That last name ain't all that bad...

Sounds like," I ate pee out the toilet mommy! " Says the dumb child. " Well, least you got a nickname! " Says the b word mommy.

21 Battista

Sounds like my history teacher Mr. Bautista in Maces
-Anonymous Tipster

Why is this bad? Kind of reminds me barista and ballista

22 Pufpaff

"Pufpaff"? Who in the world has their last name as "Pufpaff"? I thought that "Askew" was bad, but this is way worse! Poor person who has this last name... - Malchut

What... Kind of name is that? I've never met anyone with that last nam

Oh! A nickname from power puff girls! So amusing!

Accidentally said puff puff

23 Obama

Worst President ever graduated from the Drunk Sailor School of Economics in Greece at the top of his class.

Are you making fun of the president, or am I just stupid

Means imbecile in every language.

Ruined the economy more than it was already

24 Benard

Good last name

25 Rathood

Ima rat with a dirty hood hahaa

26 Gay

There are too many homophobic people in this world :(

I think this is an awesome last name! I love gay people because I'm bisexual. I really want this last name!

As a first name just as bad as fanny dick and willy

I really don't think it is so bad but it's only horrible if you're gay

27 McUgly

Oh my god, McUgly?! First of all, 'Mc' sounds like McDonalds and I don't wanna get named after some fast food resturant. And ugly?! No thank you! Why can't it be beautiful instead?

Hell yeah it is the worst name I have come across so far

Now McDonald's Is ugly?

We will eat at McUgly's.

28 Wierzbicki

I think it’s pronounced Win-erz-bick-eye

29 Incardona

Why is this on here this is awesome

30 Butt

I know a teacher who's last name is butts, and her husband's name is Harry Butts!

Why is this not number one this is embarrassing geniuses

There was a girl at my old school named Sofia Butts and she was rude to me, yet she was popular. But I was rescued by Miss Rau when she asked Sofia how could she live with the last name "Butts". Haha - Sodaface

Just as bad as the first name arsene

31 Oostergooster

That is an awesome name! I wish my last name was Oostergooster. I can't stop laughing.

Oostergooster should've been Jesus's last name. It's the greatest last name in the history of the world.

Mate this is sick

Beautiful. Just beautiful. -Kittybleue

32 Watkins

Watkins just annoys me. I prefer Watson - 445956

Bo Watkins, UGH! - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

33 Justice

Sounds like a superhero's last name

Victoria/victor justice!

Aww, tell your bestie that her last name is amazing that she's like a superhero with it

That's my besties last name now she's crying 😭 and she thinks she's a nobody

34 Floriano

Sounds like a Italian word mixed with Florida as in the state

Sounds like Florida

Italian for retads. (not really) they just are. Scheda

35 Cumming

Well some people actually have the last name Cummings so you don't have to say "yuck" you childish ditch

Yuck is all I have to say.

Feel so sorry for the people who have this

There is a teacher with this name at my school - mikelatham

36 Focker

Its pretty gay

37 Lickenfelt

At least "Hitler" has dignity

I don’t like foot fetishes or this last name

38 Petrovichnyamilenkossarian

This is the best last name ever!

It is the best

love that

What IS DIS?!

39 Kobis
40 Martinez

Sound's great

That is rude to my friend Jaden Martinez!

I swear, this last name is everywhere! - RandomThings

This is my maid's last name.

41 Hiscock

This sounds like we're talking about a male's penis

Hiscock is teaching me SexEd

Its like laughing at people... Where is hiscock? lol

42 Hoang

It reminds me of Hong Kong which reminds me of me being poor

43 Pecksniff

This was the name on some very nice smelling linen spray!

It sounds like you're sniffing the butt of a woodpecker that's pecking on a tree

Smelling a willy - ooh no

44 Fuchs

As in, Fred Fuchs

Like Fred Fuchs from AVGN

Fred Fuchs FRED FUCHS!

45 Stupid

This is the ultimate name of some people in New York, at least in the 1920 census and earlier. Every census there were fewer of them.

That's stupid

The ultimate name, Stupid, why not Stupidbuttface?

its me

46 Schmidt

Schmidt is the best last name ever because of mike Schmidt who is the best third basemen ever and when you have kids you could name them bull and their name would be bull Schmidt

Like Kendall Schmidt from big time rush

I hate my last name

Lol I wish this was my last name. - astroshark

47 Paul

Ugh I had to put this on here because of Jake Paul - Iamcool

he sucks


48 McGrath

That's the name of my English teacher - he's a total psycho.


49 Cochran

Cochran was my favorite teachers name


50 Bush

This is the name of my science and social study's it is so horrible she is like 70 years oil and she sucks at reading!

Hey are you like making fun of the president here or what

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