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1 Worst Users on TheTopTens

Thank God I joined after this list was removed, because truth be told, I think I might have been a little controversial on here. I don't want to sound arrogant, but even though I think I'm a good user, I would be very sad if I were to have been on that list. I think that no user on TheTopTens is 100% perfect, but that they're also great in their own ways. They may have flaws, but any user on TheTopTens can do anything good to contribute to this website.

I don't think I've done much to be on that list I've only been on this site for a month but since I have a lot (and when I say a lot I mean a lot) different and unpopular opinions I could see myself there

But I don't think I would be on there to be honest, I haven't really pissed anyone off yet because I'm not really one to cause pointless flame wars over movies, T.V. and music. But I am up for debates against people with opinions conflicting mine.

So it's insulting users right in front of said users? For what purpose? If users need constructive criticism, PM them saying what's wrong! No need to publicly shame them! Honestly, it's a good thing that got deleted...

2 Most Hated Countries

This is actually a great list and should never be removed. It well demonstrates the rotten insides and the brains of the users of this site, eaten by xenophobic propaganda. For the same reasons, it was a mistake to delete the list of worst users. It is not good to deprive everyone of the chance to see the true face of other users.

The reason because I hate this list is because people on the list are racist towards the South Korean, a man insulted his old wife (which was South Korean), calling her a profesional prostitute and one even said that the presidents invented fake histories about the country so schools could make education more interesting, I felt that they were actually talking about North Korea, and it is very offensive towards the South Korean, Imagine Chloe from We Bare Bears looking at the hate comments from that mean Japan fantards (I do love Japan, but I also love South Korea), I wish that list never existed

This list is just insane, just like so many others on this list. No country is worse than another, and you can't just judge them, because it is absolutely ridiculous. I don't know if it was removed, because I haven't checked, and if it hasn't been removed, than I will freak. Criticizing countries is just another trouble that has been added to the millions and trillions of this world.

I truely hate that list. It only got me extremely angry. Who ever created most hated countries should be arrested and so should the people that post bad talk about them. The list is racist ignorent and cruel and just makes people from different countries angry. Also if you hate the country you live in why the hell don't you leave? It had to be the worst list I have ever saw in my life.

3 Top 10 Celebrities Who Deserved to Die in 2018

I don’t like SpongeBob too much, but you just can’t say that the creator deserved to die, just because he made a cartoon that you don’t like.

The person who made that list should feel bad. As bad as the list is I actually don't want it to be deleted, I want it to stay so the user who made that list can learn from it and never make a similar list again. Hopefully he gets sent to the asylum as well.

Yes. This is no.3. Actually it should be number 1 just cause. That list was just abhorrent. I don't want it to be deleted, though, I want it to stay so that the idi- I mean user who made it could look back at it in the future and realise what a mistake he made.

I guess the only people admin cares about are the users. With lists like this still being up but the worst users list being shut down, that's not unbelievable.

4 Top Ten Penis Shapes

What's the point of a list that has items no one agrees on? It's like the creator of that list would pants some random guy and be like "ooh, I could get perverted friends by this idea! ". What's next, top ten woman's breast shapes?

Wait, that was an ACTUAL LIST?!?! D:< Who ever made that list is a disgusting PIG (not referring to the animal itself, real pigs are better than this list).

There's only one proper shape for a penis. If yours is of a different shape, you probably need to see a doctor, mate

What kind of human made this list? What is wrong with people just seriously!

5 Reasons Why Child Abuse Should Be Legal

More like reasons why someone should abuse the user who made this list, just so he feels the pain of a thousands abused children.

An awful list, literally suggesting that inhumane, awful activity should be common and normal.

I swear to God! This list actually exists and its again made that infamous Piplup.

Most of the lists made by Piplup should be on this list

6 Reasons Why Stephen Hawking Deserved to Die

I THOUGHT THE CELEBRITIES WHO DESERVED TO DIE WAS TRASH and it still was. But this list? The "reasons" are COMPLETELY HORRIBLE and some are sexist! Literally. WHY IS THIS ONLY 32? This should get to number 1 RIGHT NOW!

