Worst Last Names

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21 Rathood
22 Kobis
23 Wierzbicki
24 Floriano

Sounds like Florida

Italian for retads. (not really) they just are. Scheda

25 McUgly

Hell yeah it is the worst name I have come across so far

Now McDonald's Is ugly?

26 Butt

I know a teacher who's last name is butts, and her husband's name is Harry Butts!

Why is this not number one this is embarrassing geniuses

Just as bad as the first name arsene

Maybe that last name farts

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27 Martinez

This is my maid's last name.

Sound's great

I love the name Martinez

What's wrong with this name? Just because it ends with "ez", it should not be that high.

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28 Justice

Sounds like a superhero's last name

Victoria/victor justice!

Aww, tell your bestie that her last name is amazing that she's like a superhero with it

That's my besties last name now she's crying 😭 and she thinks she's a nobody

29 Hoang
30 Pecksniff

This was the name on some very nice smelling linen spray!

It sounds like you're sniffing the butt of a woodpecker that's pecking on a tree

Smelling a willy - ooh no

31 Lickenfelt
32 Fuchs

As in, Fred Fuchs

Like Fred Fuchs from AVGN

Fred Fuchs FRED FUCHS!

33 Hiscock

This sounds like we're talking about a male's penis

34 Bush

This is the name of my science and social study's it is so horrible she is like 70 years oil and she sucks at reading!

Hey are you like making fun of the president here or what

35 Scheda
36 Orzeszek
37 Focker
38 Oostergooster

That is an awesome name! I wish my last name was Oostergooster. I can't stop laughing.

Oostergooster should've been Jesus's last name. It's the greatest last name in the history of the world.

love it

39 Royds
40 Cumming

Well some people actually have the last name Cummings so you don't have to say "yuck" you childish ditch

Yuck is all I have to say.

Feel so sorry for the people who have this

My second name is similar to that second name :(

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