Top Ten Worst Lego City Advent Calendars of the 2010s

December is soon coming up so I'm making some Lego City advent calendar-related lists. Now I'll be listing the worst calendars of the 2010s decade. With that being said here is the list.
The Top Ten
1 City Advent Calendar 2012

Yeah this calendar really isn't any good that it deserves to be called an "Advent Calendar". Seriously this is one of the most underwhelming City advent calendars of all time. It's all just a bunch of forest fire stuff and firefighters pretty much, there's nothing that screams christmas other than the annual stuff like Santa and Christmas Tree which is saying something. There's just too much yellow on this one and fires have no place in christmas honestly. I know the 2011 calendar did something similarly but with the cops and robbers theme, but at least that can be integrated more easily with christmas, plus the builds were pretty original. Here it's mostly just underwhelming stuff like weapon racks, and three freakin' firefighters! Yeah this wasn't very good.

2 City Advent Calendar 2019

As of recently, City Advent Calendars haven't really been any good. After 2015, it kinda went downhill, and 2019 was especially obvious in its underwhelmingness. Well, at least half of it was absolute snorefest. You had really uninteresting stuff like a log, the worst christmas tree and presents, and some builds which just looked unfinished. One the other hand it did have some of the most unique minifigures ever, all of which were top five-worthy. But just about everything else was pretty meh.

3 City Advent Calendar 2018

This calendar had a heavy focus on mini-models and vehicles, which meant at least half of them ended up good and the other not. Previously all mini-models were pretty great but this one breaks tradition kinda (well 2017 had that godawful racing car too but oh well). The problem is the inconcistency here. Some stuff are pretty great, while others are a little less. Compared to the 2019 calendar though, I felt on average the builds were better and had more of a chirstmassy feel to them. Still some stuff was kinda boring.

4 City Advent Calendar 2014

This calendar wasn't like a masterpiece, but compared to the top four of this list, this one's pretty great. It has that great Lego City advent calendar-vibe to it, with the minifigures being based on themes that were released in the respective year, unique but consistent builds, etc. Compared to the rest of the legendary years though..., it's not that interesting? I mean some builds are just kinda "what?", like those two cylinder bricks, or the window with jewelry. The only really amazing build was the Tricycle, but I still liked pretty much most of it.

5 City Advent Calendar 2010

Here's a true classic, the 2010 calendar, distinguished by its cartoony artwork on the front picture. Despite being old and not as complex as the other calendars that came later, this one sure did well with what it had. Normally, stuff that always appeared in every calendar like christmas tree, presents and snowmen were pretty bland and uninteresting, but this calendar actually did them justice. The snowman is huge and looks amazing, the christmas tree is much larger, and we get two Santa figures, one who's completely naked. It's such a weird and odd inclusion but that's why this one is so great. However I thought the other builds other than this could've been a little more interesting, but with what exists here, I thought this was great.

6 City Advent Calendar 2016

I felt this was the year when Lego City calendars started declining (mostly though just because of how good the 2015 calendar was). This one has a problem that also exists in the much worse 2012 calendar..., the theme just make much sense. While that one had forest fire, this one has city firefighters and volcano explorers? Yes you read that right. How the frick are volcano explorers relevant to an advent calendar? Fortunately, I still liked the minifigures and builds a lot, seeing as they had a nice christmas touch to them nevertheless. Overall I think it's actually kinda great.

7 City Advent Calendar 2017

The last great City calendar..., I'll miss you when you were great :(. Anyways..., this was definitely one of the best we've had so far. Why? Just look at it. It's the most colourful and christmassy calendar ever, while also blending in this year's themes at the same time. That's some real amazing stuff! This calendar probably had the best minifigures out of any calendar, as they come with such unique gadgets plus they look cool that it blows all the others out of the water. The builds for the most part were pretty lit too, like that legendary ice sculpture, or helicopter. Although there was a minority of REALLY bad builds too. Take a look at the racing car. It doesn't even move or look like one. And the cargo boat was pretty "what?" as well. But other than that it was LIT!

8 City Advent Calendar 2013

Here is by far the most diverse City calendar ever. This one merged almost all of the City themes that were made during 2013, and combined them into one calendar. That's great because it makes the calendar always fresh. But negative because some stuff just doesn't fit. Most notably the racing. Three days end up for a racer and his go-kart and it's a little eh? But everything else..., amazing. There's not a single bad mini-model in here, and it has one of my favourite minifigs ever, that robber! So this one's amazing.

9 City Advent Calendar 2015

From an objective stand-point, this is the absolute greatest calendar in terms of Lego City ever created. Everything about this calendar is just perfect except for a few mini-builds which don't compare at all with the rest of this legend! The minifigures are good although nothing that special, but the really shining part are the builds. Holy heck are these amazing! You've got a plane, a bulldozer, a train for Santa, a throne, a neat snowmobile, a rocket with shuttle, one of the best Lego snowmen, and so on. This was such an amazing build. But in my opinion, I still think that the...

10 City Advent Calendar 2011

...2011 is still the best calendar. Most of this is nostalgia-speaking, as this was my first Lego City advent calendar of all time and it holds an incredibly special place in my heart. I mean, half of everything in this calendar is just cops and robbers, similarly to how the 2012 calendar was just fire. However, I prefer this theme much more overall, plus it was intergrated in a much more clever way. Not to mention the builds are absolutely amazing. You get an entire freakin' prison for frick sake! It takes four "days" for it to be complete, but it's amazing once it's done. There's also two beautiful snowmobiles, a police car for three days, and some really iconic minifigures. Every character here has either grey or black trousers, even Santa. I like it because it makes him stand out from other santas plus he looks good in them. My favourite figs are though the grey robber and fisherman. Those look just..., amazing. Overall this is the best calendar of the 2011s for me.

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