Top Ten Worst Lawn Decorations

Nothing says "I'm a great neighbor" like a tasteful, elegant, lawn display. Nothing says "I'm a terrifying Hills Have Eyes eat your child type of neighbor" like a plywood bent over unattended baby's butt that you leave up all year long.
The Top Ten
1 Unattended babies

Unattended Babies are basically disappeared children! Don't make them lawn decorations! That's like making the Easter Bunny allergic to eggs! It's EVIL! EVIL! In fact, only rednecks do that. - imacg4

2 A giant naked statue of yourself

What about a giant naked statue of yourself as a baby/toddler?

A few months ago someone made a naked Trump statue and photographed it in different places in the USA.

"WHAT!? Do you know how long it took me to make this!? " Yeah, but it's inappropriate. - imacg4

3 Vehicles on cinder blocks

Vehicles on Cinder Blocks are not good lawn decorations. They do, however, make good weapons that people can take and use to attack you for putting redneck decorations up as your lawn decorations. - imacg4

4 Stolen road signs with bullet holes

Another redneck decoration. Stolen road signs with bullet holes are so redneck-like that if you put them up, you ARE a redneck! - imacg4

5 Old jack-o-lantern

Carved pumpkins are scary, but not moving the carved pumpkin off your lawn for twelve months is the scariest thing your neighbors will ever see! Nothing pulls attention away from other holidays, or says "I'm a crazy Justin Bieber fan! ", like leaving a rotting pumpkin on your lawn for twelve months. But at least it keeps the Neo-Nazis away. Unfortunately, it keeps everyone away except for the maggots! - imacg4

6 Fake Deer
7 Naked Babies
8 Dead bodies
9 Severed heads on sticks
10 Garden Gnomes
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11 Gazing Balls
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