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21 Jake and The Neverland Pirates

Ok what even is this

22 Bricks and More

All Lego is expensive. I doesn't make sense how the the price of plastic is decreasing but Lego should be priced on weight/rarity not the individual theme

How is getting 1600 bricks bad?

This sounds like the same thing as LEGO Classic

Why is it on here? - Extractinator04

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23 Juniors

Juniors wasn't that bad it was simple builds for younger people

What? I thought Juniors was pretty good.

Little beginners love it. Awesome!

Juniors is good. Duplo is horrible. This theme is so much detter than duplo. I don't agree with this being the worst. My very first lego set was from this theme

24 Mindstorm

They are great learning tool for robotics

Unless you have computer, the fun practically dies.

Well unless you have a computer and are tech savvy you basically just bought scrap pieces

Overpriced, but ok - VideoGamefan5

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25 Master Builder Academy
26 Power Functions

I do not agree that this is a bad theme. It adds life to your creations!

Power functions r really good for mind storming people with great ideas

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27 Thomas and Friends Thomas and Friends

Why does my brother want this crap

Thomas is better than the haters! - Extractinator04

Thomas Lego is so lame


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28 Scala

Basically just a dollhouse with studs on it... There's also the Scala bracelets which are even worse.

This theme is stumped!

Its not even Lego 😠

29 Gladiator

They actually made this?

Wait, there's a Lego Gladiator? I never knew they made that.

This is not a real theme but they have made Lego gladiator minifigures.

FAKE - Extractinator04

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30 Fabuland

Characters don't even look LEGO

Absolutely pathetic

Fabuland are one of the worst sets ever :-P

The theme is not minifigs - katiepery

31 Ninjago

Ok let me start out with YOU NINJAGO HATERS ARE CRAZY! Ninjago is way better then TMNT! They are real ninja living and protecting their home place(not sure if it's a country) while living through growing up. Each masters a different element, different personality, and coming from different families and have different difficulties growing up. Each ninja helps balance each other. Sure they argue sometimes, just like brothers, but they make up just in time to save the day. Awesome show and Lego sets!

Oh god damn fiddlesticks all we have here are a whiny bunch of Ninjago haters who are just TMNT fanboys, oh and why did I say TMNT then? Because these non brained people think turtles + ninjas are better than just normal ninjas that have awesome vehicles and way better villains to face. COME ON PEOPLE STOP BEING DUMB MORONS AND RESTART YOUR LIFE TO SEE.

What? What kind of sick idiot hates Ninjago! It's original, has cool characters, sets, mini figures and everything! I love it! You love it! We all love it! Who doesn't love it? Go ninja go!

The reason why Lego shouldn't exist in the first place

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32 Alien Conquest

It's a neat idea with some nice minifigures, but for the most part, the sets were cartoony and lame.

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33 Angry Birds

Lego Angry Birds Movie is awesome!

Lego angry birds movie? , - VideoGamefan5


34 Mars Mission

Hm? 24th worst? Well at least it's not in the top ten... This is my personal favourite Lego theme, and there are very few things wrong about it in my opinion. The sets were imaginative, unique and cool looking. The story may not have been the most original, but it still stands up to my expectations, nothing on the lines of "Worst Lego Themes".

I saved up for a month to get the space station. It was a flimsy piece of junk that collapsed and the missiles didn't work. There were a lot of tears

Who had the idea that this was bad?

This was one of Lego's BEST themes - Mcgillacuddy

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35 The Hobbit

Sets are way too expensive have you seen the price every time I go to the store the sets are over stocked so bad never by.

Go to hell for putting this on the list

The game sucks

The sets are boring and not detailed.

36 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Decent sets made this a decent but short lived line. Mega blocks made better figures than lego though, but lego made better sets.

Stupid. Lego would've never made this. This is crazy.

All Lego did was make stupid, ugly turtles and throw the trash in a box with useless pieces and sell it at shops to all the dumb, obsessed idiots who want the tat.

Both the T.V. show and the Lego brand are dumb

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37 City

Oh my god what dips*it put this on the list. Lego city is the second best Lego theme. Lego Star Wars is number 1

More actual city? Not just cops and robbers please.

In my opinion lego city is actually pretty cool but all the sets are like the same thing

Shut up city is a classic you don't know what you're talking about. no offense intended.

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38 Star Wars (Clone Wars sets)

Clone wars sets were the best things ever.

Nooo! Star Wars is the best. Okay the minifigures faces are not really great but the sets are AWESOME! Whoever put this on list is dumd

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39 DC Super Heroes

What this is actually the best theme. why is it here?

40 The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening that started in 1989, and is still running as of 2017, making it the longest running animated sitcom. It is about a man named Homer and his family Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie going through a long series of misadventures.

I was never a fan of the simpsons

I like the idea just there should be more than 2 200 dollar sets

This is one of the bests, but I don't know if the simpsons is kid friendly enough, - VideoGamefan5

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