Worst Liberal Moments of 2020

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COPS cancelled

Trying to shut down all the police because of one mistake of one officer in particular so crime and chaos will only continue to spread throughout the entire country and probably worse? Yeah, real smart movie guys... (And yes. I'm aware we're taking about a TV show here, but it's the principal of the matter.)

Why would they cancel COPS? It's one of the few good reality shows out there! They should cancel Keeping Up with the Kardashians instead.

Splash Mountain rumored to get rethemed

Those rumors are actually true. Now they are updating it with a more modern look which is devastating to hear from those who grew up with this ride.

and sadly it's now true

Paw Patrol nearly cancelled

Thank gosh it didn't, or else Nick Jr. would be a dead network

Minneapolis riots

Many looters in these riots are white supremacists, and most of them pose themselves as ANTIFA.

without this, no change woulda happened. More black lives would die, than people killed in these riots.

COVID called "The Trump Virus"
Live PD cancelled
Wendy's boycotted
Chick Fil A supports pedophiles in drag
Gone With the Wind banned

They think Gone with the Wind is bad? I've seen The Birth of a Nation (1915), and that's a lot worse.

I swear, if they get these Quentin Tarantino films banned...

Don't change, remove, or censor history, HBO Max.

it wasnt even banned you numpty

All AA hair products to be banned

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Wendy's burned down

Burned and Burnt mean the same thing

Aunt Jemima name changes after 130 years

Yeah... I know it's kinda a stereotype name, but syrup will look different.

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