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301 Top 10 Reasons Why Rock and Roll Is Not Satanic

Rock and Roll is one of the greatest music genres ever.

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302 Top Ten Worst Things About Anna and Elsa
303 Top 10 Reasons to Hate Princess Anna
304 Top 10 Reasons to Hate Queen Elsa
305 Top Ten Reasons Why Princess Anna Is Better Than Queen Elsa
306 Top Ten Reasons Why Queen Elsa Is Better Than Princess Anna
307 Top Ten Reasons Why Queen Elsa Is Better Than Rosalina
308 Top Ten Reasons Why Rosalina Is Better Than Queen Elsa
309 Top Ten Reasons Why Elsa Is a Terrible Sister
310 Top 10 Reasons Why Elsa Is Overrated

What's wrong with this list? Frozen sucks.

311 Top 10 Reasons Why Elsa is Better Than Rosalina
312 Top Ten Ways Rosalina from Mario Is Better Than Elsa from Frozen
313 Top Ten Things That Should Happen To Music In 2016
314 Things That Should Be Gone By 2018
315 Top Ten Worst White Rappers
316 Reasons Why Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is a Bad Idea
317 Top Ten Reasons Why Fred: The Movie is Better Than Big Hero 6

Professor Farnsworth: I Don't Want to Live on This Planet Anymore

318 Top Ten Reasons Why the TopTenner Fasterthansonic Is Better Than Star vs the Forces of Evil V 1 Comment
319 Rappers Most Likely to Ruin the Rap Industry
320 Reasons Why Heroes vs Villains Season X, XX, and XXX Were the Best Blog Post Series Ever
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