Top Ten Worst Lincoln Torture Episodes

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1 No Such Luck

All Lincoln wanted was time to himself and he is ostracized by his family when he makes them think he's unlucky, the episodes should have ended with child protective services being called in and his parents being arrested for child neglect. - egnomac

This episode needs to be banned and erased from The Loud House history. - egnomac

It is pretty obvious why this episode is on the list - Spongehouse

2 In Tents Debate

Lincoln is basically put in a no win situation if he chose the beach or Dairyland amusement park half of his sisters would be mad at him and when he delays his decision another day both sides try to convince him the other side is worst by torturing him. - egnomac

The ending of this episode is what really made me decide to put this on the list - Spongehouse

3 Raw Deal
4 Brawl in the Family

All Lincoln was trying to do was put a stop to the fighting which the parents should have been doing in the first place and all he gets is resentment from the sisters and being told to butt out yet in previous episodes they didn't butt out of his problems. - egnomac

5 The Green House

Should be in the top five - Spongehouse

6 One of The Boys

Well its kind of the point of the episode Lincoln complained about having sisters then gets brothers and of course he gets roughed up and bullied by the brothers making him further appreciate his sisters. - egnomac

Lincoln got what should have happened since getting the message.

7 Cereal Offender

Lincoln goes through all the trouble of getting all the grocery while trying to keep his sisters from getting them kicked out and chasing down the bratty kid so he can get the last of the Zombie Brand cereal only for the sisters to start a fight and getting them kicked out of the store but then again if he had kept his mouth shut and not mentioned that he made a deal with mom about getting all the grocery's so he can get his cereal, the only upside to this episode is the sisters really feeling bad for him that they go out and buy the cereal for him. - egnomac

The only good part of this episode was the ending - Spongehouse

8 Save the Date
9 Sound of Silence

In actuality they weren't purposely trying to be mean they kind of wanted to teach him a lesson that they don't like being ignored and that he's not the only one who has to live in a noisy house they all do. - egnomac

10 Sleuth or Consequences

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11 Making The Grade

Lincoln is unfairly punished by both his friends and the family all because of Lisa at first by his friends because she was too smart so Lincoln tells her to act more like a regular kid his friends and classmates are happy but then Lincoln gets punished by the family when Lisa decides to completely give up being smart. - egnomac

12 The Sweet Spot

One thing that really doesn't make sense why would his sisters go to his room in the middle of the night and just know to turn over his mattress to see Lincoln's plan to get the sweet spot and more importantly why didn't Lincoln just write it down on a piece of paper then destroy it once he was done so they wouldn't see it. - egnomac

13 Heavy Meddle


14 Making the Case

In actuality is was Lincoln's own fault he should have never posted the video of his sister's embarrassing moments in the first place they're was no way they wouldn't find out about it. - egnomac

15 Friendzy
16 April Fools Rules
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