Top Ten Worst Last Words to Say Before Being Executed

You're down on your knees, tied down to your hands and the guillotine is about to be released and down to your throat but one things for certain is that you will say your last words but if you are then don't say stupid stuff like this.

The Top Ten

1 But first, lemme take a selfie!

Bet you none of your friends will beat that selfie! - PositronWildhawk

Haha! This is a nice one! - Kiteretsunu

That would be one, graphic selfie. Hide your kids... - Alpha101

First gimme your phone! - paasadani

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2 I think I'll have a massive headache after this
3 I shall rate this theatre 18 & over
4 For my next act, I shall escape this trap

No Sydney Carton here. - PetSounds

5 This is racist!
6 Don't kill me I got a disease, people only care for people with terminal diseases
7 If you kill me, I'll come back alive just so I will kick your teeth in
8 If my wig falls off after this I will be disappointed
9 For my hypothesis,I will die and my head will fall off and some how people will cheer and enjoy it
10 Let's do it!

This is what Gary Gilmore said

The Contenders

11 See you in hell!
12 Do you think I’ll have a headache after this?
13 At least make it for the Ocolus Rift
14 You won't hit me from here
15 I... I want to th-thank my mom, my dad, my sister, my grasshopper, my potato, my aunt... etc.
16 I love peanuts!
17 Don't kill cuz I'm beautiful
18 Don't be me or else you will die like this.
19 Twerk it
20 If you kill me, I'll haunt your mother and punch her to death while you watch!
21 You're cutting my head off as an execution? You're the pinnacle of creativity!
22 I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.
23 This is the best day ever!
24 I like trains
25 My only regret is I didn't kill you
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