Top Ten Worst Lessons Learned from Disney Shows

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1 Change is bad - Good Luck Charlie

Change is a part of everyday life.

How did Good Luck Charlie teach this? They were constantly having new additions to the family (Charlie and Toby) so all that went on was change!

To be fair growing up sucks

2 Fulfilling your dreams doesn't come with hard-work - Austin and Ally

He's at an impressionable age. Sure, growing in education, students can pay someone or a service to write papers to make them look good (this is known as PLAGIARISM). The day will come though, when the person who doesn't earn his keep will be the "Emperor" with no clothes!

My brother is so impressionable and he loves this show. He's only ten years old and he really thinks that is he posts a video on YouTube he'll get a record deal. It's sad.

Remember kids, be lazy and you will win the olympics!

Logic please. - DapperPickle

This sounds like a lazy person feeling that no hard work can result in fame. - Jordansalesguy2392

3 It's okay to be a spoiled brat - Jessie

This show features spoiled brats who get whatever they want and are ungrateful. It teaches kids to be bratty, disrespectful, and ungrateful for what they have. It's sickening

4 It's okay to cheat on your partner - Good Luck Charlie

These aren't even lessons they're anti lessons except #7 that's not even a lesson - simpsondude

Yeah, wait until your partner finds out.

5 Pride comes with narcissism - Austin and Ally
6 Your parents don't care about you - Good Luck Charlie

Okay, this one is weird.

I agree, this show makes kids think when they're parents they can not care about their kids. - funnyuser

That reminds me of Fairly Oddparents. - Connor360

Wow... That's quite devestating.

7 Being anti-social is worth being made fun of - Jessie

Another reason why this show should be canceled

8 Love is easy to find - Good Luck Charlie

KNOWING ONESELF permits a loving relationship to happen. THIS TAKES TIME, not some goofy nutball sitcom. I used to LOVE the things Disney did! Where's SPIN & MARTY, shows like that! Give kids something real! Not this glamour crap!


9 Relationships last until you fight - Liv and Maddie

Shallow, superficial. And my 8yr. old granddaughter would agree with these two HEXES!

10 Marry someone of the same sex - Good Luck Charlie

Two people of the same sex can't reproduce. - Connor360

There's nothing wrong with same sex marriage.

Sadly this was in an episode of GLC which is one of my favorite shows. Curse you producers! CURSE YOU! - RiverClanRocks

So I guess it is saying it's okay to be gay. Right? - Chaotixhero

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11 If you like a film, jump into a storm with your girlfriend, and you'll suddenly get trapped in it, but whatever sing in it - Teen Beach Movie

That's Teen Beach Movie in a nutshell. Plus the movie is overrated and I think Zac Efron of another one of those so-called "hot" guy actors is in it so you know it's gonna be bad. - RiverClanRocks

Lol! I hope nobody actually took this as a lesson! - RalphBob

Exactly. and yes, that is the film's name.

12 Pedophilia is not disturbing - Jessie

That witch ms chesterfield is always flirting and/or referring sexual references to guys who are younger or richer than her.

13 If you're pretty you'll get away from anything - A.N.T. Farm

That's so not true, I mean China isn't even that pretty but their point is to make kids think that if you're pretty you can have anything you want.

14 Use babies to get money - Good Luck Charlie

Oh my god, this lesson...

15 It's okay to have fifty jobs but can't keep one of them - Austin and Ally

If you can't keep a job for even one week, then you've gotta a problem. I suggest you get help.

That is just lazy. - Connor360

That's how trish lives.

16 You can have someone write your own songs - Austin and Ally

It really shows that you have a lack of talent.

17 Bullying is the only way - A.N.T Farm

There's so much bullying in this show I'm surprised there hasn't been any controversy about that

18 Being boy-crazy is normal - Gravity Falls

Teddy on Good Luck Charlie was boy-crazy too. Just saying.

Actually it was emphasized to NOT be normal. As dipper said, it's just a phase for Mabel and this isn't even a

Mabel shows everyone what NOT to do

19 It's okay to betray your friends and family - Andi Mack

They're your friends and family, and they should support you, so why does Andi betray everyone she knows?
(Oh, that's right. Survivor.)

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