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141 Wankum
142 Lemon

There's a guy in my school called joe lemon

I imagine if your first name is John (John Lemon) laugh out loud - OreSama

Liz Lemon from 30 rock! I think this surname is rather appealing

A teacher in my schools last name is Lemon. He's nice not sour

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143 Humperdink

Like on princess bride. loved the movie, hated the guy. he deserved the name. but no really the name is awful.

144 Roth

What's wrong with Roth, What about David Lee Roth... I love Van Halen with a burning passion, and that's because of (David Lee) Roth. Nothing wrong with having a last name of Roth, That I can see at least.

This guy in high school was called roth, laugh out loud RIGHT? You know you wanna laugh

145 Minch
146 Cyrus

Like Miley Cyrus. she made herself look awful

147 Grabber
148 Curr

And imagine if your first name is Wayne...

149 Tushman V 1 Comment
150 Sakashita V 1 Comment
151 Bobo

That sh! ts bobo" is a common term to describe something that's undesireable

"Her vagina was bobo".

152 Deuschle
153 Mneimneh
154 Forbing
155 Barr

New A Guy Who Sucked with the name Ashton Barr - DeVillMan

156 Croat
157 Simpson

Your a really mean person that's my last name how would u like it if someone said that your last name was one of the worst last names just because it was a show about stupid people doesn't mean that the REAL Simpsons are stupid I'm in gifted and my whole family was gifted I got excepted to duke tip bet u didn't your just mean

158 Perez
159 Kissy
160 Black
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