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201 Top 10 Reasons to Like Pewdiepie
202 Top Ten Worst Nu-Metal Bands

I've never read this list, but let me guess: Linkin Park, Korn, and Limp Bizkit are on the top and people are hating Linkin Park because they're overrated and Korn because they create Nu Metal - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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203 Worst Things About The Beatles V 1 Comment
204 Top 10 Ways to Kill Miley Cyrus

Just because you hate her doesn't mean you have to kill her.

It's a joke.

205 Top Ten Things About Spongebob That Are Not True

There's nothing wrong with this list - ABBCC

206 Best Female Rappers

Nicki Minaj is number one on that list. If you don't believe me, go check it out yourself.

Nicki Minaj is number 1 on that list. Enough said...

207 Best 2 Chainz Collaborations
208 Best Lil Wayne Collaborations
209 Best Drake Collaborations
210 Reasons to Not Hate Nicki Minaj
211 Best Rap Songs by Female Artists 2014
212 Best Songs of All Time

Someone put Crank That on this list. Enough said.

213 Most Revolutionary Musicians of 2013
214 Ten Most Annoying Things About Parents
215 Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Better Than the Beatles

Obviously, One of Justin Bieber's Fangirls Made That List.

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216 Top Ten Reasons Why Family Guy Is a Good Show

Donald Trump Put This on Here

Opinions Are Opinions - JPK

217 Top Ten Reasons Arthur Is a Good Show

Arthur is overrated and has a terrible animation. - 05yusuf09

Read the books instead.

Arthur is a good show!

Arthur is a good show!

218 Best Songs Featuring Big Sean
219 Best Saggers Ever
220 Reasons Why the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie Is Better Than Back to the Future
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