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Antifa isn't anti facist, there pro socialist.

by the way hitler was a socialist

Imagine being afraid of a dead ideology that must people don't know or consider evil

A bunch of terrorists who attack anyone who thinks, talks, or LOOKS like a republican, all in the name of anti-fascism - DoroExploro13

They’re like the leftist KKK in my opinion. All they do is start riots and injure people to achieve their goals. - JoeBoi

And many of the times they don't even attack Fascists, most of the times they go after Conservatives or anyone remotely right of center. - DarkBoi-X

Black Lives Matter

What they do is that they try to get blacks to have more freedom and equality using violence.

The most harmful thing to the black community. BLM encourages black people to feel victimized and oppressed in America when they aren't. They constantly remind the black community about their past and tell them that police officers are evil. While ignoring the #1 killer of black people, themselves.

They have a legitimate reason for their cause in my opinion. Negroes in America are a rather economically marginalized people. Possibly due to the effects of years of racial segregation that still last to this day which puts them at an unequal level as white people when it comes to job opportunities and standards of living. Not to mention, the police brutality inflicted upon negroes which is rather rampant and concerning. Also this list is riddled with strawman and "what-about-ism" arguments.

All lives matter

Planned Parenthood

The largest baby killing orginization, they should just outlaw abortion so no more babies have to die

Responsible for over 300,000 deaths per year. Planned Parenthood gives good parenting advise but kills innocent children - DoroExploro13

Pp is not even leftist and pp saves life. Maybe they should chemically castarate pro life men.

They believe abortion is good when it’s not for a reason. - JoeBoi

Take A Knee

It is their First Amendment right to take a knee as a gesture of raising awareness of the problem of police brutality. You can't deny it's a rather serious problem in the black community. And no, they're not disregarding the service of soldiers that died for the nation just because they're kneeling during the national anthem. - Bolshoy_Brat

"Antifa is bad because violence is bad."
"People that kneel should get their knees broken." - djpenquin999

Just like BLM, these spoiled NFL players kneel over a DEBUNKED theory that cops kill black people all the time. They are ruining the game. I hope their knees break next time they kneel. - DoroExploro13

This is just stupid. It makes the NFL worse. We don’t need politics in sports. - PackFan2005


Look, I don't care if you're straight, just don't rub it in everyone's faces like the Straight Pride Parade does. They complain about oppression from gays while ignoring the fact that it's illegal to be straight in zero countries. They demonize Islam but also support Atheism, the most pro-gay belief. - djpenquin999

Look, I don't care if you're gay, just don't rub it in everyone's faces like the LGBT does. They complain about oppression in America while ignoring the fact that it's illegal to be gay in most Middle Eastern countries. They demonize Christianity but also support Islam, the most homophobic religion. - DoroExploro13

I don't know how you can label an entire sexual orientation as a leftist political ideology but believe whatever you want, conservatives. - Bolshoy_Brat

They have rights lol

Me 2 Movement

Many peiple of the me 2 movement are nice, but sjw takeover is the reason why this gruop lost its status, by the way not all of the movement is sjw - CosmicSpacer

Just a bunch of CRAZY feminists who THINK women are oppressed in America. They hate men and get offended so easily. They ignore that women are mistreated in the Middle East - DoroExploro13

Look, some accusations may be true, but I think a lot may be false, and women are accusing some men just to ruin their lives. - PackFan2005

Poor R Kelly got attacked by these maniacs. This movement needs to end.

March 4 Our Lives

Believe it or not, as much as I hate PETA, this movement takes the cake for an organization I cannot stand. These people want to take your guns away. - railfan99

As a social libertarian, I support the rights to own a gun to defend one-self. Something I agree with conservatives for once. But, just how rampant school shootings are and how gun laws are seemingly that lenient in America. (Even somehow falling into the hands of the "mentally ill"). I wouldn't blame them for it. - Bolshoy_Brat

A bunch of jerks who want to ban guns entirely. Yeah, mass shootings are a huge problem but that doesn’t mean to ban guns entirely. Think of the cons. - JoeBoi

After the Parkland Shooting, a bunch of anti-American sheep gathered to protest the NRA (which had nothing to do with the shooting), trying to repeal the 2nd Amendment, and ignoring mental illness. - DoroExploro13

Anti-Vaccination Movement

Isn't this a rightwing movement? It's terrible, but it's not a leftist movement - DCfnaf

This isn't even a leftist movement. The movement is still stupid, nonetheless. Yeah, let's let our kids die from a disease virtually no one gets anymore! You know why you don't hear about people getting Polio anymore? Because they got vaccinated.

