Worst Lies Amourshippers Spread to Make Their Ship Look Better

There's a lot of things amourshippers said that bs, stupid, & annoying. Here's the worst...

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1 Amourshipping is canon 'they' kissed!

This one is so annoying... SHE kissed him, he did not kiss back nor wanted the kiss. Just because she forced herself on him doesn't mean the ship is canon. - Liinde

The kiss was one sided. Ash didn't want to be kissed, you could see him backing away. He was annoyed and confused after the kiss. Yes, annoyed and confused. He cannot read Serena's intent. Again, Amourshipping is nothing but one sided. - Rue

They acted more hostile than ever after this kissing crap came out. People claim that Misty has NOTHING on Serena because of that kiss. HA! Don't make me laugh, Amourshippers, don't make me laugh!

You know the funniest (sarcasm)thing about the kiss? The fact it was done to give Amourshippers closure but did the exact opposite in reality because they still want everything handed to them on a silver platter when it comes to their ship. - Rue

2 Serena was the first to be asked by ash to travel with him/stop the bike gag

You know the funniest thing?

Ash did ditch Cilan to go alone with Iris which could look more like a date than whatever the "searching gifts for Pokemons" "date" nonsense with Serena. - Liinde

Iris' face though - DWisawesomethe3rd

Wrong. That was Iris on both accounts. Just because u boreshippers hate BW/Iris doesn't mean u can say they don't exist! - person5000

Lol! Her face. "Bitch, please."

3 Ash treats Serena special than from other pokegirls

All the "special" treatment he gave her could easily be said for other PokeGirls as well... Ash even helps and is kind and nice to STRANGERS, because he's just like that. So no surprise he would be nice to his traveling companion... - Liinde

Ash used Serena as a clothing hanger and was rude to her multiple times in ways he never dared to do to his other companions. He doesn't have a close enough relationship with Serena compared to the others. - Rue

That's because Serena doesn't have a personality. She's just a walking stereotype, sadly

Oh really? So he danced with Serena (Misty he actually danced with, may he wanted to in a movie, but was stoped because he wasn't allowed to, dawn he wanted to dance with her in the series, but dawn declined). Or spent most the day alone with her, ditching clemont & Bonnie & not ditching Serena in the middle of it while having fun with her? (Iris). Or traded a close Pokemon to her (dawn). Or entered an unofficial not-contest thing with her (lol fair enough he can't because her goal sucks that much) & without saying a word, agreed to spit an award with her (may)?

Oh he went to all her not-contest & voted for her? He went to all of Dawn's contest too. AND helped her get her own strategies down. He gave her a ribbon? I already said that he traded dawn a close Pokemon of his. He helped her stupid useless @$$ over a log? Yea, because he became mature since DP. - person5000

4 Amourshipping is a cute childhood friend dynamic

They aren't even friends in their childhood. You know, to have a friendship between them, he'd have to know who she is first. - Liinde

They are not childhood friends. At summer camp, they interacted for like 10 minutes when they were five. And obviously didn't keep contact or anything because ash forgot her till she pushed him to remember. - person5000

They only met once and never to be seen again until much later on. That isn't a childhood friend relationship. Childhood friends stay in touch for a long time. - Rue

5 Their fistbump is totally romantic and better than High Touch

Fist bump is something best friends do. Lovers don't do fist bumps as a romantic thing... Same for a high five, but I've never seen any PearlShipper having to use the high five argument, because they can prove Ash and Dawn's deeper than with Serena bond with solid arguments (I'm not PearlShipper FYI). - Liinde

You know your ship is bad when you have to pull random non romantic interactions and label it as such for 'credibility'. - Rue

Fistbumping? Romantic? What the hell? - Rue

Fistbumping is a bro thing. How does romance come into it? - TwilightKitsune

6 Ash is shown to love Serena because he let her get her last key first while he would have thrown a fit if the other girls came first

Ash and Iris' date is an example of how this thing is so wrong. Ash literally declined a battle with one of the subway masters because he wanted to spend the whole day with Iris while Ash ditched Serena on their "date". - Rue

No. May told ash that he can continue on while she goes and finds max. Iris told ash (& cilan) that they can go on without her while she waits for the dragons Pokemon trainer at the daycare. He said no he'll help out on both accounts. Stop acting like just because serenas around he became a nice mature sweet man who suddenly isn't a careless battlebot. - person5000

