Worst Lego Video Games

Lego games are mainly repetitive and get boring. These are the worst LEGO video games.

The Top Ten

1 LEGO Dimensions

I hate this game so much. Just a cash grab game that has the same gameplay as all the other LEGO games sold for the low low price of 100$ Jee. Isn't that worth the money? ABSOLUTELY NOT. This game is just Skylanders but even worse. Filled with Pay 2 win characters for example you can buy characters that FLY to get around easier. Either way this game just lasts too much time but not in a good way but in a boring way that even watching paint dry is more entertaining than playing this repetitive game. - B1ueNew

Even to this day I don't know why my little brother decided to buy this game since he doesn't even care anymore about it - darthvadern

Unlike this one, the Lego Ninja movie was NOT just a cash grab, though I can't speak for the game.

Knew I when I had the idea for the list I should have made it sooner - iliekpiez

2 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe In Peril

The console versions were just mediocre at best. I tried playing this on my 3DS and it's awful. This just took out EVERYTHING. There's no open world. Just levels where you only have 1 life and if you die you don't respawn like in the console versions. Possibly my least favorite 3DS game. - B1ueNew

3 LEGO Rock Raiders

Just Look at how poorly this game is made. - B1ueNew

4 LEGO The Incredibles

Wow. Thanks a lot LEGO for ruining my favorite movie. I swear if Lego makes a game with Mario. I'll be mad. - B1ueNew

5 Bionicle Heroes

It sucked. No one remembers it other than nostalgia extremists. - B1ueNew

6 The Lego Ninjago Movie Videogame

Bad cash grab game based on a cash grab movie. Need I say more? - B1ueNew

7 LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Sometimes in the game some of pieces that you were required to the finish the level would not show up and you would have to play through it all over again. - iliekpiez

Big dissapointment. The story in this game sucks. It's just about Green Lantern and the other lanterns. Also there's no free roam in places like Gotham. Just in boring planets. What a waste. - B1ueNew

8 Lego Star Wars (Gameboy Advance)

It looks like a pain to play. And the graphics are so bad. Even for a GBA game. - B1ueNew

9 Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Not as bad but still not good. Too much based on the crappy MCU. - B1ueNew

10 The LEGO Movie Videogame

This game is too boring honestly. - B1ueNew

The Contenders

11 Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

I enjoyed playing this. - MrCoolC

12 Lego Island

I think I remembered this as a kid but I kinda had tough times on what to do. - LightningStrike

13 Lego DC Super-Villains
14 Lego Chima: Laval's Journey
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