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1 Worst Users on TheTopTens

Thank God I joined after this list was removed, because truth be told, I think I might have been a little controversial on here. I don't want to sound arrogant, but even though I think I'm a good user, I would be very sad if I were to have been on that list. I think that no user on TheTopTens is 100% perfect, but that they're also great in their own ways. They may have flaws, but any user on TheTopTens can do anything good to contribute to this website.

Except me. My stuff is all flaw, but it's not my fault no one bothers to visit my lists. - Firemist

I have an Idea, let's make a list called "Top Ten Users on TheTopTens with a bad repuation" that way it won't be offensive.

Any list even approaching this matter would quickly become a boxing bag regardless of the list creator's intention - Alkadikce

I wouldn't really care if I was on the list. That would teach me a lesson to improve. Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see myself high, anyway.

I'm sure glad that the list got removed.

2 Most Hated Countries

The overrated users list is NOT worse than this. This is the most racist list on TheTopTens, and how did it get so popular?

That list is SO racist! Most hated countries should be removed from TheTopTens!

I just can't believe this list exists, and I also can't believe the people who commented on it trying to spread so much hate towards those countries. No country is perfect, and probably never will be, and bashing them like crazy certainly won't help either. People seriously need to grow up.

This and stupidest countries basically had become "Hey lets exaggerate everything wrong with America and ignore every flaw in our own country! " either that or people are just a bunch of liberals who hate America because we want rights.

3 Top 10 Celebrities Who Deserved to Die in 2018

I guess the only people admin cares about are the users. With lists like this still being up but the worst users list being shut down, that's not unbelievable.

Worst list of 2018 hand's down! It's disgusting, foul, mean spirited and not funny at all! What's worse is the fact that the user who made this list hasn't even apologized for that awful list and got 2 users suspended for it! I hope this list gets removed any time soon like all the other bad lists that are not deleted yet!

Saw the list when I was a visitor on this site. Absolutely disgusting and it makes me sick how these lists get approved on TheTopTens.

Now the creator of that list made a list on celebrities we wish would die in 2019.

4 Top Ten Penis Shapes

This is by far the most disgusting list ever.

Why isn't this removed?! This is inappropriate!

This list is for perverts, so don't go to this list unless you are a perv - TheAwesomeDude54

What's the point of a list that has items no one agrees on? It's like the creator of that list would pants some random guy and be like "ooh, I could get perverted friends by this idea! ". What's next, top ten woman's breast shapes?

There's only one proper shape for a penis. If yours is of a different shape, you probably need to see a doctor, mate

5 Top 10 Funniest Things That xandermartin98 Has Masturbated To

Okay, I take it back. Users aren't the only people admin cares about. They're the only THINGS he cares about. - Gametoon

I would call this list humorous... except for the fact that it's not funny at all.

Brain fetish bad - Not_A_Weeaboo

Hopefully this list is a joke. - MChkflaguard_Yt

6 Best Body Parts of Justin Bieber

What's the point of making this list? Everyone has the same body parts. A list of best body parts would be gross, anyway.

Just reading the title is like... Why does this even exist? The title alone is enough to make me laugh uncontrollably, and the fact that this is actually a list.

This is one of the most disgusting lists on this site!

The worst things about the list is that both of his genitals are on the list

7 Top Ten TopTenners Who Should Date Britgirl

This is very creepy.

Oh boy, many uncomfortable age gaps present themselves

Terrible list. But still better than "Top Ten Things That Should be Banned" which is the textbook definition of a cesspool.

This ain't a dating site. Who made this?

8 Reasons Why Child Abuse Should Be Legal

More like reasons why someone should abuse the user who made this list, just so he feels the pain of a thousands abused children.

I swear to God! This list actually exists and its again made that infamous Piplup.

You should actually be glad the "infamous" Piplup made it and not someone you used to have good opinions on - Alkadikce

This is incredibly terrible!

This is a horrible list

9 Worst Religions

No religion is bad,they are all the same in a way of rights. This is truly disrespectful and I hope it has been banned.

Seriously, as controversial as this one is, it needs to be MUCH higher on this list. There are people on that list bashing other peoples' religions and fighting! Makes me sick!

People have the right to hate other beliefs, but they shouldn't attack people who have those beliefs. - XxembermasterxX

Personally, I don't like this list. I don't judge people by religion. I judge people as people. People of the same religion can have wildly different views. - romanempire249

10 Reasons Why Stephen Hawking Deserved to Die

This is a very disappointing list made by a very disappointing user. Remember kids don't feed the trolls...

Who thought approving this was a good idea?

This list is so mean and stupid

I THOUGHT THE CELEBRITIES WHO DESERVED TO DIE WAS TRASH and it still was. But this list? The "reasons" are COMPLETELY HORRIBLE and some are sexist! Literally. WHY IS THIS ONLY 32? This should get to number 1 RIGHT NOW!

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? Top 10 Worst Electronic Music Artists

#1 is Skrillex and #3 is Knife Party while they are dubstep kings and shouldn’t be near that list. - DrayTopTens

? Top 10 Best Songs Between Cardi B & Queen

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11 Most Disrespectful Users of TheTopTens

I don't see the problem with this list. All it does is hurt a few people's egos.

I agree, I am against a general "Worst Users of TheTopTens" list but lists about specific negative characteristics are fine - Alkadikce

These kinds of lists just breed personal attacks and unproductive content. Makes me think that all sorts of user ranking lists, whether positive or negative, should be removed, and just make a more reliable statistics page.

