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41 Lego Minifigures

Lego Minifigures has introduced many new pieces, most still exclusive to a certain Minifigure. I agree they are a little overpriced, but what's not to love about all the new and exclusive pieces?

The best Lego theme EVER!

Far too overpriced

Way Too Overpriced, 3.99 Is Too Much For One Minifigure, They Should Of Kept It 2.99 - VideoGamefan5

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42 Lilo and Stitch

I love is what is wrong with u

They made this? - Tyoshi

43 Agents

What? I thought Agents was pretty good. I mean, the characters at most were good, right?

The original 2009 theme was sweet! No reason to dislike it.

Agents was cool! so cool it has been ripped off at least twice! (this is the 2009ish theme not the new ones by the way)

44 Galaxy Squad V 1 Comment
45 The Lord of the Rings

This is the best theme with Star Wars. Look at the mini figs! There the darkest, meanest, scariest and best of all. Look at the Orcs, wizards and the Mouth of Sauron! There are giant eagles, trolls, dragons and the coolest black gothic build sets. The best sets at 500 pices and under for sure. The Tower is the greatest set at 2000 pieces and awesome to display. The Helms deep set one of the best sets to actually play with.

To the person below the person below. I'm cringing at your comment.

Actually, this was the best.

These aren't bad at all.

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46 Aliens V 2 Comments
47 Marvel Super Heroes

Who put this theme on the list!

Not that good but the game is decent

This theme is super crappy

48 Pirates of the Caribbean

This theme is great. Whoever put this on this list is stupid

Lego pirates of the Caribbean was great

Like the films, hate the sets

This was amazing! - Hater

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49 Harry Potter

This one wasn't THAT bad. This theme still spawned some really good collectible sets like the giant Hogwarts castle. Still, nobody, including myself, had an interest in this series. - Mcgillacuddy

It is to old and is dumb. I think Lego had to cancel it because nobody was buying them.

Didn't like it but didn't hate it... it was just there for me


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50 Lego Batman

F you batman is awesome

51 Elves

Its basically Lego friends in fairy mode

It is Lego friends with magic. - RalphBob

Lego elves is copying NINJAGO!


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52 Sofia The First

What the heck, this is so bad!

What?! This should be tied with Dora sets!

Boo! Hiss!

Sofias face came from doras poop

53 Clikits

It's not even Lego, just these weird plastic hearts and stuff that you put on Clikits picture frames or pencils or whatever other horrors they manufactured.

You don't even build anything. It is just plastic bags and girly stuff.

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54 Pharaohs Quest

This theme followed in the footsteps of the late-90's - early-00's Lego Adventurers, explorers hunting for treasure in the wild. With great sets that featured useful Minifigures and hidden contraptions, I don't think this theme lasted long enough!

This theme lasted barely half a year - Mcgillacuddy

This is a stupid theme that only had like 5 sets!

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55 Lego City

Decent LEGO theme, good for kids who aren't duploish, but aren't ready for advanced sets.

56 Star Wars


Star Wars is Too Epic. Lego's biggest success

I have made a new one about the Clone wars Sets and the Cartoon Network based ones which look ugly

Some sets are too overpriced, overweight, and overdetailed, there's this stormtrooper transporter that's like 89:99 bucks but a falcon for 129.99, - VideoGamefan5

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57 Superman V 2 Comments
58 Cuusoo

No way. Cuusoo is awesome!

The name sucks

They changed it to "ideas" now

It's now called IDEAS...

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59 NBA

You can't use the figs for anything else, really. Lego soccer was a lot better.

Legs with springs in them & human looking faces so weird

Sure the faces are weird but why would you not want a Lego LeBron james or steph curry!

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60 The LEGO Movie

To the person below the person below the... Okay, to the person at the bottom, I like the movie, but when it comes down to things, you are right.

I think the sets and the films are amazing, one of the best cause the sets look exactly like they do in the film. However, they are over priced.

What! This theme is great. I liked the movie ( Star Wars is way better) but their is not a lot of sets. I love thus theme. It the Lego Movie

Making a Lego movie theme is like making a book based on a book. also the characters being made of unique pieces doesn't make sense at all

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