1. XY(&Z) Ash is more mature than in other regions (except maybe Diamond and Pearl)... So?

2. Ash is a pretty selfless person, so no surprise.

3. Didn't Ash accept to report a battle for May? And Iris too? - Liinde

7 Ash feels the same for Serena because he gave her the ribbon he won

Firstly, Ash wouldn't have any use of a girly ribbon. Secondly, Ash himself said he wants to thank her for helping him finding a gift for his Pokemons. It's like he cares more about his Pokemons than about Serena. And if you don't cherry pick the moments that make your ship look better, try to look at the whole day where he ditched her so many times and cared way more about his Pokemons. You know... Unlike the "date" with Iris, and no I'm not a NegaiShipper, I'm a NonShipper (as in, I don't ship anything, at least with Ash). - Liinde

The ribbon was given to him as a prize for being the 100th customer or something. And he's like, "it's a girly, satin ribbon & more use to you than to me." You could say he gave it to her as an afterthought. Lol

The ribbon was to encourage Serena. Also, friends can give gifts to people platonically, it's not a romantically exclusive thing. - Rue

He really didn't give two flicks about the ribbon. Well he did care about it more than he cared about Serena though, lol. - TwilightKitsune

8 Ash likes Serena the best because he said that she's strong after she left

Didn't he say similar things about his other companions too? - Liinde

He cried when Misty left. Said dawn was the best (or something like that), and said Cilan & Iris are his best friends (your lovers r your best friend right? ). So nothing spectacular here. - person5000

9 The writers have confirmed that Ash and Serena will be a couple in the future

They never said that. I've noticed, some fanbases like to spread lies about what the creators say because you know, most of us don't understand Japanese, so we can't confirm whether it's true and this can work for them. From a translation I've seen, he said that the kissing scene was meant to make you believe Ash and Serena would end up together... We know how much the writers troll the AmourShippers (ex. ball episode or date episode) so yeah you can still BELIEVE (believing = thinking something that's not confirmed) that they will, just like you could believe the date episode was a real date...

EDIT: After verification, he said that he hoped, as in personal hope, that Serena would end up with Ash to give her a fair end. Firstly, there are many people working on the Pokemon anime, not only him, so his personal hope might not work with the others. Secondly, it's just pity because he'd feel like she didn't accomplish her goal (to get Ash) in the end. - Liinde

Ha! And then after that, they go and "have children" in the future! Pfft, ha Ha HA! Sheesh! It ain't going to happen. None of these things that the Amourshippers are saying is true. They're so desperate and ambitious.

I won't, and besides, I didn't even know anything about this. Don't really want to know, don't really want to care

Just for clarification (because boreshippers take everything out of context like they did throughout the whole XY & Z series), the writer (or director idr which) said that he ended the episode (where she left) to where hopefully (AS IN A PERSONS OWN PERSONAL HOPE) she can end up with ash, and that he wanted to make her end fair to her. Notice he didn't say that it will, or anything close to that, & no writer/s/ ever did. If this was true, it would have exploded all over seribii amourshipping thread (where a mod there gave THE ACCURATE translation). But they never mentioned anything there that he said that they will make it canon.
/failboreshippers - person5000

One of the directors: I hope that Serena hooks up with Ash

Sigh. - Rue

10 Any other ash or Serena ship sucks and you're an idiot for shipping them with other people

AmourShippers who do that are so toxic and annoying... People can ship whatever they want. Maybe they're just insecure because they know Ash would be more interested in Iris or May than Serena (and I don't ship Ash with anyone, just saying). - Liinde

That's an opinion! And stop harping on other people who like other ships! They can have an opinion! F all u rude people who do this AND YES THAT IS EVERYONE POKESHIPPERS, PEARLSHIPPERS, NEGAISHIPPERS, PIKASHIPPERS, ANYSHIPPER STOP IT @$$HOLE! - person5000

You're an idiot for shipping kid friendly characters with anyone at all so that is half true.

