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1 Countries With the Worst Music

Canada is the 2nd worst music today because of Justin Bieber (to 445956) - waraypiso

People are dumb enough to put Canada at number 2 just because of JB. Every country has some good music. - 445956

Waraypiso seems to have not read my comment - 445956

2 Worst Countries

According to this list, the United States is worse than Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, South Sudan, and Russia. WOW. - 445956

3 Most Hated Countries

People say this is the worst but it isn't as bad as the 2 above. It is just really offensive. - 445956

4 Best Country Flags

This is just a matter of your opinion. It's not a legit reason. Stop complaining and vote for what you want to be the worst. - SoldierOfFortune

Turkey does not have the best flag, and why is the USA at 2? It is the 2nd worst flag after Colombia. - 445956

5 Worst Country Flags

Mozambique is on there and it has a great flag, yet they ignore the truly bad ones like Colombia. And Libya as Number 1? They changed it years ago! - 445956

6 Best Asian Countries to Visit

Israel is last on the list and North Korea is in the middle as well as being above Kuwait. Israel is a great country to live in, the people from it is what is bad. - 445956

7 Worst Arabian Countries in the World

Iran and Afghanistan aren't arabian. - 445956

8 Most Corrupt Asian Countries

Why are the Philippines number 1? - 445956

9 Best Arab Countries to Live In

445956 - and you are...? Have you lived in Pakistan? No...then don't review without an experience.

Bangladesh, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are on the list. Not only are they not arab countries, living there is awful. - 445956

10 Worst Countries is Europe

You know the list is bad when Iceland is in the top 20. - 445956

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