Top Ten Worst Lists by the User VideoGamefan5


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1 Top Ten Worst Lists by the User VideoGamefan5

@VideoGamefan5 - I said a lot of your lists suck not all of them, learn to read properly

I'm surprised No one has looked at both this list and THIS... list - VideoGamefan5

Not All Of My Lists Suck, - VideoGamefan5

2 Worst Things About Zootopia

I think this list is good. - darthvadern

My Worst List - VideoGamefan5


I remember naFro telling me how he was sick of VGF5's Zootopia rampage, so I can understand why this is up here.

3 Most Overrated Nintendo Consoles

Its Really Stupid - VideoGamefan5

4 Reasons Finding Dory is Awful

This should be higher than the zootopia crap, just my opinion, just my opinion. - darthvadern

5 Reasons The Lego Batman Movie is Better Than Zootopia

This is a good list, while I find LBM overrated, I find it better than Zootropolis. - darthvadern

6 Songs That Describe Zootopia
7 Most Overrated Wii U Games
8 Reasons Wreck-It Ralph Is Better Than Pixels
9 Reasons Inside Out Is Better Than Finding Dory

They are both good. - darthvadern

10 Disney Movies Liv and Maddie And The Teletubbies Should Be Sent To

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11 Top Ten Ways To Describe Rosalina

I made this back when I didn't like rosalina - VideoGamefan5

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