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11 The petition to bring Serena back to the anime will work

There are so many petitions to bring Misty back. Sure she did come back in Sun and Moon, but 1/ not for long and 2/ it was to celebrate Pokemon's 20th anniversary, and not because of petitions. If this isn't a proof that petitions don't work in general. Besides, writers can do whatever they want, it's their show not AmourShippers' show unlike those AmourShippers seem to think. - Liinde

No, it won't. They make the episodes months prior to their air date. The first couple episodes of Pokemon Sun and Moon were already made before XYZ even finished airing. - Rue

12 She noticed Serena was upset & cheered her up, so proof it's two-sided

Dawn and May? Two important characters... Oh but they don't exist! Their simple existence would threaten Goddess Serena and her ship! - Liinde

She noticed dawn was upset too, though she played it off. He would gladly help his other friends cheer up too! And he always does! When dawn/may had a hard loss, ash always tells them that they were amazing and that he liked their performance. Sure, it's not as special for what he did for Serena, but it's obvious that he cares deeply for all his friends & tries to cheer them up the best he can. And it's not just 'special' notice for Serena. - person5000

Also are amourshippers implying that people can't recognize that someone they care about is upset is only romantic? What the hell? - Rue

He did this plenty with his past companions. ESPECIALLY May and Dawn. Ash and Dawn has the most interactions and development out of all the female leads but ofc Amourshippers ignore that. - Rue

13 Ash smiled after Serena kissed him!

He smiled when saying goodbye to her like he did with May, Dawn and Iris (for Misty he cried but smiled too iirc) as well as characters of the day/arc, friendly rivals or Pokemons. So Ash must be in love with literally every character. Also, his reaction to the kiss was disapproval. And understandably. This little sexual harasser doesn't have to force a kiss on someone. - Liinde

No, he smiled when saying goodbye to her. Something I'm sure he did with ALL his traveling companions. The only face he made associating with the kiss is on my first item where he made an irritated/confused look. - person5000

Untrue, he had a confused, annoyed expression on his face when she kissed him. He smiled when he was saying goodbye to her. - Rue

He wasn't annoyed, but he was confused. He's an anime protagonist, remember? - HeavyDonkeyKong

14 Lillie's redesign is foreshadowing that Serena will come back to the anime

Redesigning is only unique to Serena? I mean Serena is the only main character to change her appearance within her region, but that doesn't in any way shape or form proves that she will come back. - Liinde

Nope, Gamefreak doesn't write the anime and have 0 involvement in it. Lillie changed her appearance to give herself her own identity that her mother doesn't have any involvement in (since Lusamine treated her and Gladion like dolls) and has no relevance to Serena. - Rue

15 Ash probably wouldn't have saved Serena from the cliff...if he didn't have a crush on her!

He saves everyone, whether it's his best friends, his Pokemons, an unknown Pokemon, a stranger, etc. That's just Ash's personality. - Liinde

He saves anyone in danger wether a Pokemon, small child, an elderly woman, or a man as fast as he can and to the best of his abilities. This does not prove he has a crush on anyone. He's just heroic & brave, aka what most shonnen main male characters are. I even heard in sun/moon ash is always tries to help/rescue Lillie whenever he sees her in needing of assistance (but fails). This does not prove he has a crush on her. - person5000


16 Lana, Lillie, and Mallow can't be shipped with Ash. Serena kissed Ash.

Melody and Latias kissed Ash before Serena did and no one said Serena can be shipped with Ash for that reason. - Rue

So boreshippers, r u still with & marrying the first person u kissed/where kissed by? See how ridiculous that is? - person5000

That is so ridiculous! That's like the rule in the Bible if a woman laied with a man (even if there is no consent), she has to marry him! So then a victim is stuck in an abisive unloving relationship! Of course I'm not saying Serena r**e d ash, but just cause she forced her lips on him doesn't mean ash has to love or marry her! - person5000

17 It has been "confirmed" that Serena called Ash from Hoenn in one of the episodes from the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime series

So? Firstly, SERENA called Ash. Like the kiss, she's the one making her moves, not him. Secondly, calling someone isn't a love proof but not at all! - Liinde

A YouTuber under the name of Damon Salvatore made since kind of silly image where she "called" from Hoenn when clearly it was her mother or Professor Oak (Kanto). That image is ridiculously edited. Terrible... Terrible.

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