Top Ten Worst Letters In the Alphabet


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21 Z

Z is the best letter in the alphabet.

Z is like my 4th least favourite because it has sticks.


Nothing Ficition Starts With Z Other Than Zelda and zootopia - VideoGamefan5

22 A

No offense to anyone whose name start with A it's just that my worst friend's name starts with A (ANDY) my best friend's (Alex) letter also starts with A but I like Al more than An

It's just overrated in my opinion

This is my favorite letter and it's the best letter grade to get on a test or quiz.

Anya is the reason I hate A.

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23 J

Jupiter, Jet, Joey, Jam, Jar, Jello, Jigsaw, Joke, and Jail all begin with the letter j, there are words that begin with this letter!

The best letter ever

Absolutely no words start with J... that's CRAZY STUPID

Name J starts with are Johnny, Jordan, Jack, Jake, Jerry, Judy, Jen, Justice, John, Johnathan, Johnson, Jared, Jason, Jackie, Jackson, Jay, Jay-Z, Jill, Jon, Jacob, James, José, Jennifer, and many, many more.

24 V

I love V it's very pretty and my first letter in my name

It reeks of poo and wee

V stinks


25 I

I is one of the worst because it is for iPad and ISIS.

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26 M

What's so great about M. - Curtis_Huber


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