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61 Leave Out All the Rest

HEY! Who put this song here. All Linkin Park songs are awesome but this is my favorite from Minutes to Midnight.

This song might be slow its absolutely wonderful

Why is this one on here? - AnonymousChick

62 Victimized

This song is not only the worst LP son but it's the worst song of all TIME! It's just ridiculous: Mike sounds bored as hell both when singin and rapping, the instrumental is all over the place in the worst kind of way and Chester's screaming is emotionless and feel totally forced. This song sucks!

63 Ppr:Kut
64 Dirt Off Your Shoulder / Lying from You

This is a very good song only because of its good background music.

65 Lost in the Echo

Whoever made this list is clearly a true fan

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66 Iridescent

This song brought me to RAGE! You guys might hate a thousand suns but it still has good songs like burning in the skies, the catalyst and blackout. This song was the worst along with waiting for the end. Shadow of the Day was okay and will always be better than iridescent because they still have a good music video and lyrics. HOW COME IRIDESCENT BECAME POPULAR? ITS TOO SOFT! AT LEAST Linkin Park CAME UP WITH REBELLION!

This song is honestly okay, not my favorite at all, but I can tolerate it

67 Numb / Encore

This is the best song on the album! I love it so much

68 Wastelands V 1 Comment
69 Kyur4 th Ich
70 Papercut
71 War
72 Points of Authority
73 Drawbar
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