Worst Legendary Monsters In Monster Legends

Who hates these guys? Me! These are the top 10 worst legendary monsters in the game of Monster Legends.

The Top Ten

1 Worker Hulk

I have heard that he is a very bad monster, that just what I have heard. - TheCokieDude

He sucks just like Fred the turd.

Slow like hell!

Good in damige but slow

2 Goldfield

This dude is trash

Terrible speed, even worse power, and was meant to be an f2p breedable monster.

THIS GUY IS AN AWESOME ZYLA SUPPORTER! He is one of the best monsters!

3 Rockantium

This guy is awesome he was my first legendary and now I have him on level 40

This guy rocks with strength! My first legendary

He sucks


4 Panda Claus
5 Cupid
6 Thorder

Terrible stats in total

Nowdays he literally isn't even effective, he only deals damage literally nothing else because the slow % is 20% and his Power stat is very low.
He only tickles the enemies. - Johnalove

7 Firus
8 Darkzgul

He's amazing! He was my first legendary and he got me through so much. He's perfect, and not that hard to breed.

9 Treezard

Seriously! Why are these all legends? Commons Suck

He's the best monster in game get him if you can

Treezard is not legendary.

Those r all legends and some legendaries suck so read the name please

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10 Arch Knight

Has an 85 damage skill! OP

He is very strong especially if you rank him up, he is Barbatos's level Attacker. - Johnalove

The Newcomers

? Rabies

If you like to kill yourself this is your monster

? Darmith's Pet

Special is a SUICIDE, not great stats, only okay for team wars because he is in 4 books. Just get Around pet who is actually good

The Contenders

11 Nebotus

He SUCKS I bought him with my gems and it turns out he is worse than my epic monster who has the almost same attacks and the same ability: to take away stamina!

Actually the worst monster- *seinfield theme*


12 Voltaik

I just don't get how you put this #11 on the worst monster list and #1 on the best monster list?

Stop being a hater

Really good monster SS+ rank

Without runes, voltaik is trash. my psilotus can drain all his stamina before voltaik can even attack. overrated

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13 White Walker


14 Shi Hou
15 Vadamagma

Vadamagma’s attacks are only good when he is level 40 or above.

16 General Atum

What the heck. He was on the top 2 on the best monsters

17 General Thetys


18 Rockilla

His attacks only do low and has so little health!

No need to talk about him commons r not counted just because they r in the list deposit mean u should talk about them because only legednaries count

19 Laomu

Shes great not bad at all


20 Thundhare

This guy sucks because he only does moderate damage and his ultimate sucks.

21 Firesaur

Why are commons even on this list! Firesaur is my worst monster

22 Thunder Eagle
23 Dragonian Beast

So little health and just bad.
Yesterday I used him and he died to a monster 10 lvls lower than him

Shut up no need to talk about him he’s not a legendary u poops

I think it’s because
1 he was a legendary
2 he was part dark (fire dark if it was an epic)
3 He probably had an insane dark/special damaging move and that the Dragonian beast couldn’t take it.

24 Dr. Hazard

I Have him and he seems like trash compared to my master skeel, scarr the outcast, and general atum

25 Hayman

the god

26 Holter’s Pet

He only has 3 good attacks including the special attack and otherwise he has low damage.

27 General Uria

General Uria is so good dude! Why is she even on this list?

28 Firelequin

Pretty good damage but all she can do is burn and her special is not very good.

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