Worst Legendary Monsters In Monster Legends

Who hates these guys? Me! These are the top 10 worst legendary monsters in the game of Monster Legends.

The Top Ten

1 Worker Hulk

I have heard that he is a very bad monster, that just what I have heard. - TheCokieDude

He sucks just like Fred the turd.

Worst legendary speed

Slow like hell!

2 Goldfield

This guy is great for starting players.Double damage healing 0 cool down skill

This dude is trash

Terrible speed, even worse power, and was meant to be an f2p breedable monster.

3 Rockantium

This dude is one of the best legends n game very good reccomened I beat a lvel 1000 warmaster with my level 100 rocktanium no lie no joke

He has bad speed and bad power and his attacks are terrible.

Terrible monster
Bad bad bad

He sucks

4 Panda Claus

low damage

5 Cupid

he is so bad never use him I could beat a level 100 cupid with my thorder and igursus

Bruh how bad is he? I beated a level 70 cupid with my thorder and igursus in mulitiplayer mode well he is kinda ok BUT BAD TRAIT AND BAD SPEED

6 Thorder

Terrible stats in total

Barley does any

Nowdays he literally isn't even effective, he only deals damage literally nothing else because the slow % is 20% and his Power stat is very low.
He only tickles the enemies. - Johnalove

7 Firus

This is a very good monster no lie people just hate these monsters for some reason but thre actually vey god

Just terrible

8 Darkzgul
9 Nebotus

If I had NEBOUTS I would sell it immetaditly even when its first legengd but nope

He SUCKS I bought him with my gems and it turns out he is worse than my epic monster who has the almost same attacks and the same ability: to take away stamina!

Epics, even rares are better

Actually the worst monster- *seinfield theme*

10 Arch Knight

The Contenders

11 Voltaik

I put this monster on this list

Voltaic suck compated to anticipation monsters

Without runes, voltaik is trash. my psilotus can drain all his stamina before voltaik can even attack. overrated

12 White Walker
13 Shi Hou

If you hate this you hate Chinese mythivgolgy this is based off iiof it

14 Tempest


15 Vadamagma

Thie chartecer is very good id don't get why people hate it

Vadamagma’s attacks are only good when he is level 40 or above.

16 Thundhare

Thundhare only has low attacks and has the same low health as an epic. He sucks don’t waist your resources or time

This guy sucks because he only does moderate damage and his ultimate sucks.

17 General Atum
18 General Thetys
19 Rabies

If you like to kill yourself this is your monster

20 Barbatos

He is OP if timerion uses space TIME HE WONT LOSE ANY HEALTH. Bc this is only for worst legendaries not best legendaries

21 Taiga

One of the best monsters in the game for legendarys

22 Igursus
23 Firelequin

He is good at support but doesn’t even have a heavy fire damage skill there all just moderate but I like his move songs from Cadiz it gets you double damage and clears negative effects I sold him to make space for itznami she is good removes positive effects and traits

Pretty good damage but all she can do is burn and her special is not very good.

24 Warmaster Barbael

He is Gucci gang

25 Warmaster Ragnarok

Worst legendary in the game.

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