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81 ZeDong

Zedong is Mao's first name. Mao is his actual last name. - GriffinDoge

82 Gass
83 Cockburn

This guy's nickname was charred.

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84 Potash

Dated a guy by this name. He insisted on being called Potash. Everyone just called him Pota**hole.

85 Farage
86 Wishart

My form teacher has this last name. I don't like saying it because it sounds like "we shart" - AutoUnder

87 Bin Laden


88 Bushyhead
89 Green

Robert Green- English national football team goalie

90 Witherwax
91 Pizel

Please! Don't look up the word!

Did you mean: Pretzel?

92 Wisian
93 Barfuss

I think it sound a little gross

Sounds like, god barf on us

94 Rood
95 Steink

Sounds a lot like stank.. Poor mrs. Steink

96 Modgling
97 Hewitson
98 Gardiner

It sounds like You are a gardiner

99 Bewak
100 Manlove

I worked with a guy who's surname was Manlove. Why you would keep this name is beyond me.

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