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261 Ten Reasons Why Rap is Better than Metal

It could have been a good list, but some obvious troll made terrible reasons to back it up.

262 Top Ten Reasons to Hate the List "Top 10 Things Kids Should Know and Understand"
263 Top Ten Reason Why KoolGuy2218 is the Best TopTenner Ever
264 Top 10 Worst Things About Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
265 Top 10 Reasons to Hate Rock/Metal Fans

We'll have to prepare for stupid reasons in the list that we'll have to debunk.

266 Reasons Not to Have a Job

There are valid reasons to not get a job, but this list uses the stupidest logic to justify it.

267 Top 10 Reasons Music Should Be Illegal

This is one of the stupidest troll lists.

Well bad musics should be ilegal, but good musics shouldn't be ilegal - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

V 2 Comments
268 Reasons Why Johnny Test Is the Best Show Ever Made

This Show Ripped off Dexter's Laboratory. Dexter's Laboratory is The Best Show Ever Made!

Johnny test is a piece of crap

Jimmy Neutron too. Not just Dexter.

Another Troll List - JPK

269 Top Ten Things Wrong With the List "Top Ten Dumbest Slang Words"
270 Top Ten Reasons to Be Like Koolguy2218

To ruin your reputation on TheTopTens, of course!

271 Best Iran Hackers V 1 Comment
272 Top Ten Best Kesha Songs
273 Top 10 Reasons to Hate Led Zeppelin
274 Greatest Henry Danger Episodes
275 Best Henry Danger Season 1 Episodes
276 Top 10 Best Country/Rap/Rock/Soul Songs
277 Best Henry Danger Characters

Henry danger sucks

278 Top 10 Characters Ray William Johnson Should Voice
279 Top 10 Reasons Why Purpleyoshi98 Is Not a Good User
280 Top 10 Worst Things About Themysteriousmrenter

I like his content, but now I realize that that dude is nothing but a hypersensitive critic who can't take some criticism. Oh well, it could be worse. I don't know if he's probably on the level of how bad Anime America is. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He Isn't That Bad, He Just Isn't The Best - JPK

Mr enter isn't the best critic...he is a moral guardian and usually focuses only on morals instead of other things. He treats his opinions like facts. His fan base sucks big time. He can't take criticism even though he's a critic. He blocks anyone that tries to criticize him, etc.

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