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1 One More Light

I'm all for Linkin Park experimenting. As a matter of fact, I actually really liked A Thousand Suns. However, this album is just 100% boring, generic, and unoriginal pop music. This album is even worse than Recharged. At least that album didn't make me want to fall asleep.

Probably even worse than 1000 Suns. - AlphaQ

@AlphaQ: UNDOUBTEDLY worse than 1000 Suns :D - Psi

2 Recharged

This is the only Linkin Park album that could be classified as the worst. - cjWriter1997

Much worse than "One More Light".

3 A Thousand Suns

In my humble opinion the song new divide is the divide between good Linkin Park and bad Linkin Park, everything before it is golden everything after is crap. this is directly after that!

I'm a linkin park fan but, this is so boring, it doesn't feel like linkin park.

This is probably my least favourite Linkin Park album. (Although I still like it.) - Rorywilbren

This album is one of the worst rock albums of all time. - AlphaQ

4 Living Things
5 Unwanted Truth
6 Live In Buenos Aires, Argentina
7 The Hunting Party
8 Minutes to Midnight
9 Live in Texas
10 Meteora V 1 Comment

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11 Hybrid Theory

This is the best album! Why is it here?

V 1 Comment
12 Reanimation
13 Hybrid Theory (Ep) - Linkin Park
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