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221 Most Famous Female Singers Who Are Illuminati Members
222 Best Rock Bands of All Time

While this is a list that should certainly be on this website, the problem is that the list is full of teenage fangirls voting for bands that really shouldn't be so high (Linkin Park, 30 Seconds To Mars, Coldplay, etc.)

223 Top Ten Best Music Genres V 1 Comment
224 Best Alternative Songs

Someone must really not like alternative...it's my favorite genre. - lovefrombadlands

225 Best Alternative Bands of All Time
226 Top 10 Reasons to Like Pewdiepie
227 Worst Things About The Beatles V 1 Comment
228 Top 10 Ways to Kill Miley Cyrus

Just because you hate her doesn't mean you have to kill her.

It's a joke.

229 Top Ten Things About Spongebob That Are Not True

There's nothing wrong with this list - ABBCC

230 Best 2 Chainz Collaborations
231 Best Lil Wayne Collaborations
232 Best Drake Collaborations
233 Reasons to Not Hate Nicki Minaj
234 Best Rap Songs by Female Artists 2014
235 Best Songs of All Time

I kind of agree just because we all know what's 1. Bohemian Rhapsody. In my opinion, it's just overrated. Walls Could Talk is life. What I'm saying is on lists like that, it's just predictable. - lovefrombadlands

Someone put Crank That on this list. Enough said.

236 Most Revolutionary Musicians of 2013
237 Ten Most Annoying Things About Parents

A list supported by whiny, bratty 10 year old kids who think that their parents are dumb, but what they don't realize is that their parents have to pay money for that stupid phone that they will only use to play games on. - Drawbox

238 Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Better Than the Beatles

Obviously, One of Justin Bieber's Fangirls Made That List.

V 2 Comments
239 Top Ten Reasons Why Family Guy Is a Good Show

Donald Trump Put This on Here

Opinions Are Opinions - JPK

240 Top Ten Reasons Arthur Is a Good Show

Arthur is overrated and has a terrible animation. - 05yusuf09

Read the books instead.

Arthur is a good show!

Arthur is a good show!

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