Worst Leaf Cup Courses in Mario Kart

The Leaf Cup is the second-to-last retro cup in each Mario Kart game, and tends to contain some of the more difficult yet not too epic tracks in any fiven Mario Kart game. Which Leaf Cup tracks are the worst ones? Vote and read the list to find out.

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GCN Mushroom Bridge (DS)

It took away a lot of the cool attributes from the original, like the shortcut at the beginning and going on the side of the bridge, and some vehicle types. Now it's just boring like the other traffic based track in the game, Shroom Ridge, though I think this is a bit better than that track since this one has a better aesthetic. - Gametoon

They took out everything fun about this track from the original, by removing the alternate bridge route, removing the random sidewalk nobody used, and also getting rid of the warp shortcut. Now it's just a basic highway in the shape of a B and that's it. Well..., I do suppose though that I liked the overall atmosphere and setting of the track to begin with though, which does lead me to still enjoying this track slightly, but I mean with MKDS's better controls than MKDD, this could've been so much better. Also, this should not be in the Leaf Cup due to how basic it is! - darthvadern

N64 Kalimari Desert (3DS)

One of the most overrated tracks ever. This is a fan-favourite but I think it quite is not good. Main complain is the slipperness. It's a desert course but it feels like driving on ice I mean how sad is that? It's also just an 8 in course design which is even more saddening. Hey at least it has cool music and a train, plus some decent shortcuts, but seriously since when was this LEAF cup material of all available things? - darthvadern

The train is why I like this track. If it didn't have the train, I would find this track boring. However, as a Thomas The Tank Engine fan and the hilarity of stopping to let the train go by, this one is pretty good. - Gametoon

GBA Luigi Circuit (DS)

Just not a particularly interesting course. I mean I like it, quite a bit. It's an interesting take on a circuit track with rain, and racing under a thunderstorm, and unlike GBA Peach Circuit from the same game, it actually has an atmosphere! But, that's about as far as it goes. It's still a circuit track..., IN THE LEAF CUP? That's a bit of a stretch..., still though I like this one. - darthvadern

The track design is KIND OF interesting? The rain and the reward for jumping over puddles is cool, but it's still mostly a boring circuit track. - Gametoon

SNES Koopa Beach 2 (DS)

Without a doubt one of the best retro SNES courses. A flaw with the retro SNES and GBA tracks are that they are mostly flat and lack virtually any athmosphere, due to the stillness. However this is an exception as it takes place on a beach, with water which actually has animation. This makes it immediately better because the course feels more lively. There's also cheep cheeps you have to avoid and don't forget that the course does have challenge, but it's fun ones, as you avoid the deep water. Overall a great course. - darthvadern

It's pretty decent. The only thing I hate are the dark patches of water, but those are easy to spot(which Waluigi The Master disagrees with for some reason). - Gametoon

GCN Mario Circuit (Wii)

Why, why, WHY is this the LAST track in a LEAF CUP? Terrible placement aside, GCN Mario Circuit is a mediocre Mario Circuit. I don't particularly like it, and I don't particularly hate it. It does ooze with a pretty interesting setting, as it's kind of Mario Circuit we've never seen before, set in some hilly and green area, but despite that it feels a tad bland and uninteresting nevertheless, and this remake does nothing to change that. I like the music though... - darthvadern

It's decent. Too short, but the best circuit theme of all time and it looks nice. - Gametoon

DS DK Pass (3DS)

I don't absolutely hate any of Leaf Cup tracks, in fact the Leaf Cup is the only Mario Kart cup of all time with no bad tracks at all, but something had to be at the top, and it happened to be this track which was on the brink to be absolutely horrific. This choice will be surprising to many, considering I like the original on the DS a lot. This remake though is just absolutely a disgrace I like the atmosphere and all and it has a cool music but man the ice physics are real in this course. That, and the turns are incredibly sharp, so sharp that I often fall of the mountain. There's one 180 degree turn in particular on the picture which always puts me off. It's so annoying. - darthvadern

I think it's a pretty cool track. It's like a snowy DK Mountain. The item box only giving triple mushrooms and stars is cool, too. - Gametoon

DS Desert Hills (Wii)

Desert Hills is one of the most underrated Mario Kart tracks ever. A lot of guys seem to have a huge beef with this track due to it not having much atmosphere, and the lack of content, but I disagree a lot. Ok, the atmosphere was a LITTLE bland in the original I must confess, but in this remake it's automatically fixed due to Mario Kart Wii feeling more vibrant. And the overall theme is cool, as it's based on the desert levels from SMB3 World 2. And the shortcuts are some of the greatest ever, like you can skip an entire big turn at the beginning by boosting two mushrooms past the pyramid. And near the end, you can just boost off those hills making huge jumps and it's honestly satisfying! - darthvadern

Boring. Just one of the dullest Mario Kart tracks ever. - Gametoon

GCN Sherbet Land (Wii U)

Sherbet Land was the worst track on Mario Kart: Double Dash!. Ice physics at their absolute worst in the franchise and annoying obstacles legit everywhere made the Star Cup there one of my least favourite Mario Kart cups. It was brought back here but they sure improved everything! The music is a little better, the freezers don't hinder you as much, they opened up new passageways in the water where you'd normally fall down a pit and the ice physics are non-existent! Finally. This makes it all a lot more enjoyable. But as a course itself I was never a fan of it originally anyway so something had to take #5 on this list. - darthvadern

This track sucked on Gamecube, but it's way better in Mario Kart 8(Deluxe). The ice physics are gone, and even if you still hate the main route, just go underwater. - Gametoon

N64 Choco Mountain (DS)

Choco Mountain is one of the only two retro tracks in MKDS, whose music did not actually get butchered, it's actually just as good as it was on the N64. Moreover, I really like the course design as you're racing on a mountain of chocolate, with choco balls raining down from the steep, and there's even a lake. However, one big flaw of this track is how narrow it is at all times. If you drift at any time you're bound to accidently hit the wall and lose all of your momentum. Other than that it's really cool! - darthvadern

Better than the original because you don't spin out off walls. - Gametoon

Wii Maple Treeway (3DS)

Controversy incoming I suppose, but hear me out, I actually really like this track a lot! Autumn is one of my favourite seasons and this course perfectly captures that. The music also gives off a really chill and fun vibe. However, this remake is a heck lot worse than it was on the original. Yet again I like it but they took out the best thing about track, which is the rope bridge at the end. What was the point of replacing it with a glider section? Overall it's still a great track but it's definitely not a masterpiece anymore. - darthvadern

It's still a great course, it's just lame they took out the cool bridge at the end. - Gametoon

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