Worst Lies Made by Fans Who Hate Pokemon Best Wishes

Ah yes, the pokemon best wishes, the most awful thing known to the pokemon anime fanbase. Even though it was far from perfect and has flaws like every other season, this saga is especially given hate for the most surprising things. Let's have a look at some of them

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1 The Kalos League sucked because they hired the BW writers to write it! The Kalos League sucked because they hired the BW writers to write it!

The most ridiculous thing about this is how certain fans actually BELIEVED this. The writers have been around ever since the original season, and no, they were not fired after BW. People are getting desperate to put the blame on someone when the season they put on such a high pedestal failed. - lu

As much as I hate BW, that was just a rumor. And it wasn’t true. They have always been the same writers and still are in Sun & Moon. Still, the Black & White Series is awful and and I loved XY and XYZ much better and not even this list will change my mind. - TGBBOD

2 Iris ruined Dawn's cameo! She made her into a bully! Iris ruined Dawn's cameo! She made her into a bully!

No, Iris didn't. She never forced Dawn into saying her catchphrase. Dawn did it HERSELF. Just accept that your nice, so called flawless favorite character isn't what you deluded yourself to think she was like. by the way, they were just teasing Ash. In the end, they're all friends. - lu

Yes, she did. Enough said. - TGBBOD

Spoken like someone who had the privilege of never having actually been bullied in their lives thus doesn't know what is and isn't bullying. - SirWestcott

3 Iris and Cilan are the most useless main characters ever! Iris and Cilan are the most useless main characters ever!

Useless? Let's see...
Iris was already a competed battler, independent, knew what she wanted, good with pokemon and knew how to take care of herself. But she wasn't used to people and social awkward in the start, but learnt to get along with Cilan and Ash in the end. She was also very helpful with making medicines for their pokemon and play/ take care of them when Ash was training.
Cilan cooked for them, took care of his younger companions, helped them out with pointing out the bond between trainer and pokemon, was an A class sommelier and had knowledge about a lot of things (often random, but surprisingly helpful).
Don't confuse badly written with useless, because they sure weren't. They were a breath of fresh air and two solid characters in my book. Compare them to Ash's XY companions who were his groupies and tell me again whose useless. - lu

I'd take both of them and the contributions they made over Serena and whatever the heck it was that she was supposed to contribute. - SirWestcott

4 BW was an alternative universe BW was an alternative universe

Cilan met Citron and both had flashbacks of Ash in the same episode. Nothing much to say about this absurd theory - lu

By this logic, XY and SM are also alternative universes. - TGBBOD

5 XY is an apology for how bad BW was XY is an apology for how bad BW was

I don't see how XY is better than BW. Yes, XY had better animation, good character designs, made Ash more serious etc, but at the same time, it failed in other aspects. Ash had groupies instead of friends, his rivals looked up to him and didn't give him much challenge, and that was very boring. I agree XY handled some things better than BW, but not everything. In my book, both sagas were disappointing compared to the past 3 sagas. But everyone has different opinions on this - lu

Actually it WAS. This isn’t even close to a lie. The writers DID make XY to make up for BW. Heck, it’s what the BW Anime SHOULD of been. In the Team Flare Arc, all the gym leaders joined up with Ash & his friends to stop that giant rock Zygarde. Yes ALL the gym leaders. And this is something that the BW Anime totally wasted. Try using common sense, buddy. - TGBBOD

€Ash had groupies instead of friends”
No! They really weren’t groupies! They were friends! That’s a lie right there, lu! Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena were all his friends who he traveled with. Try to think before you type, XY Hater. - TGBBOD

6 Team rocket sucks now! We want the old, wacky team rocket! Team rocket sucks now! We want the old, wacky team rocket!

NO you don't! I love team rocket but they were getting so old with the same 'capture pikachu' and 'blasting off' thing they had going on for 13 years. I was HAPPY when they turned serious. It was refreshing. Due to the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the two part special was scrapped so they had to try something new. It didn't please the fandom, though... - lu

7 Ash is stupid in this season! Ash is stupid in this season!

Not anymore stupid than he is. He was downplayed in this season to introduce a new generation to pokemon. I didn't care about this personally but apparently this didn't sit well with the adult fans who threw a fit - lu

No, this one can't be denied. Ash WAS stupid in this season, but he's stupid in every season in various ways. BW just didn't bother trying to disguise it with an illusion of maturity and self-improvement as a trainer. - SirWestcott

8 Ash and Iris hated each other! Ash and Iris hated each other!

Deep sigh
Please watch the show before spreading lies like that
Iris saved Ash a lot of times (and vice versa), even attempted to run after him when he pulled relentless stunts only to be held back by Cilan, Ash referred to her as his precious friend, both went on a little date in Nimbasa city, played together etc. They had no problems hanging out. They acted like how 10 year olds should act. The dub is kinda... off, but the sub version shows this better. - lu

Who says this? Ash and Iris were very clearly friends at the end of the day. If they weren't, they would've split up a long time back. - SirWestcott

9 Cilan is a Brock rip off! Cilan is a Brock rip off!

How? They have two very different goals and personalities. Sure Cilan took "Brock's" role but that doesn't make him worse. I like Brock but he was getting boring in DP and I'm glad he didn't continue to travel with Ash. - lu

Clian > Brock. - SirWestcott

10 BW was taken off the air because of bad rating! BW was taken off the air because of bad rating!

No, it was taken off because the XY games came out in 2013, just like the previous sagas. Also, it didn't suffer from much of bad rating. It had less than DP, but then again XY had less than BW. And the cycle continues to longer the show drags on. - lu

When was it EVER taken off the air? It just ran it's course like literally every Pokemon anime series. - SirWestcott

When has anybody EVER said this? - TGBBOD

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