Well it's fun to see if people like you enough to put you on a list - TheInsomniac

The only thing disrespectful here is the list getting removed, bring it back.

I want this list back. Wouldn't mind being on it either.

12 Top 10 Reasons to Hate Boys

Give the list creator a break, I'm positive that about half of people go through a rabid other gender-hating phase at age 11-13. It's not really their fault

Delete this and top ten reasons to hate girls now. I'm sure a whiny boy and girl made them. I'm actually male.

Males and females should be treated equally this is an offensive list

This is super sexist, the creator of this list is mega feminine, like Umbridge

13 Countries With the Ugliest People

Even if a country really has objectively ugly people by Western beauty standards (e.g. an Aboriginal woman winning an Australian beauty contest raised controversies), they have done nothing for it, in fact in case of Aboriginals, white colonisation might be a reason because Western cuisine and sicknesses didn't exactly improve their health.

What? Every race, black, white, Asian, alien (lol), have their pretty and ugly people.

Some of the most beautiful people ever are from America. And Somalia, Brazil, Russia, Sweden, and Colombia are there. Seriously?

This list is so offensive

14 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens With the Stinkiest Farts

Should be much higher. The user who made it claims it was a joke list, but that's just an excuse for an unfunny, pointless list.

This is a thing?

Just what is the point of this one existing?

I guess this is meant to be a joke and funny.

But it isn't! Not even remotely. And a joke that only makes you groan is worse than a serious list that is so bad it's funny. Being made with the clear intention of being funny is not an excuse for failing at this aim - Alkadikce

15 Top Ten Hardest Ways to Eat Breakfast

It's my fault this list exists. - Cazaam

Lol, why is this up here? It should be very funny. Not offensive at all. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

This is a wonderful list everybody - AlphaQ

This is a legend. - Cyri

16 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Christians

that's really mean imma go and cry in the corner ;u; - BlackberryoftheRainWings

I am Christian and I:
1. Am entirely tolerant of athiests.
2. Am not against violent video games
3. Do not discriminate based on orientation.
4. Don't think non-Christians are the devil's spawn.
5...well, I do believe in God.
6. Don't have anything against people with other religions.
7. Don't know if Jesus will literally return to Earth or not and don't see a point in speculating.
8. Have never started or participated in a war.
9. Have never brainwashed anyone. (assuming the colloquial definition - I'm not an expert on brainwashing and am not going to attempt to say whether I have in a technical sense)
10. Don't try to push Christianity on people.

...The only reason on the entire top 10 that I absolutely and certainly do is believe in God. The list is ridiculously stereotyped - while some people do each of these, it's not as if most Christians do all of them, and it's not as if people of other religions can't do the equivalent! - romanempire249

I'm a christian, and this list is really offensive. Thanks for the people that stands up to this stupid list! -Nerd 2019

Good thing the creator of that list regretted making it ever in the first place and made a list explaining why it's terrible to make up for that horrible list. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

17 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Girls

This needs to be way higher. That list is super sexist.

This is Sexist. It's sick.

I hate sexist lists.

The reasons are horrible. Not that there is a good reason.

18 Best Justin Bieber Songs

Everyone has opinions. You're allowed to make that list but that won't stop people from hating that list. After all, hating that list is an opinion.

A list about opinions is worse than lists about ships and killing people? I'm disappointed.

I'm definitely not a fan of Bieber myself, but I have nothing against this list - it's a decent and perfectly legitimate idea for those who have positive opinions of his songs. In fact the worst thing about it is the rabid haters and trolls who have tried to saturate it with awful comments, only making themselves look more stupid than they say the Beliebers are. If you don't like Bieber, don't click on the list. It really couldn't be more simple.

At least this list wasn't offensive nor disturbing unlike a lot of lists on this site.

19 Changes America Should Make

Political bias gone wrong at its worst.

How is it bad? It is just saying the changes they should make

Hey, I'm Asian...so I don't really know what's happening in America. Sorry!

How is "re-electing Bush" a good idea?

20 Reasons Why Female Should Be the Only Gender

Top Ten Reasons Why I Found It Impossible to Fall for a Troll like Piplup Before Witnessing it Myself

If female was the only gender you won't survive and you'' go extinct and that's why we need 2 genders.

Piplup in a nutshell.

I'm female and I strongly disagree.

21 Top 10 People Who Should Get Executed

I'll click the left mouse button with my right hand, and type names with my left

The majority of people on this list don't deserve to get executed. This list would be better if it contained criminals, rapists, etc.

This list is top 10 material, no it's top 5 material honestly

Not on this list?! what the heck?!, that list is basically death threats to pop singers

22 Worst Things About TheTopTens Users

*Accurate & excellent list

Who made this list?

I mean it’s accurate.

23 Top Ten Reasons Not to Be Gay/Lesbian

Its actually a crime to discriminate against homosexuals

The list was saying it wasn't meant to shame homosexuals. However, homophobes would've inevitably found the list.

Being gay is not a bad thing (i'm not gay), but this list is very offensive

Um, I'm against gayness...so...

Why? They can't help it. Imagine getting looked down upon because you were born the way you were. - Cyri

24 Top Ten Worst Countries

Racism all in one list. And it is no different from Most Hated Countries, this list is endless nonsense and rabid racists.

This list is so racist.

This list is racist

The same thing with Most Hated Countries. They are both racist about different countries across the world.

25 Top 10 Singers Who Should Catch Ebola

The creator of that list should see children that have Ebola

You shouldn't joke about this. That's very disrespectful.

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