MLPFan's Rant About Lego Friends(Both toy franchise and related series)

MLPFan Warning:If you like this show, please don't bother on continuing to read the post since everyone has their own opinion, and so do I. BbbbAt first I loved Lego Friends. A cousin of mine has a set at her house. And back then, I played her lego sets and make them act on my twisted ideas. I would pop some of their heads and give some ketchup as if It was blood. I also one time had an idea to make a toy series of the characters and uploaded some preview scripts of them on wattpad. Since that time I was a fan of a youtuber named mlpstopmotion(I still kind of like her even though I kind of dislike how somewhat stereotypical her characters were *cough*mlp*cough*the other*cough*girls). I wanted to make toy series too.
So everyday I tried to convince my parents to buy LEGO Friends sets. And now, the whole thing got old and I scrapped the project for good(new project in process! I'm going to make a slightly AU yandere simulator fanfic series. Once the part with Osana is done, I'll send It to Yanderedev to ask his permission and approval of the fanfic. Yay! :D).
By that point, I notice how feminist and somewhat sexist LEGO Friends is. I mean, they're kind of saying that every girl loves to bake, baby sit, and act based of stereotypes. I'm a girl, and am very offended by this franchise.
In friends, most of the girls wear bright/pastel coloured tank tops and skirts or dresses. Meanwhile I would likely wear tank tops or dresses at home(or mini gowns in special occasions), I don't go all girly and would make the tank top like some undershirt with a longer sleeved shirt and jeans, In fact most of my tank tops are on normal colours or are black coloured.
They make It look like that every girl loves to bake, dance and do girly things. Well yeah, I'm somewhat a girly girl(I guess, maybe not) but I don't like to do such things or would love to wear a pink ballerina tutu while dancing ballet(I took ballet classes years ago, since I was three. But quited at the age 12 or 11).
I only gave a few examples of their offensive portrayal towards girls, primarily young girls and you can already make a conclusion that they're somewhat false portraying females.
The set ideas are so boring and seemed lazy. Remember the good old times where the sets had creative ideas such as making a lego replica of the empire state building and such? Now, most of the sets are stuff like making a small high school, clinics, pet shops and hair salons. No kidding! True, some sets are quiet challenging and fun like houses, ranches, swimming pools, hotels or that pop star stage. But that's just 25% of the released sets of this toy line, the other 50% consists building pet shops, hair salons, and cupcake shops. And the rest are small sets about building mini pools, house pet shelters(you know, like dog houses, cat beds. And these pet shelter sets are not as fun as the bigger pet shelters), lemonade stands, barbeque grills. And the only good thing about the small sets are that they're more affordable than the other sets in general.

Now, let me continue to about the series/shows related to the Friends line. Which would be longer than the toy line rant
So the shows for this franchise are terrible! Be It; webisodes, the show on netflix, the TV show, movies and EVEN fanmade series(not gonna say the name of the series) are bad and annoying. Let me explain
  • The webisodes:They were bad. Enough said
  • Netflix show:As bad as the webisodes
  • The TV series:I hate It, and the Best Friends Forever song was utterly annoying
  • The movie:Pretty much Make It Pop:The Lego Friends re-enacted. And Make It Pop was also terrible.
I hate how girly the colour themes are. True, I like purple, but pink? You people could've done better
The characters themselves are annoying. For instance, the main protagonist is the mary sueish "new girl in town", another one is the "bossy blond", one is the generic annoying girl who can get scared so easily, and so much more.
If you asked me who are the characters I liked, It would be the tomboy girl Mia, and the dark skin girl Andrea. They're the only core characters I found interesting. Some side characters too, but most of the characters are just as annoying as Olivia, Emma, and Stephanie. And worst of all, the annoying 3(aka the three most annoying LF characters In my opinion, consisting Olivia, Emma and Stephanie)and a part of the five main characters.
The story Itself was so mundane and cheesy. I know, this was meant for kids, but they could've made It better and more exciting or at least make it enjoyable for older children, parents, and even to boys. If you ask me, Lego Friends can only be enjoyable to 3-8 year old girls who are still playing Barbie dolls or watching Peppa Pig and Barney .-.
Overall, I no longer like Lego Friends and I rather dislike It now. So sexist towards females -_-