Worst Linkin Park Songs

There really aren't many bad songs by this amazing band but I thought I'd make the list anyway.

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1 Heavy

With every other linkin park song up to this point I always got the feeling that the change in genre, good or bad, was always a creative choice. Robot Boy may not be good but at least it seems to have come from a creative place. But THIS song just seems like a sell out. This is pop music 101. It is the first LP song where I got the sense that they weren't even trying.

This song sounds just like a million other pop songs on the radio. Look, I'm all for LINKIN PARK evolving but this song seems more like it's pandering to the masses instead of being creative and original.

I didn't like it. For the first time, I couldn't listen to an LP song the whole way through. I actually closed the tab and couldn't stand to hear any more. I'm sad that LP is becoming a pop band instead of a rock band, but they've been changing a lot and that's their decision. It saddens me a lot, as they were really good as a rock band. I'm just hoping this is a phase and their next album after their new one will be rock of some sort.

I think it's because this song...has no rock or rap to it. It was LP's powerful blend of many different elements that I could enjoy it. Without the rock or rap, LP sounds like any other band. With it, they're powerful and can move the world. I know they want to do their own thing. But this is just...forgettable. I've never been so uninterested in an LP song before and this hurts knowing I grew up with the music. But I guess maybe I'm too old and am just a bitter twenty-something who can't accept that music changes. Oh well.

Every Linkin Park album is a phase. There was Nu Metal, Nu Metal with Alt Rock and Electronic influences, Alt Rock/Alt Metal, Highly experimental Electronic Rock, straightforward Electronic Rock, Alternative Metal and now there's Pop/Pop Rock (Yes, this album has Pop Rock songs like Talking to Myself and One More Light) - rishal21

Its still better than 99% of modern pop songs but it's the worst lp song.

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2 Battle Symphony Battle Symphony

Shouldn't this be first? It's definitely more poppy than the other songs on the album - wrongway360

This Is Far Worse Than Heavy - Du

Lol props to whoever put this here

in my opinion the only thing I like about this song is the lyrics, even though they aren't as strong as other LP songs. - wrests

This song sucks!
The Lyric is pretty good, have to say.
But...I've listened to 70+ LP songs.
And this one's the WORST!
And this is also, The Only LP song...that I hated...😢
I never thought I'd hate a Linkin Park song.

3 Robot Boy

You know, to be honest, this list should've never exist. There is no such thing as a bad Linkin Park song.

Who put this here? , This song was amazing!

This list is backwards to me. This is definitely their best song. (In my opinion. ) I mean, what is there to hate about this song? Sure, it's different from Hybrid Theory and Meteora but seriously? This is the only song along with The Catalyst, Waiting For The End and The Little Things Give You Away and several other songs that give me insane goosebumps.


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4 The Little Things Give You Away

HOW could this be so hated? You guys just don't get 3-4 timed songs.

This song is about the tsunami, the people don't understand the lyrics, I thought it was bad til' I understood what it truly means

Who the hell voted for Hands Held High? That's one of their best!

This song is a masterpiece. I mean seriously you guys don't get the lyrics and everything. And why the heck is robot boy here? The one who created this list should kill himself.

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5 Good Goodbye Good Goodbye

Worst than heavy - Th3Zm0nst3r

This is probably one of the only bad lp songs. It's so commerical and lacks any meaning whatsoever.

The one thing I didn't like about this song was stormzy was in it

The worst track on Linkin Park's only bad album, One More Light. This track contains everything wrong with modern pop: a generic slow R&B chorus, autotune, and some dumbass rapping.

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6 Skin to Bone

I, honestly, think this song is good.


7 The Messenger

It is not their best song but I don't think it should be at the bottom.

The only complaint I have about this song is that Chester sounds like he's straining his voice while singing during some parts of the song. Aside from that, this song is not that bad. Definitely better than anything on One More Light,

No come on. This isn't bad!

This song is actually good - ethanwakeman

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8 Hands Held High

This was the best song on the album other than What I've Done. This song has no reason to be on this list period!

WHAT!?!? This is one of the best songs EVER! WHO would vote for THIS!?!?

This song is really good. I love the lyrics. Who on earth put this song here?

Which retarded person made this list?

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9 Jornado Del Muerto

Burn it down shouldn't be so up in the worst songs :(

Just plain sucks, enough said.

This is terrible

The ones who voted for tracks like "jornada del muerto" "the radiance", etc.. you are so estupid, this are not really songs itself, they are small-transitory songs to make the next tracks sound bertter

10 In Between

Little things give you away is one of my favorite Linkin Park song and it is at no. 2? What? And why is messenger at number 1? You guys are insane!

Crappy song, why The Messenger even on this list?

Hands down the worst Linkin Park song. I'm just going to pretend this song never happened!

This song is simply HORRIBLE. Look, Robot Boy, Burn It Down, The Catalyst and others are very lively. See the fantastic lyrics of Robot Boy! How can it be worse than the LP? NOT ONLY ROCK IS GOOD. The A Thousand Suns is great, anyone who says otherwise is a damn fool. See the review on Jordy Katsko and then talk to me about A Thousand Suns. The worst songs are In Between and remixes

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11 High Voltage

This is a decent song though.

I love mikes rapping skills

Your Favortie Martian slightly ruined this.

12 The Catalyst

Who the hell put this on the list? Yes I know you guys hate A Thousand Suns but the catalyst is probably one of the only good ones on the album.

That was a good song, who put this here!

But this is probably the second most successful from a thousand suns best from thousand suns is waiting for the end

This song would be good without the dj electronic.

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13 Burn It Down

This is one of the best rock songs of all time! This is ridiculous! - Alpha101

Whoever added this song - YOU ARE A STUPID who knows nothing about music.

This flatline of fuzz should be #1. When a four-bar mediocre rap verse is the best part of the song, you don screwed up. - WonkeyDude98

Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's bad! This is an awesome song! - Elijah_Cook

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14 Sorry for Now
15 Breaking the Habit

This song is powerful. It's about addiction... Just saying, but it's still a powerful song, who would put this here?

This is Chester's favorite song that he has sung, and I love it

Who on earth put this song on this list...?

And who made this stupid list...i mean 'worst Linkin Park songs'... Does that make any sense...? Can please someone terminate this website for me...?

Who the hell likes this song. its not rock. its not metal. the lyrics are stupid so as the lyrics. every time I play meteoria and this song plays. I skip this song because it's so bad - Th3Zm0nst3r

16 Until It Breaks

So much unpredictable, uncatchy rapping, there is no good flow and just not enough chester.

A muddled mess. The only LP song I hate.

Too much rap. sounds crappy

17 A Light That Never Comes

I love this song. They're know for having a unique style and this is unique

I love this song with its electrical fusion

I absolutely love this song.

Are you kidding? This is epic!

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18 Bleed It Out

I absolutely love this one! I love Mike's part and everything about it!

I love this song!

This song is the worst song by far. This song is like a huge turd on your door mat. You're thinking to yourself... Really. Who would do that. that's what I think about when I think of this song.

19 Nobody Can Save Me Nobody Can Save Me
20 The Requiem
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