This is a very disappointing list made by a very disappointing user. Remember kids don't feed the trolls...

Who thought approving this was a good idea?

That piplup user is going out of control now.

7 Worst Religions

Hi, Gabo147 here in my new account, I was just saying that I'm sorry for the anti-semitic comment I posted here. I was a stupid kid at that time. Anyways, sorry and peace out.

Seriously, as controversial as this one is, it needs to be MUCH higher on this list. There are people on that list bashing other peoples' religions and fighting! Makes me sick!

Personally, I don't like this list. I don't judge people by religion. I judge people as people. People of the same religion can have wildly different views.

I hate these religious lists because it reminds me how much hate that a select group of people from all religions possess. It should be deleted.

8 Best Body Parts of Justin Bieber

Just reading the title is like... Why does this even exist? The title alone is enough to make me laugh uncontrollably, and the fact that this is actually a list.

Be thankful I didn't make a list called "Best body parts of Marilyn Manson" We all know which one would be number one on that list if it existed.

I agree. I checked and it was really disgusting like why the heck did they made that poop. if TheTopTens was a city, this list would be the sewers

What's the point of making this list? Everyone has the same body parts. A list of best body parts would be gross, anyway.

9 Top Ten TopTenners Who Should Date Britgirl

Terrible list. But still better than "Top Ten Things That Should be Banned" which is the textbook definition of a cesspool.

I was pretty much expecting that creepy lists like these would come up back then

That is disgusting! Britgirl is a nice user and all but that list is just nasty!

Why, this isn't a dating site, this is a site were people can make top ten lists.

10 Top Ten People Who Should Commit Suicide

#1: Nobody. Don't end it when you can't see what the future holds, however distant any good event may be. It'll come.

I'm guessing most of these are just celebrities...?

Okay that's just messed up...

That is just very rude. I hope the admins delete this list.

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? Top 10 People Who Should Die in 2015
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11 Most Disrespectful Users of TheTopTens

These kinds of lists just breed personal attacks and unproductive content. Makes me think that all sorts of user ranking lists, whether positive or negative, should be removed, and just make a more reliable statistics page.

I want this list back, I think you guys know who would be my number 1 pick for the list (hint a gen 18 user)

The only thing disrespectful here is the list getting removed, bring it back.

I don't see the problem with this list. All it does is hurt a few people's egos.

12 Reasons Why Stephen Hillenburg Deserved to Die

Another infamous list made by Piplup.

13 Top 10 Reasons to Hate Boys

Give the list creator a break, I'm positive that about half of people go through a rabid other gender-hating phase at age 11-13. It's not really their fault

I don't really hang out with boys in school, but I don't hate them! Whoever made this is overly sexist. Without boys, there would be no girls.

Delete this and top ten reasons to hate girls now. I'm sure a whiny boy and girl made them. I'm actually male.

This is super sexist, the creator of this list is mega feminine, like Umbridge

14 Top 10 People and Fictional Characters that Should Get Cancer

That's just wrong

15 Best Places to Pee

There should be only one item on that list, and it should be "The Toilet."

That list is full of potty humour.

Another disgusting list..


16 Countries With the Ugliest People

Even if a country really has objectively ugly people by Western beauty standards (e.g. an Aboriginal woman winning an Australian beauty contest raised controversies), they have done nothing for it, in fact in case of Aboriginals, white colonisation might be a reason because Western cuisine and Western sicknesses didn't exactly improve their health.

Some of the most beautiful people ever are from America. And Somalia, Brazil, Russia, Sweden, and Colombia are there. Seriously?

What? Every race, black, white, Asian, alien (lol), have their pretty and ugly people.

Is The Netherlands on it too?

17 Countries that Shouldn't Exist

Only things on that list should be the list itself and North Korea.

Only North Korea should be on it.

Only North Korea.

18 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens With the Stinkiest Farts

Anyone who's a Lion King fan has the stinkiest and most poisonous fart. They always fart at me whenever I try to express my opinions on every list I can get my hands on. They call me the dumb or annoying TLK hater when I'm never dumb or annoying. TLK is a sin; That piece of trash deserves to be hated on and there are way better franchise out there.

