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1 Countries With the Worst Music

Canada is the 2nd worst music today because of Justin Bieber (to 445956) - waraypiso

People are dumb enough to put Canada at number 2 just because of JB. Every country has some good music. - 445956

Waraypiso seems to have not read my comment - 445956

2 Worst Countries

According to this list, the United States is worse than Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, South Sudan, and Russia. WOW. - 445956

3 Most Hated Countries

People say this is the worst but it isn't as bad as the 2 above. It is just really offensive. - 445956

4 Best Country Flags

This is just a matter of your opinion. It's not a legit reason. Stop complaining and vote for what you want to be the worst. - SoldierOfFortune

Turkey does not have the best flag, and why is the USA at 2? It is the 2nd worst flag after Colombia. - 445956

5 Worst Country Flags

Mozambique is on there and it has a great flag, yet they ignore the truly bad ones like Colombia. And Libya as Number 1? They changed it years ago! - 445956

6 Best Asian Countries to Visit

Israel is last on the list and North Korea is in the middle as well as being above Kuwait. Israel is a great country to live in, the people from it is what is bad. - 445956

7 Worst Arabian Countries in the World

Iran and Afghanistan aren't arabian. - 445956

8 Most Corrupt Asian Countries

Why are the Philippines number 1? - 445956

9 Best Arab Countries to Live In

Bangladesh, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are on the list. Not only are they not arab countries, living there is awful. - 445956

10 Worst Countries is Europe

You know the list is bad when Iceland is in the top 20. - 445956

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