I guess it's perfectly sane if you want your children to die from diseases and viruses that could easily be prevented with vaccines in the near future. We know what happened to the natives of the New World when many settlers brought pathogens from Europe that wiped off nearly all of them. But either way, vaccines don't cause autism, people. Also, how is this a leftist movement? Lmao. - Bolshoy_Brat

I don't know if this is considered a leftist movement, but it's clearly the worst movement on this list. - Y2K

Transgender Movement

There are so many idiots purposely dressing up as girls to show that they're transgender although I know they're clearly faking it. I may not support LGBT but I'm not against it. But stop faking your gender just for attention. Stay real. '
~ AlphaQ

Would be good if SJW's didn't hijack the movement - DarkBoi-X

Abolish ICE

News headline: "ICE arrests dad on way to hospital with pregnant wife".
REAL facts: ICE arrested a man for outstanding MURDER warrant.
Inconvenient truth, major news organizations purposely omitted the MURDER warrant part.

I read a truthful article about how he was arrested for murder. An example of how ICE saved us. Also, there was a jogger who was killed by an illegal immigrant recently. - PackFan2005

So you want to get rid of the people who:

-Keep out borders safe
-Hunt down pedophiles
-Find and arrest sex traffickers

Well, do you? - DoroExploro13

Of course they do because they rely on ILLEGAL Immigrants, Pedophiles and Sex Traffickers to stay in power. - Randomator

Apparently liberals want to help illegals more than our homeless population. Stunning. - PackFan2005

The Contenders

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement

This list is terrible, but I do have some problems with the BDS movement against Israel, because they boycott a lot of Israeli businesses that are not involved in Israel's occupation of Palestine. - Y2K

The Resistance

Yay! Rebel against a free country! Smart! - DoroExploro13

A Muse song? - Swellow

I prefer the Muse with 9 anime schoolgirls to that Muse, thank you. - PerfectImpulseX

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

They're so stupid...

Why is THIS below antivaxxers and Nation of Islam?

Their latest shenanigans; getting the ANIMAL CRACKERS box changed.so that the animals are not in cages.

Communist Party USA

Should be #1 on best

Should be number 1.I am left leaning but I HATE bolsheviks.-DarkBoi-X

Khmer Rouge

This should definitely be number 1 on this list. Much higher than BLM or LGBTQ movement since those aren't even bad but the right likes to focus on the extremist side which is a minority in those groups.
The Khmer Rouge deserves number 1 since their anti-intellectual policies led to the deaths of 2 million people which was 1/4 of Cambodia's population. - DarkBoi-X

While ya'll complaining about trivial SJW stuff, here's a leftist movement that is legitimately worst than all of them combined. This was the movement that ruled Cambodia during the 1970s under Pol Pot. They believed that they only need a million agrarian workers to fully develop Cambodia and discarded the need of well-educated intellectuals nor industrialists. They regularly relocated folks from the village into the city and urban dwellers into the village vice-versa. They also killed millions just to achieve this "utopia" by killing off counter-revolutionaries like I mentioned previously (including people wearing glasses). Guess what happened, the economy was in ruins and refugees were pouring into neighboring nations before Vietnam had to liberate them. - Bolshoy_Brat

Bolshoy Brat is correct. - DarkBoi-X

Nation of Islam

Aka- the "Black Supremacist Society"..

This African American group has been strongly associated with black supremacism and antisemitism. - Y2K

Never Again MSD
#metoo Movement

Oppressive ideology!
Long Live Anarchism!

Families Belong Together

This works fine and I am in support of it, so long as all criminals who are US citizens are released if they happen to have kids. Alternately, let the kids go and live with their parents in prison. Both choices sound good, right?

Bill Clinton put the family separation laws into place, meaning all this happened under Obama. Yet the media finally decides to bring it up under Trump. Just sad. - PackFan2005

The ironic thing is that this protest started after Trump signed a bill keeping illegal families together. - DoroExploro13

Nope this is a good movement. - DarkBoi-X

People Against Violence
Democratic Socialists of America

Nothing democratic about them, socialism killed 90,000,000 people, not to forget hitler was a socialist - CosmicSpacer

Women's March

You know, the p**** hats

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