But yes, the Top Ten Users of TheTopTens With The Stinkiest Farts is a bad idea for a list and I do not want to know if people fart or not. GROSS.

Should be much higher. The user who made it claims it was a joke list, but that's just an excuse for an unfunny, pointless list.

Just what is the point of this one existing?

*vomits*...who took drugs and made this? - Gehenna

19 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Christians

I am Christian and I:
1. Am entirely tolerant of athiests.
2. Am not against violent video games
3. Do not discriminate based on orientation.
4. Don't think non-Christians are the devil's spawn.
5...well, I do believe in God.
6. Don't have anything against people with other religions.
7. Don't know if Jesus will literally return to Earth or not and don't see a point in speculating.
8. Have never started or participated in a war.
9. Have never brainwashed anyone. (assuming the colloquial definition - I'm not an expert on brainwashing and am not going to attempt to say whether I have in a technical sense)
10. Don't try to push Christianity on people.

...The only reason on the entire top 10 that I absolutely and certainly do is believe in God. The list is ridiculously stereotyped - while some people do each of these, it's not as if most Christians do all of them, and it's not as if people of other religions can't do the equivalent!

Even thought there is a lot of beliefs in the religion which I'm deeply against I don't see why hate Christians in general. I think Christian hate is getting as bad as Muslim hate.

Good thing the creator of that list regretted making it ever in the first place and made a list explaining why it's terrible to make up for that horrible list.

I'm a christian, and this list is really offensive. Thanks for the people that stands up to this stupid list! -Nerd 2019

20 Top 10 Funniest Things That xandermartin98 Has Masturbated To

Okay, I take it back. Users aren't the only people admin cares about. They're the only THINGS he cares about.

Xander is usually a great user, but he can go a bit overboard

I would call this list humorous... except for the fact that it's not funny at all.

Hopefully this list is a joke.

21 Best Justin Bieber Songs

I'm definitely not a fan of Bieber myself, but I have nothing against this list - it's a decent and perfectly legitimate idea for those who have positive opinions of his songs. In fact the worst thing about it is the rabid haters and trolls who have tried to saturate it with awful comments, only making themselves look more stupid than they say the Beliebers are. If you don't like Bieber, don't click on the list. It really couldn't be more simple.

OH MY GOD! Just LEAVE HIM ALONE! I've said it before. I don't like Bieber's music. But god, why does he have to receive so much hate? What did he do? Make music that maybe attracts teenage girls more than other people (which I don't think is true)? It's called opinions. What if your favorite music artist was constantly criticized, and when you try to defend them, you are automatically a teenage girl.

Everyone has an opinion. Just because he's labeled as a "bad artist" doesn't mean you have to continuosly hate on him. I'm getting tired of the hate and its not funny, and comparing Adolf Hitler (who killed millons of innocent people) to JB is just insulting and stupid. I'm not a Beleiber, but the hate is immature. I bet some metal fan started all this.

Stop it with all the Bieber hate, please. It can be funny at times, but if you keep hating on him non-stop, then it's just really annoying. There are better things to do than hating.

22 Changes America Should Make

I mean the idea of such a list is pretty decent but the items on it are what messed it up creating huge socio-political wars on the comments on that list

I remember this atrocity some rightard made saying that God is the greatest and left wingers are idiots. Get your political malarki out of here!

Hey, I'm Asian...so I don't really know what's happening in America. Sorry!

How is it bad? It is just saying the changes they should make

23 Best Things About Toilets

On the list, there was a choice saying that toilets are cute. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

One of the reasons were that 'toilets are cute.' how can a toilet be cute?

This is pathetic. All you do on the toilet is just poop and pee in it.

I am very disappointed in myself that I actually like this list

24 Worst Things About TheTopTens Users

Technically, the user who made that list is insulting himself/herself as he/she's a ttt user.

*Accurate & excellent list

Who made this list?

25 All-Time Worst People in History

What if people in TheTopTens are in there? - 50

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