Worst Levels from the Spyro the Dragon Trilogy

I believe that everything past the original 3 game (except Hero's Tail) don't exist, so I'll stick to the original trilogy and nothing else.

The Top Ten

1 Robotica Farms

When thinking of this list, I knew from the start that this would be at the top, it's just terrible in every way. I hate the country setting, the aesthetics are ugly, the level is tedious and the side quests are all bad. The bug one is needlessly annoying, and this stage has the worst supercharge section in any Spyro game. - kempokid

2 Agent 9's Lab

While I do find Agent 9 to be quite underrated, that's mostly because he always has interesting missions to back up his extremely clunky mechanics. Unfortunately, unlike all the other times you use him, this one requires you to play as him in his normal state for the entire level, which is awful. To make things worse, it isn't even like this stage is a glorified tutorial, that would imply that they tried hiding the fact that it was one, nothing good to be said about this place. - kempokid

3 Shady Oasis

Ugh, this level is uglier than Robotica Farms. The main reason I hate this place other than the aesthetic is the fact that to explore the level repeatedly, you need to keep feeding the hippo, which is painfully boring on repeat trips, which you'll need to make because of a mission requiring you to use head bash. - kempokid

4 Terrace Village

This place could have been better if it either looked nice, or had more to do, but in the game, it is a short walk through an ugly swamp, where all of the hidden things are in the same general area. - kempokid

5 Charmed Ridge

Something about this area has always annoyed me. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I find the fairy tale setting to be boring and I really don't like the beanstalk mission. - kempokid

6 Blowhard

It's such a ridiculously short, easy level, but the atmosphere isn't anywhere near as good as other levels this short (namely, Toasty). In the end, I don't appreciate this area very much. The boss is also pathetically easy to the point that on my first playthrough, I though it was a normal enemy. - kempokid

7 Sunny Beach

I found this area to be quite generic in design, with a goal that was boring, and missions that were also really mediocre. Not much to be said about this place. - kempokid

8 Sgt. Byrd's Base

I never have really liked Sgt. Byrd, I've always found him to be quite slow, which ruins the pace that these games try to set. This level really accentuates this fact. Also, I prefer when the Sgt. Byrd levels are quite open, rather than a series of tunnels and caves. - kempokid

9 Cloud Spires

I wanted to like this area so much due to its really cool setting. Unfortunately, this is easily the most simplistic area in Spyro 3, with next to no required skill in the platforming, and pathetically easy missions. - kempokid

10 Fracture Hills

Annoying enemies, and don't even get me started on that stupid escort mission. - SuperSonic17

It's kind of annoying and then you have the stupid escort the scientist challenge. There was a much easier path to take and you could never tell where he would be


The Contenders

11 Breeze Harbor

"Trouble with the trolley, eh? "

12 Doctor Shemp

Another level that is really short and easy, the only reason that this isn't higher is because find those weird enemies to have a very funny scream as they charge towards you before falling off a cliff. - kempokid

13 Haunted Tomb

The enemies are annoying as all get-out.

14 Magma Cone

A pretty brownish level

15 Tree Tops

If you hate supercharging off the damn ramps every five minutes and constantly backtracking, then this is easily the worst level in Spyro 1.

16 Frozen Altars


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