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1 Hats Off to (Roy) Harper

This is my vote for the worst Zeppelin song. It is the only one that I just don't like!

This is what happens if Revolution 9 and folk music some psychedelic fusion dance, and form one soul being; one that nobody should like, whatsoever.

I'm a Led Zeppelin fan, but I wouldn't even consider this a song to be honest. - matty925

A raging unorganised mess that seems to go nowhere and doesn't achieve anything at the same time. No clue what the point of this song is meant to be. They should have replaced this with Hey Hey What Can I Do on the album.

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2 Bron-Yr-Aur

This song doesn't fit Led Zeppelin, But this is still one of my favorites, because it's so soft and peaceful. I think this list is unorganized. Stairway to Heaven, Dazed and Confused, Good Times Bad Times. These songs were on Mothership (A Led Zeppelin Album) for a reason. There the greatest Led Zep Songs. I think the worst is either Candy Store Rock, Royal Orleans, or Hats off to Roy Harper.

There's no such thing as a bad zeppelin song and why the hell would anyone put all of these songs I mean there's only one zeppelin song I dislike and that's the crunge but I still like it. Please remove this list

This list should not exist.

Okay, forget my last comment, that was a bit loud, haha. Anyways, I don't agree with this list. AT ALL. Personally, the only Led Zep song I kinda don't like is Hats Off. - MontyPython

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3 Hot Dog

Second worst to Fool in the rain

4 Dazed and Confused

Wha... what-- who wouldn't like this?

The only reason I voted for this is because page never gave credit to Jake Holmes until after he was sued. Love this song though.

Seriously? Who cares if it's too long live. It's amazing anyways! - MontyPython

Disgraceful this shouldn't be in the top 100!

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5 The Crunge

It may be weird but it is fun. Not bad. - therootbeer

Who told Jimmy Page that ripping off bad 70s funk was a good idea. It feels more ABBA than Stevie Wonder. And Robert Plant just can;t sell this song, with his screeching vocals that sound just under Dazed and Confused level self pitting. This is just what Led Zeppelin haters hear when they listen to Over the Hills And Far Away. Deserves number 1, some songs are hard to sit through, but this is just should never have touched a human ear.

I have almost every Zeppelin album. However the crunge makes me cringe. Oh, it is so terrible!

Just awful and to think title track and the rover were left off the album!

6 Candy Store Rock

I like the tempo of this song except for the screams part, it kinda scares me

7 Fool in the Rain

I love this song

Gives me an immediate headache. This song is a train wreck.

Worst. Only hot dog is close

I hate this song so much! Boring and depressing as hell!

8 Out on the Tiles
9 LA Drone

I'd vote for this, but this doesn't count as a song in my opinion - Nickelstickman

Does this count as a song

Also their shortest

10 Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

This is one of their best. Super underrated

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11 The Lemon Song

The only reason I don't like it is because of its lyrics - Toucan

Great guitar but bad lyrics. But still doesn't deserve to be on this list.

12 Communication Breakdown

What's wrong with you

13 Whole Lotta Love

What's wrong with you whole lotto love and ramble on should not be on here

This song is absolutely awesome it shouldn't be here! - matty925

I'm sorry, but I just can't stand the lyrics. The instrumentation and vocals are awesome though.

Am I dreaming or do I see Whole Lotta Love on the worst Led zeppelin songs. This list is dumb. If you don't like these songs or Led Zeppelin, JUST DON'T LISTEN TO IT!. ;(

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14 Ten Years Gone

This is a great track off physical graffiti. In my personal opinion, I don't think that there is exactly a bad Led Zeppelin song except for maybe hats off to Roy Harper. - matty925

This is my favourite Led Zeppelin song

15 That's the Way
16 Poor Tom
17 Bring It on Home

This list is a mess, I think it gave me cancer

what are communication breakdown, fool in the rain, dazed and confused and IMMIGRANT SONG doing on this? bring it on home also has one of the best riffs I've ever heard

i'm not even gonna mention stairway at #13

The Riff is so sexy.
How is it on here?

18 Rock and Roll
19 D'yer Mak'er
20 Stairway to Heaven

Best song ever don't know why it's on here


You are.out of your mind stairway does have a upbeat pray

no - naFrovivuS

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