Worst Life is Strange Characters

Life is Strange is a videogame known for its difficult decisions and fun gameplay. However some of the characters are pretty unlikable. If I missed a character add it.

The Top Ten Worst Life is Strange Characters

Nathan Prescott

He killed Rachel. No story without her death but still.

Mr. Jefferson

He used and killed my lil poor nathan :'(

I don't play Life is Strange, (although I want to) but I had a classmate who told me how violent this guy was! - TheFourthWorld

Victoria Chase
Frank Bowers
Principal Wells
David Madsen
Kate Bush

who the f is this? - nJur

The Contenders

Chloe Agnew

She’s sooo annoying!

Rachel Amber

This girl put her reckless ahead of the feelings of other people. She's caused so much emotional distress, conflict, and even started a FOREST FIRE.

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